PC Players explore the Insane Asylum at 9 Clues 2: The Ward

By Jalane Farrington – 18th September 2014
PC Players explore the Insane Asylum at 9 Clues 2: The Ward

Heading straight to an isolated island where a facility called Mnemosyne Asylum house insane patients, two detectives quickly witness someone’s death; one of the hospital’s therapists has suddenly fallen from one of the windows to his death. After seeing this unexpected event, the investigating duo seek shelter from the raging storm and enter the large building. Inside this 1950 American setting and eerie environment, personal computer users can start uncovering the mystery and murder case, while surviving dangerous obstacles and solving challenges as this Artifex Mundi title has arrived today.

In this sequel for 9 Cases: the Secret of Serpent Creek, future players will experience the intense animated scenes in first-person view in 42 atmospheric locations. While hearing the sound effects and voices from each character at any place, video game owners will find and collect numerous objects as well as critical tools to get closer into solving this mind-puzzling case. After learning about a mysterious fire outbreak and its victims in the past, the facility workers are avoiding the topic and keeping quiet the past event. In the midst of this silence, an unknown individual is terrorizing the asylum.

Besides chasing this dangerous stranger, players will come across 18 challenging minigames. Along this extensive route, these brave and intelligent individuals can unlock 19 achievements. As a quick reminder, Artifex Mundi products have never disappointed fans, and they most-often always receive the best reviews because these critics quickly become addicted fans.

To purchase this video game or play the demo, please visit the official website.

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