Screenshots of 3D Animated Graphics from Grim Legends 2

By Jalane Farrington – 30th September 2014
Screenshots of 3D Animated Graphics from Grim Legends 2

As previously mentioned in the last article, Artfex Mundi has released their latest project called Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan; unlike traditional hidden object games, this ambitious company has incorporated some exciting three-dimensional scenes for fans who love interactive gameplay. Here’s the official trailer for a sneak peek at the gameplay, stories, and settings.

By creating and using tools, various objects will move and trigger an animated scene across the screen. Besides the tools, each location contains subtle movements as well, such as the fire flickering on candles, butterflies flattering its wings on flowers, etc. To capture these live moments, this writer has personally captured some screenshots and added a photo gallery for interested spectators.

Fortunately, Grim Legends 2 is always in first person view, so players can see each event clearly as well as the visiting area as shown from the gallery. In some comparison shots, folks can see the same scene but changes captured at different timing. As a quick reminder, the whole video game has more 3D animated graphics, which personal computers users can witness by purchasing the game or playing the demo. They can also find these wonderful features in other projects as well like 9 Cases 2: the Ward, etc. Unlike the other games though, this particular franchise focuses more on exposing players to dark magic as a theme.

To play this title or learn about it, please visit the official website.

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