Halo franchise expected to last 30 more years, 343i’s Bonnie Ross says

By Erwin Murillo – 15th December 2014
Halo franchise expected to last 30 more years, 343i’s Bonnie Ross says

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Bonnie Ross, 343 Industries’ general manager, revealed that, upon the studio’s establishment 7 years ago, her longstanding goal was (and still is) to keep Microsoft’s beloved Halo franchise running for at least 30 more years:

“I wanted to make sure we were able to go another three decades.”

For the sake of context – 343 Industries was formed back in 2007 and the Halo franchise debuted in 2001, so going by Ross’ words, Microsoft and 343i expect gamers to keep playing Halo games until 2037…at least.

Read more details regarding Halo‘s desired longevity after the break.

30 More Years of Halo

30 More Years of Halo, 343 Industries GM Bonnie Ross Says

In addition to revealing both Microsoft and 343i’s goal to keep the Halo franchise up and running for 3 more decades, Ross stated that the process of forming 343 Industries was “the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

One of Ross’ goals for 343 Industries was to emphasize diversity.

In regards to Halo, she wanted the games to have “characters that people can identify with,” that is to say – “heroic females and heroic males.”

In terms of her studio’s actual make-up, Ross stated the following regarding bringing more female talent into the games industry:

It’s really important for us to get young female talent, because they are the future. It’s important to have leadership roles across the industry that people can aspire to.

While Ross didn’t lay out exactly how Microsoft and her studio plans to extend Halo‘s lifespan for another 30 years, the companies’ current support for the franchise sets a viable template for years to come.

With 2015’s upcoming Halo 5: GuardiansNightfall, and the studio’s TV show planned collaboration with Steven Spielberg, it appears that Microsoft and 343 Industries are doing their best to make good on their expectations.

What are your thoughts on Ross’ goals for the Halo series? Do you think you’ll still be playing it 30 years from now? Why or why not?

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  • CarbonRevenge

    I, too, love to dream.

    343 couldn’t release a stable game if Microsoft sunk billions into the studio. So Halo will be dead before then 30 more years have passed.

  • andy

    That is SOME arrogance 343 ESPECIALLY after your last 2 awful releases called Halo 4 (the game that ruined the franchise for many) and then recently Halo MCC, the still broken today game but at least Xbone managed to sell some consoles for the first time since November 2013 which is more important right?
    Oh and Halo Spartan Assault is nothing special ESPECIALLY when you have to buy it multiple times to play it on Microsoft’s Windows, Xbone, Xbox 360 and Surface.

    • You are flat out $0N¥ Pauper

      Poor $0N¥ pauperboy, your tears are so delicious.

      • YesImACat

        Xtrolls are the little poop of PC Master Race Gamer.

      • Gman

        Because he thinks they ruined the last 2 games you think he is a fanboy? you are an idiot sir. If i google “Halo 4 is bad” or “Halo 4 is great” I get quite a few searches that says it sucks… so they are not way off. I myself did not enjoy 4.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      True but I feel like the series has been on a downward spiral even before 343’s involvement. IMO Halo 3 was the last one that can be considered console seller quality. ODST was an overpriced and not particularly well designed expansion and while the SP and firefight were alright in Reach the MP was just, “meh”. Halo 5 does look good but so did Halo 4 and Reach before release.

  • Johannna_L

    “Halo franchise expected to last 30 more years, 343i’s Bonnie Ross says” ILMAO! 30 years?!

  • NOSQEY .

    I will never buy a halo game again,if 343i are the developers.

  • John Hitman

    Halo is not Star Wars… why would people keep talking about it in 30 years ?
    Oh wait… you just gonna inject more cash into marketing… That’s why…

  • Excellent, a great franchise deserves a long history, this is good news.


    Now would be a very good time for Universal Pictures to get their act together by making their Halo films to compete against Disney’s Star Wars films!

    • Nick

      Halo, compete with Star Wars? What sort of competition would that be? Star Wars’ only sci-fi competition is Star Trek. Nothing else can come close to it.


    Why is it so hard for Microsoft just to give the rights to Universal Pictures to make their Halo film with JJ Abrams directing it! A Universal Pictures Halo Movie would be the best scifi film of all time maybe even rivaling Disney’s Star Wars films!!!

    • BillyHoWCR

      You don’t just give rights away. You go into an agreement to still have control of said property. Otherwise Sony sweeps in and buys the rights out from under you like they did with JJ Abrams recent project.

      Or Sony and Universal could merge… :O

      Or they can shelve a project and MS then would not be able to work another project due to rights already being sold away.

      A slippery slope when making a movie or marketing a product for that matter. Better to do as they did with the mini Halo series and keep control of the rights and just hire JJ Abrams and contract a production company for it.

  • TJ

    Bonnie so fine


    Halo wars xbox one. Hello money. It is literally that simple.

  • Jeff

    Why does nobody point out that she heads a team that knowingly shipped a completely broken game in November just to steal people’s money? Really, Halo for 30 more years? Not if 343i has anything to do with it. These idiots botched Halo 4 and then couldn’t even get a freaking port right. Bungie is pretty lousy these days too, but 343i makes those guys look like geniuses by comparrison.

  • someone but no one

    I think the HALO series was just a more advanced thing of call of duty. If HALO is expected to last till 2037 there will have to be some sequels and prequels, and maybe tie in some old characters or even time travel. But even so some people are starting to lose interest in it (not me though) may you be deemed worthy of other people.