Some of the Ways to Fully Utilize Your Free Skype Application

By Andrew Fletcher – 25th October 2014
Some of the Ways to Fully Utilize Your Free Skype Application

Skype was introduced as one of the first video calling and messaging applications. Nowadays, it is among the most popular apps that are used by millions of people around the world every day. It does not care about you location; as long as you are equipped with a PC or a mobile phone and internet connection, you able to use this app and enjoy a number of features that it provides. But how can users unlock the full potential of Skype and make the best use out of it? This article is aimed to provide you with a list of suggestions on how to improve your experience with Skype and make it a more interesting and fun activity.

Various emoticons for every occasion

There much more to emoticons than just smiley faces and sad faces. You can take a look at all of the available emoticons by clicking the button that appears in your text box. There are a number of options available there that allow you to add that personal touch to your messages.

Also, there are additional emoticons that are not displayed in that list I was talking about earlier. However, that does not mean that you can’t use them. Just type some of the additional emoticons into the chat box and they will appear in your message, fully animated. To get a full list of these, just visit the Skype official web site or search for them on the internet. Some of those include poolparty, Heidi, etc. Make sure to type them inside the parenthesis ((Heidi), for example). Experiment with available emoticons and see which of those you like the most.

Organize conferences with your business partners and friends

If you want to set up a virtual roundtable or a business meeting, this app will be your best choice for doing that. It offers you the option of organizing your own conference and make calls (all for free). This is a really good way to avoid miscommunication if you want to get a specific point across. These days, Skype also has an option of holding a video conference. It also provides you with various other options, like sharing your screen, for example, or sending files to other conference members. This is also an excellent way to chat with your group of friends and catch up with the latest events in their lives. Do not allow the distance between you to ruin the fun! The excellent quality of both video and audio make these conferences a very pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Do not miss your chance to receive some of those free credits

From time to time, Skype likes to give their users some free credits. Of course, due to the number of people that use this app, this can’t be done frequently. These credits can be used to call landline or cell phones, for example. You can also use these credits to get incoming calls forwarded to your phone. Users are allowed to use these options any time they want.