League of Legends to Update and Alter Lore

By Michael Elliott – 5th September 2014
League of Legends to Update and Alter Lore

League of Legends is starting to get huge, as you may have noticed, and is blowing the eSports community into a whole new level; even providing skilled players scholarships! With all the new press and opportunities League of Legends players are getting, it’s safe to assume that the game will see an influx of new players.

Following this trend, Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has announced that they are going to rewrite, or completely eliminate, a majority of the lore. This is actually a process that has been ongoing, and the developers commented on the lore changes by stating that “The background we’d created to explain in-game action was ultimately restricting the potential narrative development of the game’s defining characters.” The team wants to bring a more powerful narrative tale to the story, which is impossible in current conditions.

Riot Games has said that, while most players do just hop in the game to battle other players, hardcore fans, such as the cosplayers, form deep connections with the champions and the universe. Originally, like most multiplayer based games, the story was basically created in order to explain why players were attacking one another, known as a “tournament IP.” To fix this problem, the team is expanding upon story related to the league, and even lore outside of the league, elaborating on the history of the League of Legends universe.

League of Legends Champions Clashing.

Uhm…Why are we fighting?

The goal, says Christina Norman, Lead Designer at Riot Games, is to create a foundation. She also announced that this does not mean that League of Legends will be made into a movie necessarily, saying that they could move on to produce “other things” related to the League of Legends Universe, such as novels or comics.

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You might be irrelevant soon!

However, the team isn’t completely throwing out all of its old work. Norman compared the lore changes to popular super hero reboots, where the history is cherished and honored, and characters and stories are rewritten to be better, but still recognizable. The team has promised to be careful to honor and keep what they can, but ultimately aim to broaden the story in an organic, and well-written way that can support future installments to the series.

What do you think about the plan to reboot the League of Legends lore? Will you welcome the changes, or resist them? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below! And be sure to keep up with us at GamerHeadlines.com or on twitter @Gamer_Headlines for all the latest and greatest video game and technological news!