Games journalist who received rape threats tattles to harassers’ mothers

By Erwin Murillo – 1st December 2014
Games journalist who received rape threats tattles to harassers’ mothers

Alanah Pearce is an Australian games journalist and a YouTuber. She’s also an advocate of the mantra: “Mother knows best.”

After receiving a number of unsavory rape threats online (an unfortunately common occurrence in this day and age – especially in terms of people who chose the career path of “games journalist”), Pearce decided that reasoning with her harassers would most likely end up to no avail. Rather than firing back with a traditional response to online deviants, she reached out to the one authority that even the most heinous of trolls can’t handle – their mothers.

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Australian Games Journalist Reaches Out To Boy’s Mothers

Games Journalist reaches out to harasser's mothers

As previously mentioned, Australian games journalist Alanah Pearce, the subject of abusive online messages, decided to approach the mothers of individuals who had sent her the threats. She had the following to say on her method of handling the situation:

“A while ago, I realised that a lot of the people who send disgusting or overly sexual comments to me over the internet aren’t adult males. It turns out that mostly they’re young boys and the problem is they don’t know any better, so responding to them rationally didn’t resolve the situation. It was just a way to try to reach a resolution, to productively teach young boys it’s not okay to be sexist to women, even if they’re on the internet that they are real people and that there should be actual consequences for that.”

Reportedly, Pearce successfully identified four of the boy’s mothers, and subsequently contacted each – receiving a reply from one, which can be seen below:

As an ultimatum of sorts, Pearce said:

“Every time this happens to me, I will do this. I won’t necessarily post it on Twitter, but I will definitely continue doing it.”

Editor’s Take: Honestly, I think this is hilarious. It’s probably the most effective manner in which to deal with immature online trolls who are ignorant of the fact that actions they take online are not ethereal, they do not simply vanish into thin air without consequence. It may seem an indirect method of confronting the true matter, but it’s really not. Bravo.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that Pearce’s handling of online threats directed at her was satisfactory, appropriate, or entertaining? Or something else entirely?

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  • Patrick Toworfe

    Very interesting approach. Her statement was chosen carefully I see. I actually respect her tbh, tired of seeing more gamer girls with victim complexes.

  • Green Sub Zero

    Would be funnier if she called the police.
    That kid would be grounded forever.

  • That actually sounds like a pretty good way of doing it! Well done on her. 😀

  • Nobody

    If I ever see her I’m giving her a high five. That’s how you slay a troll.

  • At least she isn’t crying “Toxic Patriarchy” and trying to demean people… I mean she might, but not in this case. It’s quite a smart thing to do, and it really makes me laugh.

    • It’s such a simple, yet remarkably efficient way of handling it. It wouldn’t work with older trolls obviously, but it’s a fun way of dealing with an otherwise distasteful situation.

  • Nick

    That is brilliant. I love it.

  • AL

    HAHAHAHA !! That’s the PERFECT way to handle it !!