Save 30% on Time Mysteries 3: the Final Enigma at Steam!

By Jalane Farrington – 13th September 2014
Save 30% on Time Mysteries 3: the Final Enigma at Steam!

The third adventure to the thrilling hidden object saga of Time Mysteries has finally arrived at Steam. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, Artifex Mundi’s latest product has lowered the price as a special promotion to $5.59 USA dollars. With this limited amount of time, personal computer (PC) users should take advantage of this on-going sale that ends in September 18, 2014. Before possibly making a transaction, audiences can first watch the official trailer.

In September 11, 2014, Artifex Mundi, the developer and publisher for several mobile and PC games, has made an announcement on twitter that Time Mysteries 3: the Final Enigma is available at Steam; this dedicated website enables online users to download digital copies of video games for free or at a specific cost.

As previously stated, prospective buyers can acquire this third sequel for a 30% discount for a limited amount of days. After acquiring the package, future owners can finally control Ester Ambrose (the female protagonist) again who had recently destroyed Viviana’s crystal tomb in the predecessor. Unfortunately, Ester’s actions did not deter the coming apocalypse, so she must travel back through time to visit Moscow and eventually see the great magician called Merlin to prevent Viviana from destroying the world.

Besides playing as the female lead, players can also control Michael who is another time traveler. They will also receive these features as well:

  • A portable time machine – change the history to your will
  • 26 unique mini-games and 17 hidden-object scenes
  • 42 atmospheric, hand-painted locations
  • Time manipulation puzzles
  • A Time Mysteries Encyclopedia
  • Possibility to replay Hidden Object Scenes and mini-games
  • Six beautiful wallpapers for your desktop

For more information about this innovative project, please visit the official website. To access the Steam page, please click here.

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