Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Likely To Be Delayed Until 2016

By Jonny Neeves – 9th March 2015
Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Likely To Be Delayed Until 2016

Remedy’s Quantum Break is likely to be delayed until 2016 according to a Microsoft employee. 

The Xbox One exclusive was touted as being released in 2015 but a tweet – stressed that this in indeed a rumour at this point and nothing inherently concrete –  from Dutch Community & Social Media Coordinator at Microsoft, Jimmy Dae, suggests that the chances of it seeing the light of day any time soon is unexpected.

“Got some bad news #Xbox gamers, #QuantumBreak is likely delayed, coming early 2016! ” Dae tweeted out, which was followed by a link to a blog page where he expresses more extensive reasons why he thinks Quantum Break will be pushed back to next year.

A brief Google translation from Dutch to English reveals several reasons why Dae is worried about the launch. Firstly, he states that Microsoft has severely reduced marketing for Quantum Break; it is rather telling that Microsoft’s promotion of the game alongside the current crop of  Xbox One exclusives has dropped off the face of the earth. Questions regarding the game’s release date are supposedly being ignored as well.

On a more general point, Dae states that Remedy are notoriously bad at keeping to a given release date although this is of course conjecture. More pertinent is that he has reportedly been warned by “several knowledgeable people” that the game is in a state of flux regarding when it will come out for public consumption.

Naturally, we shouldn’t take this for granted given that it is a definite rumour at this time. However, Dae raises some interesting points and he is a Microsoft employee so he wouldn’t be revealing such information without accreditation.

For a title that was part and parcel of the marketing for the initial Xbox One launch, Quantum Break has certainly taken a back seat and very little has been heard or seen of the game since. That it hasn’t been shown at the recent number of gaming/industry conventions does not bode well in terms of Remedy releasing it this year.

This story may very well lead to a statement from Remedy. Stay tuned to Gamer Headlines for more information on Quantum Break as and when we get it.