Resident Evil Revelations 2-Possible 3rd Character Confirmed?

By Griffin Cost – 10th November 2014
Resident Evil Revelations 2-Possible 3rd Character Confirmed?

ESRB, you sly dogs; you may have ruined one of Capcom’s little surprises in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Before we go on, YES, guy in the comments, I know that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is supposed to have a colon in it, but WordPress doesn’t. so if I want anyone to read this article I’ve gotta leave the colon on the bench.

No colons, no hope for mankind.

Anywho, onto the story at hand. The ESRB rating for Resident Evil Revelations 2 has quite possibly just confirmed a 3rd playable character for its respective game.

The two existing lead roles-Moira Burton and Claire Redfield-were, of course, mentioned in the analysis, but interestingly enough her father was also listed as a lead character.

“This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the roles of an imprisoned woman and a father searching for his daughter on an island.”

Well, I’m not going to stick around and pretend I know anything but jack-all about Resident Evil Revelations 2 or anything more of the story at hand. I’m still burnt out from typing up my Mike Morhaime Powertalk Shredder (with game show included).

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