Reasons for Downloading Google Chrome on Your Windows Phone

By Andrew Fletcher – 25th October 2014
Reasons for Downloading Google Chrome on Your Windows Phone

Not too long ago, Google was not involved with Windows Phone platform in any way and did not display any interest in doing so. It almost seemed like they were intentionally keeping their distance from Windows. But, with the recent release of Android on Windows Phones, the users of these devices have something to look forward to in that regard. Many people speculate that the reason why Google seems to ignore this platform is because of their insignificant user numbers, when compared to more popular alternatives like Android and iOS.

Chrome for WinPhone

Even though there has been no official release of Chrome for Windows Phone, there was a version released for Win 8. In the process of making this version, Google team said that there are more possibilities for them to cooperate with Microsoft now. Also, their senior engineer suggested that some large portions of this build can be transferred to the mobile version of the application.

Do people even want Chrome for their Windows Phones?

The answer to that is yes. Google is one of the industry leaders and is known to release some of the best apps for mobile devices. Of course, their lack of interest in Windows smartphones makes a lot of users sad. This is one of the major reasons people tend to avoid these phones. It makes sense, if you take a look at the biggest mobile operating systems (and the products that are available on them) and then compare them to Microsoft’s. All of these factors do contribute to the number of sales.

Other innovations

It seems that Google is aiming to release its Chrome browser not only for Windows Phone, but also for the new OSX. Up until now, this browser was only available to Android based devices and PCs. The first version of it was launched for Mac platform in March. Despite all these new releases, there has been no official announcement in regards to it possibly coming to Windows Phone. Some of the industry’s experts speculate that this may change with the release of new Win Phone 8.1.

Why is it such a big deal?

Even though it is just a browser, one among many, there are many possible benefits to its release on other platforms. For example, people who use Android devices may find it easier to switch to Windows Phone if it had a browser that they are familiar with. Not only that, but these phones are really lackluster when it comes to various browsing options. The release of Chrome (which, once again, was not confirmed yet) would remedy that situation. Not only that, but it will also mean that Google wants to support this platform further, which would really help its popularity. It would also pave the way for future Google applications to enter the market and increase the productivity of these devices. Of course, this is something that both Windows Phone developers and users would be glad about. For now, we can only hope that they will decide to support this somewhat stagnant family of smartphones.

  • John Fitzgerald

    I am a Windows Phone user and have zero interest in any Google products. Don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em. I left the Google ecosystem three years ago. Buggy, crashy, and I don’t want Google documenting my life. “Don’t be evil” – you don’t hear them say that anymore, do you?

  • ron

    Google burned their bridges with many windows (phone and PC) users by putting up walls when Microsoft developed Google “tools”. Google does not want to support the windows phone ecosystem because of what you mention in your article, many people that are “locked” in the Google “ecosystem” will not go the windows phone way because of that and John Fitzgerald I am with you.
    I will never use Google anymore!!!

  • Bob

    Why would I want to load spyware and adware on my phone? No, I have no interest in Google software on anything I own.

  • qiang23

    If they release it, that’s fine but there is no need for it. I use Dolphin on my Android and UC on my WP. I’m happy with the experience on WP.

  • Kayyum Patel

    I am a Windows phone user and i want Google chrome in my wp because i use chrome browser in my PC

  • joriginaloak

    Google is full of bugs as is firefox. I stopped putting any third party browsers or so called security programmes on my windows four years ago and use windows own built in security essentials and defender with no problems since I made the switch. Had no end of problems prior to that using google chrome and firefox. Not anymore though and I haven’t missed google one bit! I use IE 11, bing, Skype and office all flawlessly with no worries of google raping my information for their own means. RIP Google!

  • Ref

    This isn’t going to happen in a capacity in which it is actually Google Chrome. At best, it would be a wrapper around Windows Phone’s webview with Google services lobbed on top.

    This is due to Chrome’s rendering engine being WebKit and Microsoft disallowing JIT compilation (which Chrome will need if it wants it’s JavaScript execution to be even remotely competitive).

    Tl;dr version:
    At best, it’ll be IE with Google services.

    Software Dev