Important Announcement from Under the Dog at KickStarter

By Jalane Farrington – 4th September 2014
Important Announcement from Under the Dog at KickStarter

Creative Intelligence Arts (CIA) and Project Phoenix are collaborating to create a new project called Under the Dog; this science fictional anime episode follows Anthea Kallenberg, a gifted high school girl who must complete assassinations successfully to prevent the death of her loved ones. Written by Imabikiso‘s visual novel writer, Jiro Ishii, this whole product is relaying on the funds from a donation website known as KickStarter. On August 8, 2014, they have started their campaign to bring their creative production to life, but can these talented individuals persuade international audiences to support their creativity on time?

With three days left, the developers and supporters are looking for ways to obtain more financial support. As such, they released another update about another crew member named Yukinori Kitajima joining the crew. Though the timing seems quite late to make such an announcement, he still is quite an important person and asset to their innovative team.

Yukinori Kitajima has worked on the Nintendo DS’s Okamiden and other video games with Mr. Ishii. Upon joining this group, he leaves a message that’s been translated in English to the public.

“I have worked with Ishii-san on various games. I will also be joining the Under the Dog team working on the screenplay. For this film, I plan to depict a tragic story that both thrills and excites your emotions. Please give us your support so that this golden team can be brought together once again.”

Yukinori Kitajima

Besides mentioning his arrival, the developers are making a contact with Hiroaki Yura, the founder of CIA, through reddit’s AMA. As such, they are attempting to make an important announcement tonight (September 3 at 11 pm at EST/ 8 pm at PST). Here’s a link (found the direct topic! 😀 ):


“We will be attempting an AMA tonight with Hiroaki Yura. I have not heard back from the AMA mods so we might not make the mention on the calendar but we should still be able to have our thread up at about 10:30-10:45pm EST / 7:30-7:45pm PST.”

In order to find out what they’re going to say, check it out or keep checking the Gamer Headlines for more updates. Remember though, they’re quickly running out of time! So far, they only acquired 78% out of their targeted $580,000! Will readers support them?

For more information about the main heroine and her story, please the official page.

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    Will support tomorrow, looks interesting enough for $5

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      Yay! 😀 Your contributions is going to be in great hands because the folks behind this product are very well-known individuals.

  • Jalane Farrington
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    Looks very interesting.