New Screenshots of Shiva in Patch 2.4 from Final Fantasy XIV

By Jalane Farrington – 12th October 2014
New Screenshots of Shiva in Patch 2.4 from Final Fantasy XIV

According to an announcement and trailers from the Tokyo Game Show 2014, Shiva, an ice elemental esper from the Final Fantasy series, will appear in the upcoming patch 2.4 called “Dreams of Ice” in Final Fantasy XIV; this MMO/RPG will also receive new Rogue and Ninja classes, dungeons, and more content when the update finally arrives (sometime at the end of this month or possibly later). While fans wait for this release, they can examine the looks of Shiva through screenshots over the years.

This blue empress was first introduced in FFIII as a creature that uses diamond dust attacks on enemies by using “Summon Magic”.  Unfortunately, her magical appearance was only seen by Japanese audiences who own a personal computer in 1990 at the time, but global audiences can now see her amazing transformation from her simplistic clothing to a sophisticated attire in over a decade.

Though Final Fantasy veterans may have encounter her reoccurring appearance several times, she is still shrouded with mystery.  For one, her descriptive background doesn’t include her past until Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, which mentions her son (Shivan) and a lover (Shivar).  Additionally, Final Fantasy XIII reveals that this formidable woman has twin sisters.

For more information about this patch or the game in general, please visit the official website.

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