Dontnod Entertainment’s Making A “Very Sensible Approach” to Themes in Life Is Strange

By Adnan Riaz – 27th January 2015
Dontnod Entertainment’s Making A “Very Sensible Approach” to Themes in Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange co-director Michel Koch has said that the development team is taking a “very sensible approach” on the themes that are explored in the upcoming episodic title.

Koch, along with Luc Baghadoust (producer), Baptise Moisan (lead designer) and Raoul Barbet (co-director), participated in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit today for Life Is Strange.

One Reddit user asked if developer Dontnod Entertainment has incorporated any LGBT themes in Life Is Strange, and more importantly, how these types of social issues are being approached in the title.

“I cannot spoil the themes of the game, but rest assured that we are working hard with our writer to have a very sensible approach to all the themes of the game, as it is really important for us to deal very respectfully of those everyday life subjects we have in the game,” Koch explained.

On the other hand, Koch addressed some of the main themes a little further in another question, as well as touching upon the importance of other issues the player will come face-to-face with in Life Is Strange’s story.

“I shouldn’t spoil the themes we are dealing with in Life is Strange, but the main ones are friendship, accepting one’s fate, coming-of-age, responsibility and so on,” he said.

“Of course, since we have a game taking place in a small modern-day town, we are also dealing with themes related to teenagers, social medias, family… But this isn’t just a stroll through a sun-drenched town; Episode 1 is just the beginning. 

“We are also going to tackle some mature and dark issues that haven’t been tackled in games before.”

During the AMA, Raoul Barbet said that working with publisher Square Enix is “like a dream come true” and Dontnod Entertainment is “proud to be part of this great Square Enix family.”

Dontnod Entertainment has released the first two developer diaries, called “Butterfly Effect” and “A New Beginning,” in its three-part series for Life Is Strange, while 20 minutes worth of footage from the title has recently surfaced online.

Running on the Unreal Engine 3, Life Is Strange has its first episode scheduled to launch on January 30th for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.