Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Achievement List Revealed

By Adnan Riaz – 25th October 2014
Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Achievement List Revealed

Ubisoft Montreal’s open-world stealth title Assassin’s Creed Unity has had its full set of achievements released online.

Unity, one of two main series Assassin’s Creed titles being released this year (the other being Assassin’s Creed Rogue, by the way), consists of 12 memory sequences in the title’s campaign, with each of them being labelled with a minor spoiler.

Other achievements related to the story include completing missions in co-op, reaching a specific amount of kills using a weapon and synchronizing all viewpoints in the title, while 5 secret achievements have been confirmed — although none of them centre on a competitive multiplayer mode like previous entries, considering both of this year’s instalment won’t feature it.

Courtesy of XboxAchievements — and also not adding the list here due to spoilers linking with the story, of course — you can find all of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s 50 achievements here.

Earlier this month, Alexandre Amancio, the creative director on Assassin’s Creed Unity, discussed in-depth the personality that Arno Victor Dorian, a French-Austrian Assassin serving as the title’s main protagonist, possesses, including the influence his childhood sweetheart, Élise de la Serre, will have on him in the narrative.

With Ubisoft having released a promotional video featuring the cast of Assassin’s Creed Unity discussing their characters, including Dan Jeannotte (Arno) and Catherine Bérubé (Élise), Assassin’s Creed Unity will launch in November on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.