The Dark Phantom: Third-Person Shooter Inspired By Sin City

By Steve Schell – 3rd September 2014
The Dark Phantom: Third-Person Shooter Inspired By Sin City

“I don’t fear death. The moment I realize who I am, I’ll embrace it with open arms, but until that day, I’ll fight.” – The Dark Phantom

Inspired by the likes of Sin City and Constantine, The Dark Phantom narrates a neo-noir story with a marvelous dark and comic style atmosphere that is set in a city infested with crime. A project still in development by PardisGame Studio, The Dark Phantom is their attempt to create an indie game where the main focus is on a quality, standard gameplay and not an attempt on implementing new game mechanics.

The Dark Phantom has a very comic book feel to it, with a strong focus on memorable characters and an engaging story. “One of our main priorities was story,” PardisGame Studio said in a press release. “We were always fascinated by believable heroes, so we put a lot of effort to make our hero’s motivations, believable for the audience.”

The Dark Phantom Story

Players take on the role of The Dark Phantom who, after a strange accident in the past, lost his memory and is now seeking the light in the darkness. When the world becomes infested with criminals and is turning into a worthless place, The Dark Phantom rises from the shadows to be the hero who becomes the  nightmares of criminals, all the while trying to discover his dark past.

The Dark Phantom

The Dark Phantom is a 3D third-person shooter that really pays homage to the genre. Borrowing key features from various AAA titles, The Dark Phantom offers destructible environments, motion blur, depth of field and lens flare. These features allow for a more immersive environment.

The Dark Phantom is still in development and has no talks of a release date. A Kickstarter was recently launched for the game and offers a variety of incentives for backers. The Dark Phantom is expected to be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

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