Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey launched Today for PC

By Jalane Farrington – 17th October 2014
Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey launched Today for PC

Today, Artifex Mundi and World-Loom has unleashed a psychological thriller and horror adventure game called Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey for the personal computer. For this game, the story targets mature audiences and focuses on Alice Dahl, a 35-year-old officer worker. When she rushes to her next meeting, Alice and her car plunge into a river, but she survives and wanders into a strange world made of her own memories, dreams and nightmares.

MS_2In order to get back to the world of the living, Alice must face the demons of her past, solve the mysteries of her own desires and fears, and find four archetypical totems needed to defeat the ruler of The Shadowland and rebuild the bridge back to her own world. Will Alice summon the courage needed to face her fears and beat her own, personal nemesis?

As a quick reminder, Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey contains the following things: five different game worlds, 38 moody, surreal locations, 21 engaging mini-games, unique soundtracks, attractive graphics, and one original story through the human subconscious. This innovative title is currently available in Artifex Mundi’s online store with a 30% discount. However, this promotion is valid for one week.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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