Xbox One update gives more CPU power to developers

By Leon Silavant – 5th January 2015
Xbox One update gives more CPU power to developers

It seems that Microsoft are pushing to give more console power to the developers as a recent update has reserved more CPU power for games then previously, Digital Foundry reports.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have an 8 core CPU where up until recently, both consoles reserved 2 for system operations and 6 for games but the recent update to the Xbox One unlocks a further 50-80% of the 7th CPU but with a few sacrifices.

If you are into the technical stuff, keep reading!

Access to this extra processing power will aid developers in improving game performance but this does come at a price. To begin with, developers will have to give up custom game specific commands in order to just access the 7th core. The Kinect’s infra-red and depth functionality is also disabled. 

In addition to these, the amount of CPU time available at any given moment. For example, system related voice commands (“Xbox, record that”, “Xbox, go to friends”) automatically see CPU usage for the 7th core jump to 50%. The OS in its current state does not inform the developer how much CPU time is available so scheduling tasks could be troublesome.

If you are interested in knowing more about the technical aspects of the update, read the full report here.

The PS4 from launch has been the more powerful console despite similar hardware but could this bring the Xbox One up to the same level or even surpass Sony’s console? Let us know in the comments below.

  • chandry8

    It already passed ps4s performance prior to this update. Games released in 2nd half 2014 look the same while having better frame rates on xbox one. These include madden, AC unity, dragon age, and COD AW. Several others were equal across both with each having better attributes in diffetent areas. With this sdk update the xbox one is without question the more powerful gaming console, plus they just updated the Esram sdk which i hear will make a large diffetence as well. Just look at the games…driveclub only manages 1080p 30fps and forza with much more content at 1080p 60fps…ps4 inferior to xbox one.