Market Selling Prices changed in Harvest Moon: the Lost Valley

By Jalane Farrington – 21st September 2014
Market Selling Prices changed in Harvest Moon: the Lost Valley

For months and days, Natsume Inc. representatives have been releasing specific details toward the new changes being implemented in their upcoming video game called Harvest Moon 3D: the Lost Valley.  Despite the low graphic qualities in the environment, the company has sacrificed the beautiful landscapes for a grid map, so the developer can add a new farming system that enables future players to expand their cultivated lands in not only width but also in elevation; meaning, the leveled floor can go up 32 blocks like a mountain or down 32 blocks like a low valley. Depending on how high or low crop has been planted, this vegetable or fruit can change into different outcomes.

As such, players should also expect various prices when selling these objects to Sam and Iris (someone who later comes into town). As seen in the photo above, Iris offers higher prices for flowers when players want to sell them. However, she doesn’t have as many tabs as Sam. Meaning, the players have more options to sell more stuff like logs to Sam. While global audiences do not know if these two characters are the only individuals who buy or sell things, folks will need to wait for further updates.

Remember though, this family-oriented title will hopefully arrive in late October, but only Nintendo 3DS owners can acquire this farming simulator video game. For more information about the preorder bonus, check out GameStop’s page.

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