Far Cry 4 is currently unplayable on PS3 for some due to “fatal error”

By Erwin Murillo – 18th November 2014
Far Cry 4 is currently unplayable on PS3 for some due to “fatal error”

Ubisoft has had a fairly hard run of things the past couple of weeks. With the remarkably disastrous launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity and numerous other gaming controversies this year, it appears that the once-prominent video game publisher and developer has fallen from the good graces of many within the gaming community. On the other hand, it appears that the company may have done right by their customers with their recently released open-world, first-person shooter, Far Cry 4, with the game boasting consistently high scores across the board. 

However, recent developments surrounding the PlayStation 3 version of Far Cry 4 have left many last-generation gamers in an outrage as attempting to play the game causes a “Fatal Error” message to appear on the respective player’s screen. It appears the issue is causing Far Cry 4 to become unplayable for many PS3 gamers worldwide.

Read more details on Far Cry 4 PS3’s “Fatal Error” situation after the break.

Far Cry 4 Experiencing Fatal Error On PS3

Far Cry 4 experiencing fatal error message on PS3

While Far Cry 4 has released to a generally positive reception, the game is also subject to some various technical issues, including server and connectivity issues across all platforms, but it appears that the game’s aforementioned fatal error on PS3 is causing the game to refuse to work in any capacity. 

While Ubisoft hasn’t come up with a fix for the problem as of this writing, a forum thread has been set up on their website to help relay information to the developers in order to expedite the process of coming up with a solution. Early reports are pointing to the possibility that the issue has something to do with gamers that have Far Cry 3 save data on their PS3’s hard drive.

The following comes from Ubisoft’s previously mentioned forum thread:

“Hello everyone,

We are currently investigating the error message that some players are receiving when attempting to play Far Cry 4 on the Playstation 3 (receiving a “corrupt data” data error message for Far Cry 3). To further track this issue, we’re asking all players to SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET with the following information:

  • Do you have (or have had) any Far Cry 3 saved date on your system before?
    • If you have Far Cry 3 installed, are you receiving a “Fatal Error” message?
  • Are you playing from a physical copy, or a digital download?
  • Do you have the current version (1.3.0) installed?
    • To manually check for an update, >> Go to the Playstation Dashboard. >> Find Far Cry 4. >> Press Triangle
    • If you have Far Cry 3 installed, please include the version information as well.
  • Where are you playing the game from? (USA, Canada, UK, etc.)

We will update you with more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to investigate this issue.”

This article will be updated if, or when, Ubisoft discloses the source of Far Cry 4’s fatal error problem on PS3.

What are your thoughts on this news? If you’re playing Far Cry 4 on the PlayStation 3 and have Far Cry 3 save data present on your system, are you experiencing the reported “Fatal Error” issue? Also, what are your thoughts on Ubisoft’s recent failings in regards to their games?

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  • M-R85

    i think ubisoft r pathetic !!! they most probably know exactly what they are doing , hoping that everyone will just switch over to ps4 ???? well im definitely NOT switching over YET !!!! ubisoft better hurry up fixing the ps3 error or they will burn alive in there little offices!!!

    • budski

      I got the error message and I don’t even have far cry 3 game data on my ps3

  • M-R85

    like it or not , they will eventually HAVE TO fix the ps3 error problem , i can wait even longer if i have to !!! i was actually thinkin of gettin advanced warfare but i will hold on . french cunts

    • Realkman666

      It’s a Canadian game.

  • JakeK1

    I can’t install my game to my ps3 there is always an error, advice?

    • Erin Goforth

      Me too!!! It freezes during initial download!!

  • MatthewRichardHarris

    The game does not work at all on either of my PS3’s. I can’t play a game i preordered. What a joke. I don’t even have FC3 data on my PS3’s.

  • Mr0303

    See Ubi? This is what happens when you try to release 5 AAA games in a single year (3 of them across all platforms).

    I hope this is resolved quickly for people who bought the game.

  • Eric107

    My ps3 won’t work either, I took the day off from work to play this, and this is what I get in return? Ubisoft please fix this A.S.A.P

  • patstrax

    Ubisoft are theives they didn’t hesitate to take the money but yet they won’t allow us to play it so fuck them I hope enough people call and keep bitching to them

  • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

    To those that listen to the Controllers and Keyboards podcast, called it.

  • M-R85

    i just cant belive this is still goin on ???? i am pissed of cus i being lookin forward to it for months and now they fuck up like this!! i will still be gettin a physical copy no matter wat or how long they decide to move there arses !!!

  • M-R85

    is it only the digital versions that is being affected ??? or is it physical copys aswell ?

  • David B

    With FarCry4 I’m still in the early stages of the game on PS3, but have played about 10 hours so far. I have FarCry3 data saved, and I am playing from a disc, not a downloaded copy. I’m in Australia. I haven’t received any “fatal error” messages but there are two distinct problems so far:
    1. Fast Travel often doesn’t work or takes several attempts. Once I’ve identified where I want to fast travel to I am asked to press the O button. Right from the start this never did anything, I decided to press the X button immediately after that, and then found I would be prompted again to press the O button. Many times I am returned to the game screen and the location I wanted to travel to is no longer waypointed. Other times this sequence of o, x, o works after several attempts.
    2. Using the camera – when first activated it often just shows a black screen, and then one of two things happen:
    a) it deactivates the camera and returns me to the game screen; or b) eventually an image forms through the camera as would be expected, but it takes 5 to 10 seconds.
    One other minor issue is when I’m buying armour: In the buying section the percentage of armour I have is always at 0%.
    I think the game is running at 720p which doesn’t seem right?