Ultros and Typhon at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum in FFXIV

By Jalane Farrington – 12th October 2014
Ultros and Typhon at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been offering its active players the opportunity to relive past memories. For instance, Square Enix has included the might swordsman named Gilgamesh. Now, the developer is bringing the dynamic duo Ultros and Typhon back into the ring. These two monsters first appeared at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum from FFVI, and they appeared again in the arena in FFXIII-2.

To encounter them one more time, players will have to meet Hildibrand Manderville and his trusty sidekick Nashu Mhakaracca in the upcoming chapter. These guys are continuing their story arc and quests in their search for the Coliseum’s Treasure, which will lead Hildibrand and the others to the Amajina Cup Tournament held in the Ul’dah coliseum.


During the side-quest, folks will find a special arena known as the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum. While the Octopus Ultros was simply a receptionist at this coliseum in Final Fantasy VI, he and Typhon will be enemies at the Amajina Cup Tournament where they’ll fight against Eorzea’s Hero of Light.

Although the Ul’dah coliseum still remains a mystery, the tournament will feature some special kind of rules, especially with Ultros involved. For more information about this patch or the game in general, please visit the official website.

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  • Erroe

    I’m super excited about this (Mainly for Ultros), but I really think they should have included more accurate information on when they’re encountered. The article makes it seem like we’re just battling a couple of one-hit wonders from a single entry, when really these guys have hopped between games more than I care to count.