Access Instagram from Your PC for Free

By Andrew Fletcher – 25th October 2014
Access Instagram from Your PC for Free

Instagram newly developed social sharing applications for Mobiles. This application serves your mobile with photo sharing, video sharing, and social networking services and allows users to take videos and pictures, which can be shared on variety of social networking platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr or Twitter. The application offers great means of sharing viewing shared pictures or can share your own photograph on the internet. However, even though you are away from your network, you can still check your photographs from your desktop. This application offers number of ways to put your favorite pictures on desktop, which are similar to most of the popular browsers.

There is large number of people in the world, who wanted to be the part of the actions of Instagram either for their personal or business purposes, but they are not able to join this social networking channel, as they do not have Android or iOS in their mobile devices.  For those people Instagram has introduced a feature, using that they can access their Instagram account from their desktop itself. They can download their photographs either from their account or from their friends’ accounts and can upload them to their account. This application offers ]getting your company name out there and can be showcased in appealing manner so that your business get benefited due to that. There are many ways using that you can bring pictures from PC to Instagram or vice-versa.

Ways to save photographs

First thing you need to do is login to your Instagram account and then click on the icon to view photographs. If you want to see pictures which have been put by your friend or some other guy, you can simply click on following button and then click on the friend; again you need to click on the icon on your friend’s Instagram page. Select the picture you want to save in your desktop, make sure you view it first. Right click on the photo and then click “save picture as” or “Save Image as” Whatever option is available to you. While saving you can choose the desired folder you want to save in and then click save button to get the picture saved in your Desktop. Another thing you can do to save lot of time by saving pictures one by one, you can simply go for Free Instagram Downloader. This will allow you to all the pictures of the particular user and then save them to your desired Folder.

Uploading Pictures from PC to Instagram

There is free application called Gramblr, which will allow you to upload the pictures from your desktop to your Instagram account. But you need to have Instagram account first before using this application, and then only you can upload pictures you desire to your account. Also, you need to edit the pictures, according to the format required for Grumblr which is 650×650 pixels. In addition to that you can also create some tags or add descriptions to those pictures. Once the pictures have been uploaded using Gramblr application, you will be able to access all the links for sharing those pictures.