Rockstar Trolls GTA 5 Cheaters

By Stephen Rose – 7th April 2015
Rockstar Trolls GTA 5 Cheaters

Cheaters beware! Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games is cracking down on players who are using an exploit that enables them to bring a rare car from the game’s campaign mode into Grand Theft Auto Online.

Normally, developers would ban cheaters or patch out the error, but Rockstar came up with a much more satisfying solution. Whenever players attempt to enter the exploited vehicle, they are welcomed by a well deserved explosion that results in an automatic kill.

An example of Rockstar’s punishment for GTA 5 cheaters is provided in the video below from YouTube user xKoingWolfx.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto V will be making its arrival on the PC scene April 14th. Be sure to stay tuned with the Gamer Headlines for the latest gaming news!