Dragon Age: Inquisition nude party member mod lets players explore Thedas in the buff

By Erwin Murillo – 4th December 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition nude party member mod lets players explore Thedas in the buff

With the recent release of BioWare’s well-received Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s safe to say that gamers have sunk many an hour exploring the lands of Thedas.

Leave it to the mad geniuses of the PC gaming community to discover ways of modding the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition using special tools such as CheatEngine. Already, there have been mods and hacks that allows gamers to play Inquisition from Origin‘s isometric perspective.

Dragon Age: Inquisition isometric mod

As per the unofficial requirement of many adult-oriented games, people have already found a way to get Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s party members naked (that is, without having to go through the tenuous approval/relationship system).

TL;DR – Someone discovered a nude mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Naked Party Members

Dragon Age: Inquisition Nude Mod Solas

Using the same program mentioned above, Cheat Engine, a reddit user by the name of No-Shit-Sherlock  on /r/DragonAge has discovered a way to get party members naked. 

Obviously, players can already get their chosen romance option naked. However, this particular hack allows gamers to get nearly every party member naked – even when exploring the expanses of Ferelden and Orlais.

What many will be surprised to know is that, apparently, nudity is an armor set in the game, meaning that not every character has a specific nude model for their body. It seems that it is simply an equip-able skin that every party member can wear, allowing them to go about duties in the buff.

Normally, something of this nature would be labeled NSFW (and some of it still is, female companions especially – because boobs), but it appears that BioWare went the whole “Barbie/Ken” route when modeling nudity in Dragon Age Inquisition – meaning that their private parts are omitted, instead having that awkward Barbie doll crotch. 

Editor’s Note: Even with the omission of genitals, I still won’t post the related “nude” screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition members in this article. Instead, I’ll provide a link below which you can peruse on your own volition.

If you’re interested in trying the nude mod or Dragon Age: Origin‘s aforementioned isometric perspective out, you can access some links below that show you how to implement them into your game.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s “nude mod?” Would you every try it out in your game? Why or why not? Do you find it amusing or distasteful?

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  • Cy

    No junk? 0/10

    • Haha, 0/10 would not recommend.

      In all seriousness, full-frontal nudity (male or female) is an ultra-rarity in games. I can only think of a few off the top of my head. Rockstar seems to be pretty chill with it though.

      • Cy

        The nude mods for Dragon Age Origins had junk, same with Skyrim. Lots of choices too. Circumcised, uncircumcised, soft, hard. Clearly kids these days don’t know how to mod, lol.

        • Ha, while that’s swell and all, I’m not sure I’m the biggest fan of digital genitalia, but that’s just me : )

          But I get your point, haha.

        • I don’t think there are even actual mods like that yet. 😐

          That said, I do hope DA:I allows for actual mods (both small and large) like its predecessors (my favorite DA:O mod is Karma Origins Companions).

      • Try Outlast.

        They have a couple of psycho brothers in full frontal nudity with a big chunk on each of them and ready to kill you. Also, the DLC Whistleblower offer tons of full frontal nudity in several decaying forms for all the victims.

        That’s a game that really don’t care about morals, it’s just a fine horror game for grown ups.

  • Rather sad Vivienne’s has a very noticeable gap between body and neck.