Under the Dog Producer said a Video Game is Possible

By Jalane Farrington – 4th September 2014
Under the Dog Producer said a Video Game is Possible

Creative Intelligence Arts and Project Phoenix are acquiring a tremendous push from supporters across the globe on their indie project called Under the Dog; this one video animation (OVA) will contain 24 minutes about Anthea Kallenberg, a gifted high school girl who must complete assassinations successfully to prevent the death of her loved ones. While the story is written by Imabikiso’s visual novel writer Jiro Ishii, several gaming veterans including anime ones are collaborating together to work on this one production, which is relaying heavily on funds from a donation website known as KickStarter since August 8, 2014. After the Hiroaki Yura’s post on reddit’s AMA from last night, the Under the Dog has received a huge increase of donations, but what’s drawing in this amazing push before the deadline in less then three days? 


Mr. Hiroaki Yura

As mentioned earlier, this team is desperate to obtain finances in order to successfully complete their targeted $580,000 USA dollars campaign. Hence forth, the founder of Creative Intelligence Arts and producer for this project, Hiroaki Yura, has unexpectedly announced last night that he will answer numerous questions from interested spectators at a reddit’s AMA thread. Here’s how he introduced himself to the audiences:

“I’m Hiroaki Yura, Producer of the anime Under the Dog and Director/Producer of the JRPG video game, Project Phoenix. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many AAA game titles like Diablo III, SOULCALIBUR V, Valkyria Chronicles and anime like The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and the Steins;Gate movie. Last month, my team of animators, writers and designers and I launched an independent anime project called “Under the Dog” where we’re aiming to revive the freedom of creation for animators by funding it through Kickstarter.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support from our backers for Under the Dog and I really look forward to answering some of your questions about Project Phoenix or any of my past projects! So with that… AMA!”

At 10:30 PM at EST, many folks flooded the thread with several inquires and statements. Some comments complimented his musical career, asked about his personal interest, and wished him good luck in his future endeavors. Yet, others posted some really good questions like the number of females who are apart of the team. (Note: For those who were curious about this inquiry: he mentions one woman, but he also states that they’re not looking into balancing the gender in the work-space because they are searching for ‘talent’.) In the midst of answering questions, he was able to reply to The Gamer Headline’s question about a possibility of a video game if this campaign was successful.

“Yes, I do want to make UTD a game… if this is all successful!

We actually have a high level game design document already muahahahaha!”

-Hiroaki Yura

With his response, the gaming community has another reason to support this large production. Right now, they have reached 96% in completion. Basically, they have acquired $559,091. That’s a 18% higher rate since yesterday’s 9% difference. Therefore, they’re running closer to the finish line! Will readers greet them as they cross the mark?

For more details about this heroine’s story or team members, please visit the official page for this campaign.

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