Ms. Pacman Joins The Pink Ribbon Campaign Against Breast Cancer

By Jay Borenstein – 1st October 2014
Ms. Pacman Joins The Pink Ribbon Campaign Against Breast Cancer

She was campaigning for the pink ribbon campaign before it was even thing, so it makes sense – Ms. Pacman and Bandai Nacmo have teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in the United States to join the fight against breast cancer. Bandai Nacmo will be rolling out special new mazes in many of their Ms. Pac Man and Pac Man games for iOS and Android that cost $0.99, all the proceeds of which will go to support the NBCF and breast cancer research.

Games on iOS featured in the Pink Ribbon Campaign include Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Lite, Ms. Pac-Man Lite, Ms. Pac-Man for iPad, and Ms.Pac-Man for iPad Lite. On Android, it’s just Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man + Tournaments.

Senior producer of the Pac Man franchise Ben Acevedo spoke on the impact he hopes this campaign will have:

“While video games often bring amusement and joy to our lives, this is a chance to bring hope as well. Breast cancer has directly affected my immediate family and it’s a fantastic opportunity for gamers and the industry to get involved. While the mazes we are offering in October are fun, the real challenge is to raise awareness and get players, producers, artists, programmers across the mobile industry to join us and Join the Pac.”

Will you Join the Pac?


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