Duncan Shields departs from onGamers

By Matthew Farmer – 7th October 2014
Duncan Shields departs from onGamers

Duncan Shields, a regular content creator for the popular eSports website, onGamers, announced that he will be leaving the company today.  Shields, or possibly better known by his alias, “Thorin,” has been a driving force behind onGamers’ production of League of Legends content since he began working there in October 2013.  The project that Duncan Shields is perhaps most well known for in the League of Legends scene is “Summoning Insight,” a talk show that he has co-hosted with Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles since March of this year.  Though this might be the end of the road for Summoning Insight,  it’s certainly not the end of Thorin’s career in eSports.  In the announcement he made of his departure on Facebook, Thorin had this to say:

 I am not retiring and my interest in producing esports content has not changed. Right now, I have nowhere to publish my content and nobody to employ me to have the resources to produce it, but in time I imagine both of those problems will take care of themselves. For now, all of my work and series should be considered canceled or discontinued, until further notice. That means there will be no more Summoning Insight, at least with my involvement.

Duncan Shields has worked in the eSports industry since 2001, so it’s not surprising that he isn’t ready to leave it yet.  He has no shortage of experience to draw on; Thorin has filled many different positions within the industry since the beginning of his career.  If the quality of Summoning Insight is anything to judge by, Thorin should have little trouble finding more work.  The latest episode of Summoning Insight:

The details of Thorin’s departure aren’t clear at this time.  However, in his statement, Thorin talks very highly of onGamers, calling it a “dream job scenario,” so it might be inferred that this decision wasn’t entirely mutual.  Whatever the reason for his departure, I wish Thorin luck in finding a place for his content.

Source:  Duncan “Thorin” Shields’ Facebook