Will Pathologic reach the Second Stretch Goal in Seven Hours?

By Jalane Farrington – 7th October 2014
Will Pathologic reach the Second Stretch Goal in Seven Hours?

On September 30, 2014, the remake for Pathologic has reached its first targeted goal for $250,000 USA dollars at KickStarter and acquired enough funds at a later date for its first stretch goal of $300,000.  With only seven hours left, Ice-Pick Lodge and supporters are pushing hard to achieve it’s second stretch goal that extends the steppe for $350,000. Honestly, the last few hours remaining sometimes surprises everyone.

Some kickstarter projects can obtain $150,000 per a day through the help of press. Sometimes, fans even upgrade their tiers during these fleeting moments to get more bonuses. By folks upgrading these tiers, spectators can see $10,000 donated within an hour. Currently, the project sits at $323,235, which is merely $25,000 shy from touching the second stretch goal.

Regardless, this horror/survival game has been successfully funded, and this remake allows newcomers and veterans to experience the dark masterpiece in a new light with numerous changes. However, the main story will still focus on three doctors who are searching for a cure to a town stricken by a deadly plague in twelve days. Still, having to receive bonuses as well as the game is quite nice.

Anyways, the developer has been providing on-going updates on a regular basis, including a recent one one that describe the old and new versions.

“The Pathologic we’re making now is a new version uncovering more details and circumstances. Yes, it will also be biased. And it can’t claim to be truly complete too. But the existence of the old version allows us to go much deeper.”

Meaning this whole remake enables them to re-approach the story and structure. None-the-less, the video game will still be digitally distributed for the XBox One, PS4, and PC. To read more details, please visit the official page at Kickstarter.

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