Why A Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Happen

By Stephanie Smith – 17th May 2015
Why A Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Happen

It’s that time of year when I get myself all excited about E3 and the new games coming out. Unfortunately, what I really want isn’t a new game, but an old game. After Shinji Hashimoto’s little stunt back in 2014 I lost all hope that the game that changed my life and blew my mind would ever be remade.

These days the mere mention of a Final Fantasy VII remake makes me feel like I am on the receiving end of Cactuar’s 1000 thousand needle attack. I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic, especially when a new Final Fantasy game arrives. When Final Fantasy XIII arrived I enjoyed it, but it just didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy game. It was amazing, it was innovative and it got a sequel, but… it just felt like a standalone game that someone had slapped the Final Fantasy logo on to.

The CEO of Square Enix told us that they wouldn’t remake Final Fantasy VII until they made a game that bested it. Now in my opinion there have been Final Fantasy games better than VII, but there is something about VII that to this day captures people’s hearts and imaginations. The offshoot games, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, G-Bike, the Dirge of Cerberus games, the movie and the On The Way To A Smile series are all testaments to that. It used to seem strange to me that Square Enix was dragging their feet to make something that would practically print money. I thought to myself “There must be good reasons behind this” and the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize why.


Some things are best left unsaid…

Here are just a few reasons Final Fantasy VII will never be remade:

It Is Too Contreversial

Final Fantasy VII contains more controversy than all of the Grand Theft Auto-Games and the only reason it gets away with it is because it’s so pixelated.



Jessie really did misjudge her use of explosives

 Let’s make this clear. Final Fantasy VII starts off in the midst of a terrorist attack and you are the terrorist. No matter how noble Barret Wallace’s intentions are they still involve multiple bombings and the death of thousands of people. Perhaps in a more innocent time Final Fantasy would have had a chance, but these days glorifying a group of extremists would never be accepted, especially by the mainstream media who make it their mission to demonize gaming as something that causes violence and sexism.

Sex, Prostitution, and Rape:

Tifa Lockhart

Oh boy this wouldn’t fly in HD

 Final Fantasy VII wasn’t shy at all when it came to any of these subjects. Considering if you made a wrong move at the Honeybee inn you could end up you could end up getting gang raped by several guys and again in Don Corneo’s Mansion. Also, the Honeybee Inn was a brothel, a bee themed brothel. People would go absolutely crazy to see hostesses getting ‘sticky’ at the Honeybee inn. Anita Sarkeesian might explode and that’s before the Don kidnaps a few female characters and we discover his secret bondage room in the basement. Two separate occasions where women are held hostage by an overweight man with an intense libido? Haha, it wouldn’t last a day outside of Japan. Oh and let us not forget Jessie giving us a ‘special’ ID at the start of the game.


Don Corneo

Welcome back to crossdressing adventures with Don Corneo

You didn’t think I would forget to mention Cloud’s crossdressing would you? Yes, I am aware that he wasn’t exactly doing it for recreational purposes, but he was rather easy to sway. While I don’t think that Final Fantasy VII was mocking the LGBT community in the slightest way, I know how the media works. It wouldn’t be too terrible if you didn’t have to score the wig you needed of some uber masculine transsexuals in a gym. There is no way that would be PC enough to get an approval rating these days.

Racial Stereotyping:

Barrent Wallace

The only black guy can’t be a swearing, terrorist from the slums.

Did you ever notice that Barret is the only black man in Final Fantasy VII? Much like Giovanni from Pokemon is the only Italian and he runs a huge crime syndicate Barret is the only black man in the game and not only is he a terrorist leader from the slums he is also probably a distant relative of Mr.T. If the game was remade we couldn’t possibly get away with the only black man being a criminal from the ghetto.

Bestiality: Remember when Aeris gets kidnaped and Hojo has that brilliant idea to… revive her species by getting her to… mate with our favorite cat-wolf Red XIII? yeah, I doubt that would be something we could get away with in this day and age.


Father would be proud Nanaki

Though I suppose bestiality is legal in some places over in America I still don’t think it’s something that will be making its way to our screens anytime soon. Also, let’s not forget that Red XIII had puppies at the end of the game/beginning of the movie. Considering he is the last of his species something fishy went on there.

So Much Death, Blood, and Gore:

Violence In Final Fantasy VII

That’s going to hurt in the morning

Final Fantasy is a game that has rivers of blood running through its history. It wasn’t as noticeable when it was all polygons and red streaks, but in HD I imagine that seeing the hallway completely covered in blood would be horrific. Think of all the deaths that didn’t seem graphic as polygons; President ShinRa found dead at his desk with a sword in his back, Palmer getting hit by a plane, Aeris’ death, Vincent being tortured by Hojo, Zack being shot to death, Dyne’s suicide, Aeris’ mother dying on the street. The only reason this was ever okay was because everything was too pixelated to make out, in HD and in line with the story this could actually be horrific. If that doesn’t have you convinced just remember JENOVA doesn’t even have a head and her minions have an annoying habit of transforming into Silent Hill-esque atrocities.

Character That Need Pixelation As A Censor:

Oh Dio

Ahhh! My eyes have been violated in ways unimaginable!

 Some of the characters in Final Fantasy VII I really don’t want to see in HD. I don’t want to have to witness the jiggle physics of Tifa’s intensely large bust when she does a dolphin kick, I don’t want to see that HD squat competition, I don’t want to see a HD Don Corneo, I definitely don’t want to see a HD Dio in nothing but a speedo. Most of all, I don’t want to see a HD Professor Hojo in Costa Del Sol surrounded by half naked women. My ego wouldn’t be able to take the fact that a mad scientist in his 60s is considered ‘hot’. Characters like Scarlet and Rosso the Crimson are are two femme fatales who would cause a stir with their… Feminine Charms. Oh and let’s not forget HD JENOVA, nothing will justify a HD eyeball boob to me ever


Cid Highwind

It’s not luck you need, it’s a swear jar.

Between Cid and Barret the F-bombs being dropped alone would be enough to take out the Mako Reactors.

The Game Won’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny

I love the game to pieces, but there are many things in the original that don’t quite make sense and I’m not talking about Aeris’ awful translations.

Aeris The Unobtainable:


Come on turks, she’s walking alone through Midgar

 We know that ShinRa has been aching to get their midst on Aeris since she was a child… So why didn’t they? You know for a fact they could have snatched her at any time and that Tseng and Zack were both well aware of where she was. It seems as if Tseng may have had something to do with not letting her get captured, but I don’t think even that sarcastic turk had that much power.

Chase After Sephiroth:


Yes, let’s follow the trail of this guy…

 So we find a Sword buried in the president’s back and suddenly Cloud is like: “Yo I know this Sword! This is the Sword of a guy who died years ago, he must be alive, he must have traveled all the way here and stabbed the president and then disappeared like Batman into the night!” I can forgive Cloud, considering he was being mentally lead by Sephiroth, but why on earth would the rest follow him? Why did nobody tell him that finding someones sword in someones back does not mean they have risen from the grave?

Sephiroth’s Parentage:

Final Fantasy

Seriously, who’s the father!?

 If there was a remake there would need to be some clarity about Sephiroth’s parentage. I will go Jeremy Kyle here and put Vincent, Hojo and Lucrecia down with JENOVA’s head on the table until this mystery is solved. Technically Hojo admitted to being Sephiroth’s father, but Vincent seemed very surprised by this and some strange moments in Dirge of Cerberus lead fans to question where those handsome genes are coming from. It doesn’t help that Sephiroth and Vincent look very alike when compared side by side.

The WEAPONS Are Incredibly Dumb:

Ruby Weapon

These days with those tentacles Ruby is a star in Japan

 Now I realize the WEAPONS were not real ones like Chaos and Omega, but merely, robots created by the Cetra, but come on. They all decide to go Godzilla on major towns and cities even though they all start off right next to the problem-The Northern Crater.

Fear of Failure

The Promise

Would you settle for a less than perfect Final Fantasy VII Remake?

This is the main reason Final Fantasy VII will not be remade. Messing up a remake of Final Fantasy VII has the possibility of ending Square Enix and with their current reputation there is a distinct feeling that they do not have the skill to do this game justice. The mixed successes of the Offshoot games especially Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus don’t inspire confidence.

So perhaps it is best that Final Fantasy remains the game of legend. The one that is mentioned in every ‘Top 10 deaths’ and is so ingrained into video game lore that people from all over the world scream “Overrated!”. Perhaps, it is best that we let sleeping dog lie until a time when Final Fantasy VII is ready to be released. The thing that scares me is that it probably won’t be in my lifetime.

  • atomicjuicer

    Most of the reasons you give are reasons it should be made I think!

    Nice article – what will you do if Square Enix announce new FF7 in June?


    I’m still holding out hope! XV finally (haw) proves that they can do it.

    • stephanie smith

      Hmm if they announced it in June I would cry because I wouldn’t be able to get it since I’d be in China. I would cry happy tears of joy and probably replay the Japan only Final Fantasy VII titles that came before the main game… I would probably find my lucrecia dress too and wear it in honour of the occassion. Also, if they do make the game, I will print this article, shred it and eat it without any milk. All 1800 words of it

      • Jamie Stumph

        Remember, no milk. c:
        I cried. I literally cried when they announced it.

        • Stephanie Smith

          I’m on it, I’ll post you a video link when I’m done

          • Jamie Stumph

            Yay!!! c:
            I’m so happy I could die!! c:

          • Stephanie Smith

            I hope you don’t mind incredibly bad quality video *face table* I recorded it on my tablet…

          • Jamie Stumph

            Baha! I can’t believe that! I’m sick today so I missed my clinicals. Been a bad morning. This conversation is really helping me feel better (Mentally). Physically, that’s a whole different story…

          • Stephanie Smith

            Okay finished video and the second time I did it with hot sauce Mwahahaha won’t be long hang on

          • Stephanie Smith

            I have never been so frustrated in my life right now trying to upload this video…

          • Jamie Stumph

            Bahaha! Youtube never liked me either. So I completely understand. c:
            HOT SAUCE? AND NO MILK???

          • Stephanie Smith

            Hot sauce and no milk and every video I blame you…
            It’s still not uploading. I think I’m going to have to do it again… LIVE

          • Stephanie Smith

            Recording it straight to youtube. That way it can’t possibly be dumb. Third time lucky

          • Jamie Stumph

            Third time’s the charm! This is for your lack in faith in a remake!! c:

          • Stephanie Smith

            http:// bit .ly/ GGEatsWords

            Enjoy my painnnnn

          • Jamie Stumph

            Mwahahahaha!!! You know, you didn’t have to do that. The fact that you did just makes you pretty freaking awesome. How are you feeling, by the way? Hot sauce plus paper can’t make your stomach feel well.

          • Stephanie Smith

            Well… I learned that hot sauce burns on the way down AND the way up

          • Jamie Stumph

            Blegh. Gross. Oh, by the way, thanks for the shout out! c:
            But I am a guy. The girl in my picture is my fiance. XP
            But thanks again for the shout out! So on a scale from 1-HOLYF-INGCOWFISH, how excited are you?

          • Stephanie Smith

            Well I lost my voice yesterday when I found out because I made an ‘eeeeeeeee’ noise for ages
            Aww I should have shouted her out too… well I suppose i did… oops

          • Jamie Stumph

            Ha! It’s okay. And I literally cried. I was so happy. My fiance (Haley) looked over at me and kinda shook her head. But she actually understands. She’s not a FFVII fan like me, but she still understands. I called just about everyone I know. Because I’ve been saying since ps3 came out that they need to remake it. And finally, after 9 years, I got my wish.

          • Stephanie Smith

            Lol Yeah I called everyone in my phone book at like 11pm atnight and half of them didn’t know what the hell I was talking about

          • Jamie Stumph

            I posted on Facebook about it too. Most of my friends know how much I absolutely love FFVII. I’m actually about to play it right now. Because I wanna beat it like 100 times before FFVII remake comes out. c:

          • Stephanie Smith

            The first time I beat final fantasy everyone was surprised because I never had the nights of the round materia or any of my team maxed out. I just had cloud, vince and cid with the poison element and then cast bio on everyone to poison them but because i had it defensively they gained health from poison attacks. Then combine that with regen and you have double healing power

          • Jamie Stumph

            WOW! SAME HERE! Well, except the poison. I didn’t get Knights of the Round the first time I beat it. I did it with Cloud, Vincent, and good ole Nanaki. You know what I really love to do? When renaming Red XIII, I like to name him Nanaki. So when they get to his some they are like “Nanaki? Who’s Nanaki? I think they are talking about Nanaki.” It’s glorious! I love knowing all the ins and outs of this game. c:

          • Stephanie Smith

            Ha I used to rename him nanaki tooo! did you know it’s an anagram of Anakin? The creators are big starwars fans, which is why there are frequentl characters called ‘biggs’ and ‘wedge’ in the games (they’re the pilots that died when penetrating the deathstar)

          • Jamie Stumph

            WOW! I was unaware of Nanaki and Anakin. But I did know about Biggs and Wedge. I absolutely love Star Wars and FFVII. Sooo.. Unique combo. XP
            I probably should have seen the Anakin thing. I’m playing FFVII right now. Started a new game. c:

          • Stephanie Smith

            You know the filming for the new starwars film was near where I lived for a while. On the skelligs Island

          • Jamie Stumph

            That’s freaking awesome!!! I’m trying not to be skeptical about the new movies. I don’t trust Disney and their Disney vault. C:
            AGH THIS GAME!!!

          • Stephanie Smith

            I wouldn’t trust disney if it weren’t for Kingdom hearts

          • Jamie Stumph

            Touche. Kingdom Hearts is also dear to my heart. XP
            I am a pretty big Square Enix fan. Heh.
            Do you own FFVII?

          • Stephanie Smith

            Hahaha yes, I have the original, crisis core, a japanese hack of before crisis, the book final fantasy and philosophy, the film, the carttons, soooooo much

          • Jamie Stumph

            I just absolutely love it. Everything about it. I was a little disappointed in Derge but I still like it. But pretty much everything else was spot on. I love everything FFVII.

          • Stephanie Smith

            I got the secret ending in Dirge and it made me want a sequel sooooo badly.

          • Jamie Stumph

            Yea. It was pretty interesting.

  • Mr0303

    I support the release of any game that might make Anita Sarkeesian explode.

    Not having played the game that was a very interesting read. It is amazing with how much older games were able to get away with.

    I agree that Square doesn’t want to create the remaster so that it can keep its legendary status, but I’m not sure that it will break them if they mess up the remake. Most of their prominent IPs nowadays are the Eidos ones – Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Just Cause, Hitman etc. Plus I don’t think that one bad game would ruin the Final Fantasy franchise – there would always be the dedicated fanbase.

    • stephanie smith

      I suppose that’s true, I think it would be awful PR for them though. TBH over the years I have started to move away from the main Final Fantasy game and been more drawn to the desperately unpopular Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus series. Those games rip apart your soul and serve it to you… without any milk!

  • Reptile

    Impossible to surpass the fans “Nostalgic goggles” that makes everything looks better than it is? Maybe, but impossible to make a game equivalent to the ‘real’ one? No.
    About the controversies, you talk like Japan cares about it. Look at Bayonetta and most Japanese titles, heck there is even big eroge titles in japan.

    • stephanie smith

      Nostalgia Vision is the best kind <3
      Might survive in Japan, but I doubt we'd get it in pal regions. I'm pretty sure some lines are drawn at bestiality and anal rape… Well I mean… I hope…

      • Vicente

        Well, i understand your argument, but if you stop and think about it a little more, will see that these things (controversials, like you called it) really aren’t the reasons why Square are not working (maybe they are) in a remake of Final Fantasy VII. How you brought in the article, there are another games and stories connected with the game, so if they want to do a remake, they can change/eliminate those things in a way to keep the original plot and game’s soul. At least, i see the things like that. A remake don’t need to be 100% like the original game. Plus, almost 20 years has passed since the release of Final Fantasy VII. So, It is only natural the necessity to change certain things to adapt to our current reality.

        • Stephanie Smith

          Personally I wouldn’t want them to ‘adapt’ it too much. It would lose its charm

  • APOS

    As much as I enjoyed reading this article I have to disagree with almost all of the points (except bestiality and racial stereotypes). I mean, c’mon! These are video games we’re talking about, which are the one thing we still posses as consumers that doesn’t hold back at all and still gets put on the shelves. Sure, Square Enix might be a little reluctant to show a lot of the violence and borderline extreme aspects of the story in HD, but if push comes to shove, they’ll go ahead and do it. They’ll show it all in graphic HD, and people will eat it up.

    The company is not new to horror (Nanashi no Game ???) and all the points mentioned above aren’t going to be the thing that prevents this remake from being made/released. Sadly, what’ll keep the game from being made/released is stupid Japanese corporate ethos, and that’s what really sucks. Look at the Konami/Kojima situation. Japanese people do shit backwards sometimes. If this property were owned by a western studio, this HD remake would’ve been released years ago. Heck, we’d be on the third HD remake of FF7 by now!

    • Stephanie Smith

      I really wish they would make a HD remake of the main Final Fantasy VII game. At least to the graphical quality of Dirge of Cerberus. Also, they need to bring the translated Before Crisis out of Japan and restart Dirge of Cerberus Online and the lost episode because you can’t just bring half of a game to the west and wonder why it’s not popular. Sigh, I really loved Dirge of Cerberus. I want a big boxset of all the Final Fantasy VII games together, but I still stand by the terrorism aspect of Final Fantasy VII being the main controversial thing keeping it back. Just because 9/11 and the 7/7 respectively. That said, I’ll be happy if I’m wrong. Thanks for reading anyway

      • APOS

        You could install those HD mods on the PC version of the game. It’s sad when the only thing you have is fan mods, but that right there is the sign Square Enix should focus on. People are so desperate for a FF7 HD remake, they’re trying to make it a reality through mods!

        • Stephanie Smith

          yeah, maybe if I wasn’t using a Linux os…
          I ended up joining one of those RP groups in the final fantasy vii universe. I’m like:

  • Jack Sparrow


    • Stephanie Smith

      ^_^ So happy!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephanie Smith

      Yup in my face. Watch me suffer:

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    • Stephanie Smith

      ^_^ tastes sweet! I love everything! I think I’m crying ahhhh I am crying

    • Stephanie Smith

      On second thought, it tastes really damn spicy http:// bit .ly / GGEatsWords

  • Cory

    Yeah you were so wrong.

    • Jj

      I dont usually reply to these things
      but you must feel like a twat

      • Stephanie Smith

        And yes I am a twat, I am a total utter twat and I love it I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE! it because it’s happening and it’s happening in MY lifetime hahahaha

      • Txu Zai

        only twat i see is you.

  • mlandon

    Bet this dude is eating his hat right now.

    • Gijs Witdouck

      Nice gender assumption, gringo. Stephanie Smith sound like a dude to you?

      • Stephanie Smith

        I’m hoping to eat my words very shortly lol. U have this whole document printed and shredded and if they announce it then I am going to eat it. I also have to find some maple syrup and roll around in the grass BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL

        • Caleb Finch

          I know you’re an adult and you can handle yourself, but fuck all of these post E3 comments. You presented an opinion. People confuse asserting an idea with needing to be right. Again, you don’t need me saying this, so it’s more for me. I find it frustrating.

          • Jamie Stumph

            Hell yea. I agree.
            I poked her a little. But it was just for fun. She said she would print out this article and eat these words with no milk if they announced it. I giggled a little when I saw that. XP
            I’m not gonna be a dick about it though. “You were so wrong” “How does that f-ing foot taste” Those are just some childish comments really. Anyways, I understand how you feel.

          • Stephanie Smith

            You know I actually did print it out and eat it right? I’m not offended at all. I’m just waiting for the video to convert from3gp to mp4 so I can upload it because apparently youtube doesn’t take 3gp

          • Stephanie Smith

            http:// bit. ly/ GGEatsWords

            Put it together and enjoy

  • Nicholas Berry

    Eat shit says square enix.

  • Bruno Deschenes

    In your face !!! HA HA HA 😀

    • Stephanie Smith

      Lol I’m currently trying to upload a video of me eating this entire article XD

      • Bruno Deschenes

        LOL 😀 let me know when you uploaded the video :) I’m sooooo glad you were wrong 😉 Square Enix finally listened to their fans

        • Stephanie Smith

          Doing it now, Youtube is making me put in in two parts. Had to do it twice cos i didn’t realize youtube didn’t allow for 3pg videos so the second time I did it with hotsauce (still crying)

          • Shaun Mills


          • Stephanie Smith

            http:// bit . ly/ GGEatsWords

            put it together, the links seem to get blocked

          • Shaun Mills

            Respect to you lol

          • Stephanie Smith

            Yeah just don’t try it yourself, the hot sauce burns on the way down AND up

          • Shaun Mills

            i had given up hope too… i just didnt write an article about it lol

          • Stephanie Smith

            Haha well you know when I wrote it I was hoping I was wrong

      • Bruno Deschenes

        Wonder if I’m gonna cry again when Aerith …

  • Goo

    Who keeps letting these dumb tumblr bitches write video game articles, hurrr terrorism, durrrrr racism, fuck everyones so fucking tired of this shit already.

    • Jamie Stumph

      Really? I think more people are tired of people like you making an ass of themselves.

      • Goo

        Why don’t you go back to jerking it in a corner while your gf gets fucked you cuckold, white knight sjw pos.

        • Stephanie Smith

          I was dumb, that’s why I did this slightly more dumb thing to compensate:

          http: //bit .ly/ GGEatsWords

          Also, for the record I don’t really use tumblr unless it’s the Ask Vincent blog *_*

    • Vicente

      This guy is a jerk. It is a very good and interesting article and unlike you (Goo), got smart arguments and information. So sad that ignorant people like you still insist in making these discussion spaces turn in places to distill all your imbecility. Welcome to the world, guy who just borned yesterday. Maybe you don’t like it, but yes, girls are writing articles about games, comics, and all the things that stupid childs like you think that it’s a men’s prerrogative (and i love it and i bet there are many others like me that love it too). Come on, there are many of us (men) writing many bullshit around the specialized sites and you came here just to offend a girl that wrote a article with her point of view. Ridiculous.

      • Goo

        Another white knight fgt, what are you the Internet police? Think you’ll get laid at the end of this? It would’ve been just as retarded if you wrote it (assuming youre a guy but based off your reply I’ma assume you’re a bottom tumblrino). Also, stop trying to write beyond your 6th grade writing level, you look even more autistic

        • Vicente

          Just how i’ve figured out. You’re a frustrated crybaby and a loss of time.

        • Stephanie Smith

          Do I just not go on Tumblr enough to know why it’s an insult?
          Goo, honestly your opinion doesn’t concern me too much and I’m usually the first person to call myself a bitch. I’m just happy that Final Fantasy is being remade and I think you should be too. I’m pretty sure no one here is being a ‘white night’ and I doubt they think they’ll get laid…
          Come to think of it, It would be pretty hard to have sex over the internet, we’d have to wait for those oculus rift dildos and fake vjjs and that’s like half a year away and there’s two guys here and I’m not sure the oculus rift is fit to handle threesomes and my computer definitely doesn’t have the capability to handle that much sex, bet it’d be blocked by my internet provider too.

          Anyway, why don’t we all just get along? We’re all here because we love video games and presumably Final Fantasy so does it really matter who has tits and who has dicks as long as we don’t act like asses??

          I was wrong and I’m glad I was because Final Fantasy VII was my very first video game love and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. So instead of conflict how about we talk about what we wanna see in HD? Personally it’s gotta be vincent for me :-p

        • Kill spree

          Wow.. you are one shallow prick..

  • Stephanie Smith

    I am happy to say I was entirely wrong! Final Fantasy VII IS getting a remake. Wanna see me eat this article with hot sauce?

    No sympathy please, I deserve this 100%

    http:// bit. ly/ GGEatsWords

    • AeroBlastX

      Well at least you did bring up mostly valid points like the terrorism thing but alas no one can blame you for thinking it wont come out it did take forever for us to get to hear about a remake xD.

    • Vicente

      Wow! You really did it, girl! Well, i said 2 weeks ago and i really didn’t remember why i was looking for articles about a possibility of SquareEnix launch a remake for FFVII. Yesterday i just remember that i had commented in a facebook’s post that the secret announcement on E3 could be this remake. So happy i was right.

      • Stephanie Smith

        lol i wrote an article about that and jokingly said maybe it was ffvii

    • Someguy2039

      The points in the article still make sense even if the conclusion was wrong. Some things about the game will probably need to be changed and that will cause some crocodile tears among some purists.

      • Stephanie Smith

        Tears like this?

  • David Aldrich

    At least you came clean. But, I must say it’s a money making franchise. Square proved that with the 10th anniversary releases. Thinking they wouldn’t remake the video game at some point was a bad move.

    • Stephanie Smith

      Well I thought they’d remake it but it would be out of my lifetime but I paid my penance… (Me eating my article drenched in hot sauce)

  • verytirednerd

    FF7 remake is cool and all but where is mah FF6 remake!? I gotta hankering for some High Def ghost train suplexing!

    • Stephanie Smith

      Haha true! and VIII

  • HotLimit

    It’s been a year and they’ve announced the game is going to be broken up into several ‘episodes’, not have a turn-based system, exclude selected scenes… I’m not even sure it’s safe to say the game is getting remade so much as smashed to pieces for a long-term cash grab. On top of that, how many of SE’s announcements in the past decade have led to any sort of release? Even FFXV was scrapped; the game releasing in a few months was originally a XIII spin-off that’s been rebranded as a main series game.

    All I’m saying is what’s wrong with Dio in an HD speedo?

    edit – stumbled upon article looking for animated gifs of Palmer, please excuse