GamerGate: An Honest Look At How It Affects Average Gamers (Video)

By Erwin Murillo – 2nd September 2014
GamerGate: An Honest Look At How It Affects Average Gamers (Video)

In light of recent events, I took it upon myself to record a shoddy, low-quality webcam video detailing how GamerGate affects the average gamer.

You can watch it below:

An Honest Look At GamerGate

Still more lines than Ryan Gosling. I deserve an Oscar.

Yes, it’s a joke. But honestly, there have already been a number of great articles on that explore recent video game industry events, such as GamerGate, the Quinntaku scandal, misogyny, feminism, and harassment. I figured I might as well explore how all of this affects the average gamer.

(Note: You can read the aforementioned articles written by the lovely GamerHeadlines staff by clicking on their name – Samual, Sarah, and Patrick).

Not everyone is steeped in the “politics” of the video game industry, and not everyone has to be. I’ve stated it before, but video games is about having fun, either by yourself or with friends. Individuals who consider themselves to be gamers can choose whether to merely be a consumer of the video game industry, or become an active member of the gaming community.

It’s their prerogative, not yours, not anyone elses.

Don’t be mistaken. What happens in the video game industry, and how it affects the gaming community is important, but honestly, taking a stance is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to align with one side or the other. Some people just want to come home from the end of a rough work day, sit down, and play their favorite video game. And I can understand and relate to that.

This ain't a video game...

With all the recent world events (ISIS, etc) happening around us, the stuff going on in the games industry almost seems trivial. It’s not, but in the whole scheme of things, it can definitely seem that way.

Yes, misogyny is a problem…but it’s not exclusive to the world of video games.

Yes, corruption of journalism happens, but it’s not limited to the world of video games.

And yes, people everywhere get harassed every day, but it’s not limited to the world of video games. All of these things happen outside the gaming-sphere as well, but the fact that it’s happening in an industry we’re passionate about can get us gamers pretty riled up.

However, video games are designed as an escape from the problems of the real world, not about dragging them into the game with you.

Look at it this way, there is a time for everything. But right now, I simply don’t want to bother with GamerGate, Zoe blah, harassblahh, or Anita Sarblahblah.

I just want to sit down at my computer desk with a steaming hot cup of black coffee, put on my headset, and play some damn video games.


That’s my computer desk…I’m lying.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that sometimes people just need to relax and play video games, instead of getting caught up in relevant events (if just for a little while)? Or do you think that gaming is becoming more and more socially relevant, to the point that events in the game world may affect other industries? Do you care about GamerGate? Let me know in the comment section below.

Yes, this is an opinion piece. Treat it as such. My body is ready, and I have donned some flame armor. I hope it’s not necessary, but I have done so regardless.

As always, stay tuned to for the latest in video game and technology news.

Erwin Murillo

Erwin Murillo is a graduate of Union University. He has a Bachelor's of Science degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Exercise Science and Wellness/Sports Medicine, and is currently enrolled at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Occupational Therapy Program. As buff as he is nerdy, you can find him either throwing around iron in the gym, or working on his latest video game article...sometimes both. Follow him on Twitter @DesertFoxJr or email him at [email protected].

  • Totheendofsin


    haha but seriously this is something I wish people would understand. I’m on the ‘pro-gamer’ side of this whole thing, but not everyone is going to want to bother with this whole mess, and with good reason because it’s a big goddamn mess

    • Haha, what you say is true. Like I said, there’s a time and place for everything. Sometimes I just want to play a quick game of Titanfall, other times I’m in debates with fellow gamers about the current game industry situation.

      Sometimes I think people forget to play the video games they’re busy arguing about.

      • tetrisdork

        I like your honesty. I’m on the “pro-gamer” side as well and agree with Totheendofsin. It’s every single high school cliche/stereotype problem rolled into a gigantic burrito.

        BTW, enjoyed the article. I am loving this site more and more.

        • I appreciate it! I’m also glad you enjoyed the article and the site. That’s really good to hear.

          I’m not neutral on this issue, but I wanted to remind gamers that while current game industry events are important in a variety of ways, we may be forgetting to do what we love…play video games.

  • Jalane Farrington

    Nice desktop. Yeah, I wouldn’t get into the fuss when I have a nice gaming station like that. However, I still want a television mounted on the wall for an epic experience.

    On a serious note, there are people who do want to change the industry for the better from their own mindset, but going about on how to make these changes is what makes folk differentiate in opinions. For starters, some folks aim for a reformation for females depicted in video games. Others want to have an industry that’s set for equality. Another group desire new standards or a unification toward journalism in video games.

    Personally, these general ideas don’t seem so bad from a distance, but how some folks approach these subjects with others who feel passionately about the same topic can create friction, especially when high or low standards aren’t met. Though folks have specific reasons why they tend to isolate certain individuals, I understand that need to rant, vent, and complain for something worth of personal value.

    However, some ideologies cannot always come, especially when the best leaders for these movements do not attempt to do something on their own. Yes, everyone is going to stumble at times, be picked out from the crowd for not ‘doing it right’, but eventually, folks can appreciate and eventually admire someone who recovers from the mistakes to produce something in a way that reflects what both the community wants and accepts as well as the individual’s desire. Honestly, these leaders can be the readers who are reading this article or this particular message. Remember this, “It doesn’t matter when you start or how long it takes, as long as you finish.”

    • All well thought out points.I think we, as a gaming population, are taking steps in the right direction. It may be a long road, but at least we’re going the right way.

      • Jalane Farrington

        Yeah. I don’t think I can bring any contributions at my current state, but I believe as you mention that there is a time and place for everything. Therefore, I believe that some individuals in the gaming community can contribute in moving these discussions into changes in the gaming industry, etc. Sometimes, we need those pitfalls in order to see a clear difference. As such, I’m glad that there are folks in the gaming population who are taking steps for a positive direction.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    Haha, that video. Great article man

  • Ben (Broken)

    You’re a beautiful person,Erwin. A gamer in the purest form. My life for you!

    • Hahaha, not sure if you’re serious or mocking me, or both. Either way, thanks : ) I appreciate it.

  • Guardian

    Demand more shirtless gaming coverage! :]

    This is exactly what I am right now. I’ve wasted too much time on this. I’ve got Civ, Gundam, more Skyrim, various fighting games, 2 MMOs, and Destiny right around the corner.

    “Ain’t nobody got time fo that!”

    • If it’s not shirtless, it’s worthless :) Haha, I kid. But hey, it’s comfortable.

      I’m right there with you. I’ve got some many games in my Steam library I’ve been itching to play, but I’ve been writing too many articles on this stuff. I just wanna relax and get some good ole game time in.

  • JohnnyAppleseed

    “That’s my computer desk…I’m lying.” For a second I was so jealous lol.

  • JohnnyAppleseed

    I hate these filthy neutrals. With enemies, you know where they stand, but with neutrals? Who knows.. It sickens me!

    • Not saying I’m neutral. Just that I want to play video games at the moment, instead of getting into heated debates over the people and companies behind them : )

      • Stormrider

        I think its just a Futurama quote rather than a comment about your stance.

        Either that or he is about to crash a spaceship into your planet.

        • Oh it is? Haha, my bad. I don’t much too much of Futurama, so I didn’t catch the reference. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Stormrider

      Rock breaks scissors. But paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper! Kiff: we have a conundrum. Search them for paper… and bring me a rock.

  • Stormrider

    You are 100% right.

    You are not responsible for the actions of the community or the industry. If you want to keep your head down and concentrate on gaming good on you. That should be what it is about.

    There does seem to be a double standard with the way some (I stress some) feminists want all gamers to condemn and somehow take responsibility for the actions of a few.
    The thing I find Ironic is that a lot of feminists loudly proclaim that generalising against women is wrong (they are correct it is) but those same people will in the next sentence they will condemn gamers as a misogynist group.

    • Yeah, I can definitely see what you’re coming from.

      Like I said it’s a choice you have to make as a participant in this industry. Either side you pick for, against, or neutral, just don’t forget to play the very games you’re fighting for, haha.

  • Maharaja Crawford

    Im sorry but I couldn’t focus on your article after seeing that computer desk!
    But I highly doubt you’ll catch any flames for this I believe the gamer blogs are pushing narritive more than the reality of it.

    • You’re probably right, haha. Yeah, that computer set up is niiice.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    It’s a 100 billion dollar industry. Corruption is NOT trivial.

    • DId not say it was trivial, I said in the scheme of current worldwide events outside of gaming, it SEEMS trivial. Trust me when I say I am not neutral on these issues, I just wanted to remind gamers to play games.

  • PA Rao

    Good call. I wasted a lot of time digging into all the perspectives and details about this story, only to realize, I don’t care. All the people involved are people I’ve never heard of before, and have no involvement in any major game company. This all escalated from some middle school drama in a niche indie gamer scene that is irrelevant to 99% of video gamers. The blogs calling for the “end of gamers” and what not are just sensationalist headlines.

    • All I’m going to say is that I believe it’s an important time to be a gamer, and I’ll stick to my journalistic guns (and my video game guns) (and my real guns) no matter what.

  • TheLoneFondler

    Exactly. Its not that hard to understand. “There’s a time and place for everything. It’s their prerogative, not yours, not anyone elses.”

  • Edward Hayes

    I agree as well, There is a time and a place for every thing and also
    everyone in that moment of time and always will be ever more so, thus
    mentioned in the video above and by poster TheLoneFondler as well,
    Though I also find that this to be a highly commemorative article,
    that has been well thought of and typed up; So there for I say and am
    hopefully able to recommend this NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL NONSCENCE

  • Berth Ljunggren

    Since i live in Sweden i never heard of gamergate before :) but you see it mentioned a lot on twitter.

    Good video by the way :)