Free and unlimited SMS with Talkatone

By Adam Willis – 4th September 2014
Free and unlimited SMS with Talkatone

Talkatone is a program that is available for android mobile devices and can be used to turn your phone into an Internet communication device that uses Wi-Fi connection via cellular data. You also get a free phone number in the US as well as free and unlimited SMS messages. Talk time is the only mobile app that has this many features and is unique in offering free SMS messages for its users .

Benefits for users

This device program is great for mobile users as it offers a wide array of free features that involve connecting with other individuals throughout out the world. The program is great for those individuals who need a way which to communicate over long distances in a way which is free and simple. Talk time does this effectively and gives you a unique US number which you can use as your phone number when contacting individuals. Those who use the program get a selection of free services, such as outgoing minutes every month, as well as an unlimited amount of calls via the talk time network from anywhere within the world. Individuals also have the ability to turn their android tablet device into a mobile phone by the talk time application.


Talkatone is the new communication program that is set to overtake other popular programs such as Skype as the leading way in which to contact individuals throughout the world. The program is easy-to-use and offers many free services to the user. The program is extremely useful for individuals when they do not have cellular access as they can use Wi-Fi to send text messages and make calls. As an additional feature users also have the ability of connecting their Facebook account to their talk time profile and can connect with individuals via these applications. If you are after a cutting-edge communication program which is better than Skype, then look no further than talkatone.