NBA Live 15: EA Sports honors terminal cancer-stricken player with personalized cover

By Erwin Murillo – 24th November 2014
NBA Live 15: EA Sports honors terminal cancer-stricken player with personalized cover

For those of Gamer Headlines’ readers that don’t know, Lauren Hill is a freshman college student and Division III collegiate basketball player at Mount St. Joseph’s University. However, she also suffers from a form of rare, incurable brain cancer known as DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) and has only a few weeks to live. 

Earlier in November, EA Sports and NBA Live 15‘s game development team announced that they wished to “immortalize” Hill and her story of courage by putting her on the front cover of a personalized, special edition of NBA Live 15 (in lieu of regular cover star, Damian Lillard).

NBA Live 15: Lauren Hill Edition

The EA Sports and NBA Live 15 development team stated the following in regards to the matter:

“There’s a new cover athlete in town and she’s an absolute star.”

See EA Sports’ tweet in question below:

Fortunately, EA Sports and the NBA Live 15 team has delivered on all fronts, recently giving the personalized, special edition boxed copy of the game to Ms. Hill.

Lauren Hill receives her special edition copy of NBA Live 15

The NCAA moved Mount St. Joseph’s University’s first game up 2 weeks so that Lauren would be able to play her first (and only) collegiate basketball game. Hill reportedly scored the first basket.

You can read more about Lauren Hill and her inspiring story here.

What are your general thoughts on EA Sports’ nice gesture towards Lauren Hill? Do more game companies need to perform more philanthropic or charitable actions such as this? Why or why not?

Have you heard about Lauren Hill and her story prior to this article? Also, have you played NBA Live 15 or do you prefer NBA 2k15?

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