Dragon Quest VIII is going to Nintendo 3DS

By John Perry – 13th May 2015
Dragon Quest VIII is going to Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest VIII from Square Enix will be re-release for Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest VIII one of the famous RPG’s from Square Enix is now going to Nintendo an Exclusive from Nintendolife. Dragon Quest VIII is a turn based combat RPG that was originally released for playstation 2 back in 2004 and on mobile devices last December, With the cell shaded graphics and dragon ball like appearance of characters, Dragon Quest VIII has been a must to play on playstation 2 then. But will it hit Nintendo 3DS fans as much as it did with playstation? The Environment and controls sweet on playstation but will it maintain these qualities or improve it. Depends on the power of the Nintendo 3DS Platform if they can improve the game itself.

News has it that Dragon Quest VIII will have a brand new scenario and will feature new playable characters. These characters will be Garuda a female thief and Morrie a character from Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road. The game will be out for Japan Nintendo 3DS on August 27.

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Dragon Quest

Fans of Nintendo will surely be on a treat since the favorite Square Enix Title can now be played by Nintendo fans on japan, But the release on western shores is not yet announced, So keep your hopes up that these will not be one of those games that will only have a japanese version on 3DS.

With this news fans of the original Playstation gamers could now switch to Nintendo for them to experience the new features of the game.

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