Titanic Honor and Glory at IndieGoGo 2015

By Jalane Farrington – 21st February 2015
Titanic Honor and Glory at IndieGoGo 2015

Four Funnels Entertainment has started a crowd-funding campaign for Titanic Honor and Glory at IndieGoGo. Like KickStarter, this particular website will handover the collected funds to the page owner. Although Four Funnels Entertainment has previously ran a similar campaign in the past, these creators need further financial assistance to build and polish intricate and accurate details for the digital simulator of the RMS Titanic in 1912.  Here’s the pitch video:

Besides the development team working on full details and authenticity for both the voyage and the sinking scene, the ambitious crew is incorporating video game elements as well. So far, future owners will be grated with a Story and Free Roam mode. In the Story Mode, single-players will control Robert Morgan who joins 2,200 passengers as they cross the Atlantic’s icy waters for five days until the colossal iceberg collides with the luxurious liner. Faced with unlimited options, this main character must race against the clock like this campaign.

For 60 days, interested supporters can lend a USA dollar or more to the developer’s cause and initial goal of $250,000. Currently, the innovative team has obtained $2,898! Depending on the provided amount, the contributor will receive a unique reward as well.   

To support this highly-anticipated project, please visit the IndieGoGo page. For more information, please visit the official website

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