Batman Arkham Knight to get a Special DLC in Germany

By Artur Araújo – 7th March 2015
Batman Arkham Knight to get a Special DLC in Germany

GameStop announced today that the people who pre-order Batman Arkham Knight Special Edition in Germany will receive an exclusive DLC with additional content. It currently costs 79.99 euros (86 dollars).

This is what those who buy it will get:

  • Steelbook.
  • Exclusive Batman Skin: Batman First Appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939
  • Harley Quinn Challenge-Maps 
  • Scarecrow-Pack (Only on PS4)
  • Prototype Batmobile DLC-Pack

Both “Harley Quinn Missions” and “Prototype Batmobile”are not that special as they are obtainable in other places, such as Wal-Mart.

The “Scarecrow-Pack” will launch as a PS4 exclusive, and it will work as a somewhat expansion for the Scarecrow Boss in Arkham Asylum, where Batman must fight him while under the effects of his hallucinogenic gas.

The 1939 Batman’s exclusive skin presented to us is due to come as an homage to Batman’s roots and Comics writer Bill Finger. It can be used as an alternative costume and it also comes with the outfit’s back story.

Batman Arkham Knight will be released for the Current Gen consoles and Windows on June 2, 2015.

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