Top 10 Over 50 Video Game Characters in Gaming

By Damian Skinner – 13th March 2015
Top 10 Over 50 Video Game Characters in Gaming

Proof that age really is just a number

“Age is just a number” is a phrase that is often thrown around and nowhere is it more true than in video games. Whether it’s because of magic, lessons learned in life or because their just badass, ages tends to not really matter to video game characters. 

Which brings me to this list and for this one I’ve added some rules to keep this list as interesting as possible. For starters I won’t be including any character who is technically immortal or undead. This rule means that you shouldn’t expect any Gods on this list or Castlevanias Dracula, these characters deserve their own list. Also I’m only putting human characters on this list so no Cranky Kong.

Besides that rule, I won’t be including more than one character per series, and with that out-of-the-way here is my Top 10 over 50 characters in gaming. 

10: Agatha (Gen 1 Pokemon)

Pokemon_RBY_EliteFour_AgathaStarting off this list we have the third member of Kantos Elite Four and the supposed Master Ghost type trainer Agatha. While gen 1 can be criticized for a lot of things the game hyped up the Elite Four very well. 

Out of the four members of the Kanto Elite Agatha is by far the best one in my opinion. Besides my general baise towards ghost types, she’s also the most interesting.

She reveals before the fight that she and Professor Oak have a history together and that at one stage she may have had a crush on him. In-game she describes him as one being “tough and handsome! [But]That was decades ago! Now he just wants to fiddle with his Pokédex! He’s wrong! Pokémon are for fighting!”.  The FireRed and Leaf Green remakes also add “He’s a shadow of his former self” after the decade ago part. 

The reason I said supposed Ghost Master at the start of this piece is because since the only Ghost types in gen 1 were the Ghastly line, the rest of her team usually feature Pokemon like Arbok, although in Pokemon Stadium her second team featured a Venasuar of all things. However no matter when are where you fought her Agatha also fought with her Gengar (sometimes even two).

The reason Agatha is stuck at number 1o however is because after gen 1 she got replaced and was never seen again. It almost like she was never there to begin with.

9: Gen (Street Fighter franchise)

Moving onto number 9 we have the tricky to master assassin from the Street Fighter series, Gen. Originally I was going to put Oro from Street Fighter 3 here but after doing research I found Gen to be more interesting and Oro happens to be immortal. 

gen 5Gen has been part of the Street Fighter series since the first ever game and has been dying from leukemia since Street Fighter 2. In his past Gen was a master assassin as well as a famous figure in the Chinese underworld. Despite his assassin history though Gen follows a code where he refuses to kill defenceless people.

Gen loves to fight people who take fights seriously such as Ryu but he also respects young fighters such as Sakura. He even taught the series kicking master Chun-Lee how to fight and once survived a fight with Akuma.

Due to all of Gens years of fighting Gen is the only Street Fighter character capable of fighting with two separate styles. These two styles are the Mantis and the Crane, with the Mantis style being more defensive style while Crane is the more offensive style twith better jumps and juggling options. 

Gen lands here at number 9 because while he is a difficult character to master, a skilled Gen player is great to watch. Also while surviving a fight with Akuma sounds impressive, the reason was because Akuma learned that Gen was sick and then left because Akuma felt that the fight was unfair.

8: Huang Gai (Dynasty Warriors series)

Sometimes it takes more than one go to make a video game character awesome my number 8 pick Huang Gai is certainly prove of that.

ss66LHuang Gai has gone through one of the biggest design changes in the series. Originally he was a fairly muscular man armed with an Iron Whip like in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story that the games are based on. However later entries turned him into a muscle-bound veteran armed with a freaking anchor (and later an Iron Boat)who fights with wrestling moves. These moves include his Mosou attack where he performs a jumping Leg-hook Belly-to-back Suplex on however is unlucky enough to be grabbed. 

Huang Gai is also known to encourage the younger soldiers of his country of Wu to act for greater causes and his total fate in his lord and loves his country deeply. He is also responsible for burning down Wei’s massive fleet in the battle of Chibi. It should be noted that this plan involved him pretending to be a traitor and he had to be flogged to make it work.

Huang Gai may not be the most complexed character in the Dynasty Warriors universe but his over the top power makes him a blast to play and his loyality to his country is very admirable. However as powerful as he is, Huang Gai is from the Dynasty Warriors series so this strength is kind of expected.

7: Margrave Roienbourg (Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume)

Soul Crushing his way into number 7 we have the Margrave Roienbourg, a man forced to fight again despite suffering from an unknown sickness.

A father figure to both Prince Kristoff and Prince Langrey, Roienbourg took care of both of the princes as if they were his own kids, and had to put up with a ton of mischief from both of them too. Unfortunetly after their fathers died the two princes went to war for the throne with Kristoff leading Crell Monferaigne and Langrey siding with Villnore. Believing that the two Princes war would only bring the country to ruin, Margrave sided with the old Kings brother and went to war again to stop the two princes, illness be damned. 

If players choose to play through the game without sacrificing anyone to the Plume, they will end up siding with Margrave though sadly he never becomes a party character because the illness does eventually claim him. Despite dying in the story however Margrave is still recruitable in the Seraphic Gate bonus dungeon. 

As a member of the lancer class Margrave can attack from two titles away and all of his attacks can multi-hit, deal substantial damage and break enemies guards. Then there’s his Soul Crush Ferocious Fang which instead of explaining it, heres a video.

Margrave Roienbourg proves that the lance can be a truly destructive weapon in the right hands and his willing to do the right thing even at the cost of his feelings is something that the main character Wylfred could do with learning.

6: Cidolfus Demen Bunansa aka Doctor Cid (Final Fantasy 12)

Originally I was going to put Cidolfus Orlandeau from Final Fantasy Tactics on this list due to the characters overpowered nature, but in the end I choose to put Cidolfus Demen Bunansa/ Doctor Cid from Final Fantasy 12 here instead.

558189-drcidA genius scientist working for the Archadian Empires weapon division, Doctor Cid was the man responsible for advancing the empires technological advancements with the creation of manufactured nethicite (basically a stone filled with Mist and the various weapons and technology devices including airships that turned the empire into a military powerhouse. Cid didn’t do this alone as he managed to make friends with a rogue “God” called Venat.

As impressive as these achievements are (even if he did have a little help) Doctor Cid didn’t care about them much as his goals weren’t to make Archadia strong enough to rule the world, but rather strong enough to kill the Gods themselves so humans could take full control of their fates. That being said Cid later hints that his true plan is to replace Vayne as leader of the Archadian Empire and become a God.

Along with having a genius intellect, Doctor Cid is also skilled at manipulating people as seen by both the main villain Vayne and Vaynes father having total faith in him. When around Vayne, Cid is more like a snake whispering in his ear, telling Vayne exactly what he either wanted to hear or what would cause Vayne to act in a way that benefits him. While Vayne was the public head of Archadia, I believe that Cid liked to think that he was the true power behind the throne.

During the events Final Fantasy 12, you,re going to have to fight him twice and its only natural that Cid would have some tricks up his selves. During both fights Doctor Cid comes armed with two golden pistols (possibly mirroring his son Barriers use of guns) which along with ignoring defence, and being unblockable there also very accurate. These pistols are also capable of combining into a rifle for more damage and Cid also has a gattling gun of all things, which he uses in his cinamatic attacks.

Cid also trys to put the odds in his favour when in the first fight, he uses four Rocks which constantly buff him and occasionally make him invincible.

 The second fight is even more annoying because after you take half of Cids health away, he summons his own Esper out of a piece of nethicite called Famfrit and till you destroy it, Cid is completely immortal. Oh and while your dealing with Famfrit, Cid is still shooting you, buffing Famfrit and may occasionally spam his cinematic attacks.

Doctor Cid lands here at number 6 because without him the Archadian Empire really wouldn’t have been the superpower that it was. He was the one who invented the various pieces of military technology which turned Archadia into a military powerhouse and through Vayne he essentially ruled the country. Unfortunetly both of his boss fights were a pain and there’s a lot about his past that we don’t know.

5. Dr. Albert Willy (Maga Man series)

Every good hero needs an arch nemesis, that one person who has dedicated their lives to destroying our plucky hero while also trying to enact their evil plans. Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganondorf, Sonic has Eggman and Mega Man has my number 5 pick Dr. Willy.

dr-wilyA gifted scientist, a master manipulator and a mostly skilled hand at creating Robot Masters, Dr. Willy started off as a normal scientist who worked extremely hard to help out his friend Dr. Light. Unfortunetly as they were making advancements in Robotics Dr. Light received all the credit, wounding Willys pride.

Tried of being constantly upstaged Dr. Willy would steal Dr. Lights 6 robot masters in an attempt to take over the world that refused to acknowledge his genius. Dr. Willys plan would fail after Light turned one of his robots called Rock into Mega Man and since then Willy has been trying to rule the world (of course) using his own robot masters.

Personality wise Dr. Willy is a very cunning individual and while he may come off as cruel, there have been moments were his shown generosity, like when he left a pile of medicine for the Roboenza virus behind as thanks for Mega Man saving his life and in Zeros ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Willy talked to him like a father and even calls him his son. 

Willy is also extremely cooky, having attempted to take over the world so many times and while he is gifted in creating Robot Masters he created Spring Man and Frog Man, need I say more. His also a coward as he always begs for forgiveness when Mega Man beats him. 

Despite all his failings Dr. Willy would eventually create his greatest creation Zero. The reason I bring up the creation of Zero is because Dr. Willys influence can also be seen in the X series. Besides the creation of Zero, Willy is also the reason for Stigma going from commander of the Maverick hunters to a maverick himself as well as created two bodies for Sigma in X5. 

Dr. Willy lands here at number 5 due to just how much he has done in the Mega Man series. 

4: Wynne (Dragon Age: Origins)

Moving onto number 4 we have the voice of reason and arguable the most useful party member in Dragon Age: Origins, Wynne.

Being a member of the Circle for most of her life, Wynne has learned that while magic may be useful, it is feared for the right reasons. Wynnes has taken it apon herself to teach apprentices both the dangers of magic and how to perform it safely, and its this sense of duty that has made her very popular with the higher-ups. It’s also this sense of duty which explains why Wynne volunteers to join the king’s army at Ostager and why she eventually asked to accompany the Grey Wardens after they deal with the blood mages in the Circle, and if your smart you’ll agree. 

images (18)The reason I say this is because Wynne is a natural at healing mage and even has the Spirit Healer specialization. This specialization allows Wynne to resurrect dead party members, heal the entire team in one spell, cure debuffs and give allies wards that will heal them if there close to death.

Wynnes is also capable of learning the unique Vassel of the Spirit spell which allows her to use the power of the spirit inside her to heal some heath and mana as well as earning bonuses to spellpower and mana regeneration. The reason why Wynne is capable of learning this spell is because Wynne technically died before you managed to met her at the Circle but her life has spared by what Wynne believes is a Spirit of Faith.

This spell is also related to Wynnes personal side quest where we learn that Wynnes greatest regret is that she believes that she is the reason that a city elf called Aneirin ran away from the Circle due to her harsh treatment of him and was killed by Templars as a consequence. After learning this you can find Aneirin alive in the East Brecilian Forest if you bring Wynne along and its revealed that he feels no ill-will about the way Wynne treated him.

Outside of combat Wynne is always ready to hand out any advice she can give and she basically became the mother figure of the group, always ready to asset in any way she can and also trying to convince people to do the right thing. We also learn through dialog with other party members that Wynne enjoys fine Dwarven Ale, much to the surprise of the party and she enjoys teasing Alistar which is always funny.

Unfortunately Wynne is also one of the easiest character in the game to lose after you recruit her because if you either destroy the Urn of Sacred Ashes while shes in your party, become a Blood Mage or side with the Templars during the Broken Circle Quest Wynne will try to kill you. 

Wynne lands here at number 4 because of just how valuable she is as a party member and because of her personality. Wynne is prove that people can change for the better and that anyone no matter how old they are can make a difference, and let’s be honest without her my Warden would have been dragon food.

3: Julius Belmont (Castlevania Aria of Sorrows/Dawn of Sorrows)

Landing here at number 3, we have the oldest member of the Belmont family and also apparently the strongest member, Julius Belmont. 

Julius Belmont is the last member of the famous Belmont family ever created in a Castlevania game and holds the honor of being the Belmont to finally defeat Dracula, once and for all. Unfortunately this also called Julius to somehow develop amnesia.

Only knowing that his name started with a J, Julius would spend the start wandering the land in search for clues for his identity for many year. Eventually in 2035 Dracula’s castle would reappear and Julius would return to Castlevania in search of his identity. There Julius would regain his identity and would fight the reincarnation of Dracula, Soma Cruz. However he held back due to the fact that he sensed that Soma souls was fighting back against Dracula’s dark powers. Although you won’t notice because Julius is one of the hardest boss fights in the game.

download (22)When your forced to fight against Julius in Aria of Sorrow, the game does a great job of remaining that his a Belmont and despite his age Julius shouldn’t be taken lightly. At the start of the fight Julius will use the Vampire Killer whip while also jumping around the area trying to dive kick and slide into Soma. 

Once he takes enough damage however Julius takes the kid gloves off and pulls out most of the series sub weapons except the daggers of course. These sub weapons include the axes, holy water, the holy cross and Richter Belmonts Grand Cross attack from Rondo of Blood. That makes this attack even more insane is the fact that it sucks you in and somehow manages to damages the castle in the background. 

While Julius has never appeared in his own game, you can play as him in a Julius mode in both Dawn of and Aria of Sorrow. He is also a downloadable character in Harmony of Despair where he is capable of using his whip in all eight directions like Simon in Super Castlevania 4, with longer range and and a faster attack speed. He can also use 6 sub weapons and comes with his back dash and shoryuken, sorry  uppercut.

Julius lands here at number 3 because he was the Belmont that finally ended the reign of Count Dracula and his fight in Aria of Sorrow is genuinely challenging. Shame Julius never got his own game.

2: Heihachi Mishima (Tekken series)

Just barely missing out on first place we have the ruthless Heihachi Mishima from Tekken. The son of Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu from under him after a successful coup d’etat and turn the once honorable company into a military powerhouse, armed with enough firepower to basically turn it into a city-state.

Despite his massive military might however Heihachi favours dealing with his problems with his Mishima Style Fighting Karate. This style favours heavy hits and while it may seem slow at first, Heihachi has mastered it to the point where he can juggle opponents. He has even though this style to both his grandson Jin (who would later forcefully forget the style) as well as two bears called Kuma and Kuma Jr, who he seems to genuinely care about.

heihachi-mishimaPart of what makes Heihachi so impressive (along with the whole training bears Karate thing) is that despite being in his early 70’s by the time Tekken 6 takes place Heihachi has survived being tossed of a cliff as well as a close range chain reaction explosion caused by an army of Jacks.

Speaking of tossing things of cliffs, Heihachi is easily one of the worst fathers in gaming history because he threw his son Kazuya who was around nine at the time off a cliff, claiming that only someone strong enough to climb back up is worthy of being his son. The only reason Kazuya survived this ordeal is because he made a deal with the Devil for revenge and even with these Devil-genes, Kazuya still lost to Heihachi at the end of Tekken 2.

However despite how ruthless Heihachi is, he has also done some things that borderline insanity. In later games Heihachi would started killing off family members in over the top ways that would make a Bond villain proud. My favourite moment of Heihachi insanity however involves one scene in the Tekken animated movie where Heihachi blocks an axe being thrown at him BY BITING IT. 

Heihachi lands here at number 2 because of just how freakishly powerful he is as well as how resilient he is. Heihachi may have obsessed about getting the Devil-gene for himself but obviously doesn’t need it, hell I would agrue that Kazuya and Jin need it just to keep up with him. Unfortunetly Heihachi loses out to my number 1 pick because while yes I would destroy him if he got close, the number 1 character won’t give Heihachi a chance.

1: The End (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

Finally waiting for us in the bushes at number 1 we have the father of sniping, The End and let’s be honest, could I really chose anyone else.

Aged in his 100’s by the time Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater takes place, it is said that he created all sniping techniques, hence his nickname of the “Father of Sniping” and he even though Big Bosses mentor, the original Boss a thing or two. 

The End saw combat in both World Wars and instead of depending on a spotter, he taught a parrot to do that instead, who calls him Grandpa. The End was capable of spending days or even weeks staying in a prone sniping position due to the fact that The End was also somehow photosynthetic.

He also wore a specially made ghille suit that drained his stamina but also made him nearly invisible. This suit actually reacted to his health and would start to turn brown if he was seriously injured. 

Despite everything already mentioned the reason so many gamers remember The End is due to his incredible boss fight in Snake Eater. In this boss fight your forced to hunt down The End across three separate areas and its up to you how you do it.

For example if your either insane or gifted with a sniper rifle you can alway try to take him on in a sniper contest, or you always catch his parrot and follow it back to him or eat it to piss him off (you monster). Alternatively if you don’t (or can’t) take him on you can always just snipe him out before the fight or just fast forward the clock a week so he dies naturally.

You may have noticed that during his boss fight The End uses a non lethal M1891/30 Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle. The reason for this is because after WW2 The End decided to opt for non lethal weapons because of his gentle nature and his general dislike for killing.

The End lands here at number 1 because his boss fight is one of the best boss fights in gaming history and his the “Father of Sniping”.  

So that’s my Top 10 Over 50 video game character lists and it was really hard deciding who would get on this list and where. Various characters either barely missed out on making this list or had their place shifted multiple times.

So what characters would you have put on this list? Why not tell us in the comments below.