GamerGate: The Escapist Magazine’s forums affected by DDoS attacks (Updated)

By Erwin Murillo – 20th September 2014
GamerGate: The Escapist Magazine’s forums affected by DDoS attacks (Updated)

Update #2: The DDoS attacks have resumed. will be shutting down forums temporarily while they work on a fix.

If any other details surface relevant to the situation, this article will be updated accordingly.

Update: The DDoS attacks on The Escapist Magazine have apparently stopped for the time being.

See Alexander Macris’ latest tweet regarding the matter below:

The original story is below.

According to a tweet made by The Escapist Magazine co-founder, Alexander Macris, a DDoS attack is “currently underway” against’s forums, specifically the GamerGate forum thread.

You can see Alexander Macris’ particular tweet and read more details after the break.

The Escapist Magazine’s GamerGate Forums DDoS Attack

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

This story is still developing as the DDoS attacks on have just recently been reported (not 15 minutes ago at the time of this writing).

Apparently, the DDoS attacks are in response to the GamerGate threads on the website’s forums.

This article will be updated with the appropriate information as soon as relevant information surfaces.

What are your thoughts on individuals targeting GamerGate supporters/The Escapist Magazine with DDoS attacks?

Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to for the latest in video games and technology news.

Source: Alexander Macris’ Twitter account

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  • Patrick Toworfe

    It begins…this is by far the LEAST subtle thing that’s happened. I ain’t pointing any fingers, quite frankly these are probably some independent douchebag trolls. By my god, if they aren’t trying to send a message.

  • Glad somebody got on this, attacking a site like Escapist is entirely counter-intuative. They’ve represented a fantastic middle-ground in this incredibly volatile climate, sticking firmly to their principles whilst still recognising the concerns of many GGers and revising their own ethical standpoint.

    • raze2012

      What’s the point of this anyway? It’s like those “Gamers are over” BS weeks ago. We’re not just gonna sleek off into a corner because they tell us to. The forums are going to come back up tomorrow, and we’re going to be (civilly) pissed.

      The fires will rise

  • fuzzb3nder

    Guess you guys really pissed off those SJWs, that’s what you get for being in favor of and providing a platform for free-speech, HOW DARE YOU!!

  • SnakeTrousers

    Is there anything to suggest who did this? Beyond speculation, I mean?

    • Not yet, most new information is being fed through Twitter although it’s a slow stream at the moment.

    • Yeah, as Sarah said, nothing as of yet. Will update as info emerges though.

  • Gavin Fawley

    So Childish. What do anti-GamerGate people hope to accomplish with such antics? Interrupt conversations on a web forum for a few hours? That’s not going to stop people from speaking out. And it just shows how desperate they are to get the truth to stop spreading.

    Much respect to Escapist for standing up to these bullies.

    • My sentiments exactly. They’re going into full on damage control (sort of).

    • Lars Anderson

      Just gonna make people more resolved.

    • Ajt

      It is literally terrorist behavior. It is to make an example of Tito and Macris “see next time we tell any of you to censor a thread you do so, or things get broken”. It is to communicate that it is easier and less painful to sites and media to acquiesce to the Ideologues demands than it is to stand up and resist them.

  • UpperCaseT

    Nobody gains anything from this. Any group dumb enough to claim responsibility pretty much taints any point they want to make

  • EdgyDude

    Gee, I wonder who would want to take down this info. Also, Jim Sterling is useless when it comes to anything related to GamerGate, feminism or gender issues in games, he rants endlessly about no female characters but sure has been playing Poland real well in all this kerfuffle.

    • uanime5

      I know, Jim was originally going to claim that Quinn wasn’t a bad person for offering sex for good reviews because sex “isn’t a commodity”. I suspect that Jim has been so stressed out over Gamergate because he’s so deeply involved in it. That would explain why he accused anyone who asked Zoey Quinn for proof of her claims of “victim blaming”.

  • kerwyn

    this whole thing has gotten so stupid it hurts

    it’s still kinda funny at least

  • ReynTime

    I doubt the people doing this are being affected in any way by GamerGate. Like the occasional “pro-GamerGate” people on twitter calling for the rape and murder of journalists, they’re probably people who just want to frame one side and make them look bad.

  • Lars Anderson

    Can these cretins stoop any lower? Holy hell, they sure can’t stand an opposing view.

    • Mr0303

      Well for years no one opposed them. They were not competing with each other and formed the giant clique. Now that we exposed that we see their built in arrogance thinking that they are an authority when saying that gamers are dead and that they “are journalism” .

  • Rosalina

    Add this to the list os crap done. Oh and while you’re at it the guy that coined @notyourshield got fired by an sjw that calling his workplace.

    • Lars Anderson

      Really? You have a link to confirm?

      • Topgeartony

        He actually linked the email pic. I’m sure you can find it with little ease. I’ve seen it myself.

    • Ajt

      Apparently an SJW called his workplace and claimed he was a Pedophile. Lovely. Remember folks “the ends justify the means!” Disgusting.

    • Jesus Christ really? Is there like some specific tweet or post about this somewhere, that’s horrible.

    • Rosalina

      Latest thing i found out is someone sent Milo of Breitbart a Syringe filled with unknown liquid. Well so now they start to appear more like anything but for social justice.

  • Cadmus14

    The publisher tweeted he will continue to let the GamerGate discussion happen in the forums. The tech team just have to mop up the mess.

  • Topgeartony

    Cowards. It’s just like what GG and /v/ were doing when this first started. The scales have tipped. Gamergate is winning, they are becoming the thing they claim to fight against.

    Demand an opinion from the escapist employees, they should have at least something to say, the very movement people like Moviebob claim to stand for are attacking their platform, they obviously can’t take this laying down.

    We have evidence they are targeting GG threads so we know who the attackers are.

    • Kurt H

      Except that the attack seemed to target all threads with GamerGate in the title, including those started by and mainly populated by anti-GG people. It’s not a surgical enough attack to say for sure who did it. Technically, it could be pro-GG people trying to false flag the antis. We really have no evidence either way at this point.

      • Topgeartony

        It seems my reply to you got deleted.

        It’s not a good sign. I’m saying I doubt GG would come this far only to spill thier spaghetti.

        I also think Something Awful are behind some of this. Their FYAD is quite telling of that.

  • Jorge Cervera

    SJWs are Cowards, they close 4chan and now The Escapist, Zoe Quinn and hipster friends are behind this, like they did with The Fine Young Capitalist, but censorship will make GamerGate stronger.

    • Topgeartony

      We need to actually catch them with their hand in the cookie jar. As damming and hard as this evidence (as well as the torrent of other evidence) is, the amount of support and sites willing to fight for them and brush this shit off can and will try to deflect this as well.

      I’m compiling all the evidence on both sides and putting it out there beyond Twitter. We need to keep the pressure on , they are showing their true colors. They are not much different from what they claim we are.

      • Lars Anderson

        I think you mean hands in the nookie jar. This is Quinn we are talking about.

        • Topgeartony

          We don’t need to resort to that kind of thing. She is being used just as much as she is doing the using.

    • Passafist

      Honestly, do we actually know who is responsible? It’s dumb whoever did it. But we should be very careful in pointing the finger at one side or the other. I mean, you had people like Lulzsec a couple years back that were DDOS’ing anyone they felt like just for the hell of it. But jumping in and calling a specific group of people cowards is premature at this point.

  • anon

    The Streisand Effect in action. The only reason this has gone on for as long as it has is because with every effort made to ignore/change the narrative/censor people/or cover things up… it just makes more people interested in what’s going on. If they keep this up they’ll have way more on their plate than they can handle and advertisers are going to start making phonecalls.

  • NuclearKangaroo

    i frequet that site, damn bullies

    but people, do not fall under the fallacy that all that oppose GG are like this, you would be no better than those who accuse us of misogyny

    • Totheendofsin

      We don’t even know if it was an anti GG person, it could have been a third party trying to stir up shit or a rogue GG supporter attempting a false flag

      • Brit Bong

        It’s not just this ddos attack.
        A couple of notyourshield posters were doxxed and either threatened or, in one case, lost their job.

        Even with that considered, what you are saying is true.

        The same could be said of any of the extremist actions made by horrible people during this event.

        This action is no more a representation of anti-gamergate thinking than the actions of people ddos’ing and doxxing anti-gamergate posters is representative of pro-gamergate thinking.

        It’s one of those situations where we should, whatever side we’re on, stand together and denounce the actions of asshats together.

  • Hendrickson

    Is it the LizardSquad douchebags again?

  • kingdo goodbomber

    These attacks are childish. Childish Internet games. Nobody really cares. And that is how they will be perceived unless you hit the industry where it hurts, the bottom line.

    As gamers we need to speak with our wallet. Boycott the video game industry in Q4 and besides AdBlock, don’t visit sites that have contempt for their readers. Advertisers have already spent millions, so scorch the earth and watch them burn.

  • SoundMatch

    This is criminal and should be stopped immediately. How do they get away with this shit?! There should be a law in every countries that works towards transparency and that no one can be held accountable by the law!