Anita Sarkeesian dealing with federal authorities after receiving death threats (Updated)

By Erwin Murillo – 12th September 2014
Anita Sarkeesian dealing with federal authorities after receiving death threats (Updated)

Major Update:

In regards to previously reported information, Milo Yiannopoulos has had another conversation with the San Francisco Police Department, during which it was revealed that “the Sarkeesian case’ is indeed being dealt with by the FBI.

Yiannopoulos stated the following (via his Twitter feed):

“I’ve just another conversation with SFPD. They say they are aware that the Sarkeesian case is being dealt with by the FBI. They don’t have records of calls made in August, which may or may not be because the case was handed off to federal agencies. I’ll follow up with the FBI later, but, irrespective of the merits of her complaints, Anita Sarkeesian is indeed dealing with the FBI.

You can see his initial tweet below:

If clicked, the above tweet directs to the full conversation.

It seems as though the SFPD may not have any records of Sarkeesian because her complaints were handed off to the proper federal agencies.

However, that is the only information revealed by Yiannopoulos. As such, no further speculation would be appropriate at this time.

This article will be updated further if, or when additional information surfaces.

The original story is below.


The source for the following comes from Davis Aurini’s website,, specifically this article.

At the end of his piece, Aurini requests that readers support a documentary he is working on related to Anita Sarkeesian (The Sarkeesian Effect – Inside the World of Social Justice Warriors) by way of Patreon.

However, the article you are reading now is merely reporting on what his investigation revealed, and is not in support of or against his other projects.

This article is a follow-up to my “Anita Sarkeesian Received Rape And Death Threats On Twitter, Authorities Alerted” article, and, as previously stated, is in no way a smear piece towards/in support of any of the parties involved.

In the wake of the supposed death threats towards media critic and Feminist Frequency creator, Anita Sarkeesian, on August 26th, 2014, many members of the gaming community were skeptical of her response, and of the death threats themselves.

While the threats were not the first to be directed at Sarkeesian, they were indeed the most disturbing, seemingly lending credence to her accusations of rampant misogyny in video game culture and industry.

You can see a screencap of the unsavory tweets below:

Anita Sarkeesian death threats

Click here to see a larger version of the screenshot.

As previously mentioned, many individuals were highly skeptical of the threats due to the fact that they were sent near the release of her latest video in the “Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games” series, and her request for financial support immediately following them.

Also, many were suspicious of when the screencap of the threats was taken, which was taken less than 20 seconds after the last tweet.

A couple of days after the incident, Anita Sarkeesian posted the following on Twitter:

Anita Sarkeesian Tweets

Naturally, a man known as “Bill” took it upon himself to do some investigating, and discovered that the San Francisco Police Department had no clue in regards to Anita Sarkeesian’s claims.

You can see that particular post here.

Furthermore, another individual, Davis Aurini, decided to dig a bit deeper and get in contact with Albie Esparza, San Francisco Police Department’s Media Relations officer. What Aurini found out is quite intriguing.

You can see his video, and a transcript of the conversation below:

Anita Sarkeesian – The Sarkeesian Effect



Aurini: I’m calling about an incident which occurred in your district on August 26th to a Miss Anita Sarkeesian; she is a prominent cultural critic who received a number of death threats over Twitter, which wound up driving her out of her own home. This has been reported throughout the gaming media, as well as in other mainstream sources such as the LA Times, and The Telegraph-

Esparza: I’m very familiar with the case… the incident. There’s nothing, there’s no record of any incident occurring on the 28th of August [Ed: this would be the date that she reported it, the 26th is when she received the tweets]. I’ve been trying to reach her for the past two days. If you have a way to contact this person and ask them for a case number, we’d appreciate that. There’s no record from our dispatch centre that I called and asked. There’s no record of any report being taken. So, when I saw her tweets it says “authorities”; Anita should make sure she reports to the San Fran police how she did this because there’s no record.

Aurini: She said the officers told her she should stop doing her cultural commentary if she was receiving threats – is this the sort of thing that you would say to a victim of harassment?

Esparza: No, but that’s hearsay. That’s third party information, so I’m not going to speculate on whether or not that was said, but we wouldn’t say that to someone.

Aurini: Would that possibly be disciplinary action, if an officer were to say such a thing?

Esparza: We’re not going to talk about hypothetical situations because that would be hearsay. There’s no record of that incident occurring, so I’m not going to speculate. It’s inappropriate to make comments on that.

Aurini: I have some colleagues who have received harassment in other districts, and the police there recommended that they not respond it, or discuss it online, once the investigations has begun. Is that your department’s policy, and if not, what advice would you give to somebody who was receiving threats?

Esparza: If somebody receives a threat – and we’re talking specifically online: text messaging, twitter, email, that type of stuff – it’s important to document it. So they should somehow save – either a text message or an email or a tweet – if they can capture that and bring it to the police station as evidence, that would be booked. It’s very important that they document it, as long as can do so safely. It’s very important because, again, if they don’t do it and this continues, you never know what can happen. At least document it, if the person has any leads we will do our best, we take it seriously when somebody makes threats against someone’s life, so we would ask that they file a report, bring the evidence, so we can initiate an investigation.

Aurini: Would your department handle online harassment, or is this the sort of thing that you would pass on to the FBI or somebody else?

Esparza: Well, certainly it depends on the nature of the threat. Typically, for a threat our department would handle it. If it’s anything more significant – as far as maybe local domestic terrorism, that kind of stuff – it would move to the FBI or federal agents, but typically the city would handle it.

Aurini: If it was an online anonymous account – we don’t know who the person is, it’s a fake account – would you possibly pass that on because it’s not a local issue, such as a domestic violence issue between a local couples

Esparza: We would certainly investigate it if we feel that it’s something that is happening on a larger scale, we would share with our regional partners or even federal agents. Every case is an individual and the needs are different, but typically it’s something [garbled] it would be shared amongst our law enforcement partners.

Aurini: You said you were trying to get a hold of Ms. Sarkeesian because you’ve never heard of it? You would like the case number that she would have received if she reported it as she claims?

Esparza: Right, so I do have a report for Ms. Sarkeesian was a victim of threats as well, but this was back in March of this year. So that’s the only record I found. But there’s nothing as of yet for August.

[~20 seconds of audio redacted; Anita’s contact information was mentioned]

Esparza: The things it says on her tweets, she reports “authorities” but there are multiple police agencies in San Francisco, so I want to make sure she reported the harassment to the local police, and I did call the local precinct where she lives, they don’t have any records of an investigation with her name currently. The only thing that came up in my system was a case from March of this year.

Aurini: So you are the public representative for the entire San Francisco area? All of the districts within?

Esparza: San Francisco PD, yes.

Additionally, Twitter user, @Nero (also known as Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos), has been conducting a similar investigation into Anita Sarkeesian’s death threat incident, and has posted the following tweets (listed in chronological order):

Yiannopoulus has also stated the following:

“On Monday morning I’ll be submitting a FOIA request to the FBI, to see what, if anything, they’ve discussed with Sarkeesian.

FOIA stands for “Freedom of Information Act.” You can see what it entails below (from

“The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.”

It will be interesting to see what information the FOIA request reveals.

Author’s Take:

Now, a pertinent question would be, “What if Anita Sarkeesian didn’t report the death threat incident to the local (San Francisco) police department, but the FBI instead?” However, that would be another article entirely.

If what Esparza, the SFPD’s Media Relations officer, says is true, then what exactly is going on? Did Anita Sarkeesian fabricate the entire thing only to gain media attention or financial support for herself? Or is this some major communication breakdown?

What can be said, regardless of the situation, is that what the gaming industry (and culture) truly needs right now is transparency and integrity. It doesn’t matter who you are. Game journalist, reporter, developer, publisher, programmer, et cetera. It’s irrelevant. If you are going to voluntarily be part of an industry that relies primarily on its community for financial support and interactive feedback, honesty and forthrightness will do wonders for both sides of the party.

As for this Anita Sarkeesian situation, you can be sure that this won’t be the last you hear about it. I’ll update this article accordingly if, or when relevant information surfaces. Hell, if the the above information (or any article I publish that touches on hot-button topics based on outside sources) turns out to be fake or unreliable, I’ll take that shit right down.

But I believe readers are interested in this type of information. I’ll leave it up to you to read, digest, and subsequently form your own interpretations of current video game industry/culture events.

With that said, let me know what you think about this information. Have your own theories? I’d love to hear them. Got flaming hate to throw at me? I’m ready. Whatever it may be, you can be assured I’ll stick to my guns to the end.

That last bit may have been a little heavy handed, and a tad bit too cheesy, right? Fuggit.

I leave you with the words of the great Harry Waters (acted masterfully by Ralph Fiennes in Martin McDonagh’s film, In Bruges):

Anita Sarkeesian, got to stick to your principles

Erwin Murillo

Erwin Murillo is a graduate of Union University. He has a Bachelor's of Science degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Exercise Science and Wellness/Sports Medicine, and is currently enrolled at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Occupational Therapy Program. As buff as he is nerdy, you can find him either throwing around iron in the gym, or working on his latest video game article...sometimes both. Follow him on Twitter @DesertFoxJr or email him at [email protected].

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  • Billy the Squid

    Well here’s to hoping that it’s true! We all knew she was an opportunist and a liar, but the game publications at large were happy to hold her up as something to admire and shame everyone who criticized her.

    Let’s hope that this is correct and we can now rub their face in it, when they bring it up as a way to tell people how awful they are for harassing a woman. As if we didn’t already know it was bad, most of us are in our 20’s and 30’s with girlfriends, wives and even children in some cases.

    • In GTAV, my girlfriend is the one who is usually harassing the in-game women. What does that say about misogyny in video games? :p Haha. I jest, my friend.

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        Haha, well they’re certainly not all damsels in distress. I just finished playing Destiny with my girlfriend and at times she swears more than I do when everything is going tits up on the harder missions!

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    Thank you for putting this out there. I sent like 20 requests for other sites to do some correction or fact checking. Most of them did not contact anyone.

    • You’re welcome, haha. I did some research, and figured some GH readers would find it interesting.

      And seeing as I was the one who wrote the original piece detailing the death threat incident, I felt it would be beautifully ironic to write the piece that may debunk the claims made in my first article.

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    Note that she mentions the POLICE, not the feds in that tweet. She’s going to have a hell of a time spinning that.

    • What a tangled web we weave…

    • Mr0303

      She is a chronic liar and I think she can’t stop herself. Sooner or later this was bound to happen.

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    I am happy to see you actually accepted the facts and presented them just as they came. I hope more journalist our there could accept their mistakes like you and speak the truth like they are supposed to do.

    • Like I said, gotta stick to your guns.

      Or as the great Ralph Fiennes said in “In Bruges:”

    • Like I said, gotta stick to your guns :)

  • I’m really just going to echo everyone else’s statements here and thank you for presenting the facts as we currently understand them. If more sites were willing to show this kind of objective journalism we probably wouldn’t be in this mess, right now.

    • I’d give you two thumbs up for your wonderful remark, but both my hands are too busy wiping tears of happiness from my face.

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        • Thank you once again.
          And I shall do what you say, however, the support of those who read my articles far exceeds any self-praise I can give to myself (and honestly, I don’t really deserve it. Just a gamer who loves gaming, and all that that entails).

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    • Thanks for your support :) No one is above anyone, especially in the games industry. In fact, writers and “game journalists” exist to serve you, the readers, by doing their best to bring credible, sourced information to the forefront.

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    Great job on reporting this at least there’s one site that’s actually doing real journalism for a change. Hopefully it turns out to be true just because this way all the people who did back her up will look like morons for supporting a con-artist.

    • Thanks a ton : )

      Apparently, there’s a firestorm going on in regards to Zoe Quinn’s “Depression Quest” “donations” and this Anita Sarkeesian news on Twitter/4chan. So it’s looking to be pretty grounded in fact. I’ll try to find a link and post it here or when I update the article.

  • Just letting all the readers know that the article has been updated with another source that backs up previously reported information. Let me know what you think!

    • Brad Donald

      I should point out me and Milo compared our emails we both got from the SFPD to make sure they were legit before he ran his on twitter.

      • Awesome to know. Verifies that!

        Are you @Brad_D80 on Twitter? I just ran through Milo’s tweets to check and saw a response from him to that handle. And with your name, it just makes sense.

  • UpperCaseT

    Reporting things that happened and letting people come up with their own conclusions.

    It sounds so easy. Why can’t more journalists do it?

    *sidenote* gamerheadlines has been my go-to site ever since I stopped going to destructoid, and you guys have yet to do anything to make me regret that.

    • Game journalists like to put an opinion or some similar type of “spin” when they write articles.

      And while there is a place for that in regards some types of news, when such a sensitive/hot-button topic is reported on, it must be done so based on credible, primary sources.

      Even I’m guilty of it sometimes, but I aimed not to do so on this one (and other related pieces). Working on it though :)

      Oh, and thank you for the kind words!

  • Jalane Farrington

    Ouch! She shot herself in the foot now. She’s going to need to do some explaining, or someone else will do it for her.

    • Time will tell, Jalane.

    • Ray

      Precisely, Jalane. If she’s faked something, she needs to try to retake the narrative; step up, do the right thing, and admit she falsified this. Explain her reasons why. Be honest and let the public determine if she should continue her work, or step aside and let someone else carry on.

      • Jalane Farrington

        Yeah. Unfortunately, admitting one’s public mistake is going to be a hard and an emotional road that she will have to endure by herself by reestablishing credibility among her fans and potential employers. Although she could be quiet about it, she cannot cover her burden any longer when other people start to stack creditable evidences against her. Yet, being silent is also humiliating as well.

        • RX

          It’s really disheartening because she seems to only communicate with bloggers, or “journalist” (quotes used out of respect for real reporters) she’s friends with or who have similar world views to her.

          I see you’re staff here. I’m new to the site, and was wondering if any of the female writers here have tried to interview her? Or possibly Zoe Quinn in regards to the donations allegations? Both women seem more comfortable talking to women, and it would be really nice to see them interviewed by someone who hasn’t labeled all gamers monsters before even going into the interview.

          • Jalane Farrington

            Honestly, I cannot confirmed if Sarah or Alison have tried to contact either of them. However, Sarah has written articles about Zoe and Anita in the past, though they never had an interview together.

            On the other hand, you’re probably right about them feeling comfortable when they talk to other women. It never crossed my mind to try and interview the two ladies because other staff members have been covering their stories. After they have posted their entries, it would seem weird to contact Anita or Zoe on any manner.

          • RX

            It would just feel really great to see an interview or a piece they take part in that isn’t written by someone who they have a very… hm, familiar relationship with? Someone willing to ask things that their friends seem to keep completely overlooking. I don’t know any journalist who are interested in covering gaming, so I’m grasping at straws to find someone a) they’d talk to and, b) would be unbiased and honest with it.

  • BillyHoWCR

    One of the better if not best reporting pieces I have read in awhile. (gamer or non-gamer related)

    Thanks for renewing my faith a bit in Journalistic reporting with this article. I was at the point previously that it might be over for any such relevant reporting being possible.

    • I’m greatly humbled by your words :) Thank you.

      You’re very welcome. Just trying to do my best at something I love. Hope to see you around in the comments section more often.

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    • I’m gonna have to say thank you, not merely out of courtesy, but out of respect and appreciation. It’s always great to hear back from readers that support our site based on shared ethics/principles.

      I will keep up the good work, and look forward to seeing you around the site :)

  • Matt Berry

    My only concern with this article is the headline, from what the evidence suggests to point towards, it doesn’t prove she faked the threats themselves.

    What it does show (should this all be proven beyond reasonable doubt) is that she lied about contacting the authorities and more importantly she smeared the police with lies about their conduct and handling of the situation, just to further raise her own profile.

    But I suggest rethinking your headline, purely on the basis of accurate and non misleading reporting. It’s clickbait, especially when the story doesn’t actually prove it.

    • While I never intended the article title to seem “click-baity,” I can sort of see where you’re coming from. I did put the “?” to imply that it was a rumor/evidence pointed towards it.

      What title would you suggest (Sorry, It’s 2 AM where I’m at, so I’m a bit off-kilter in terms of cognitive function, ha)?

      • Radnar

        Well, a quick fix could be changing it to “…Sarkeesian *may have* faked…” and taking off the now-unnecessary question mark. Something along those lines?

        • Done.

          It’s super effective.

          I thank you *respectfully bows*

    • Oh hold on, you’re talking about the URL. I gotta figure out if I can change it without killing all the relevant links/shares the article has gotten. I’ll try and work out a fix soon. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Excellent piece, have to say really enjoyed how you wrote it. I’m not saying only because I find the content agreeable but because you showed a class of journalism that was long absent from games journalism. Kudos brother.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Once again, I’m humbled. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      I’ll do my very best to keep it up.

      I hope to see you around the site :) it’s important to keep channels wide open between writer and reader, because more often than not, they’re one and the same.

      • I’ll be around no doubt 😀

        • I’ll keep my eyes open, my friend. Have a good one.

  • TheDevilsTowelboy

    It’s always funny when these purity crusaders overplay their hands and it explodes in their face. Not like Sarkeesian has ever been honest, but being caught out like this is way overdue.

    • Not gonna lie, it’ll be interesting to see how all this turns out.

  • LFox

    If the allegations turn out to be fake you should either update the article rather than take it down or take it down while replacing it with another article clearing the allegations. If people are never informed the allegations were fake they will remain regardless of the article being online or not.

    Having said that hopefully this and the ZQ stuff turns out true. We don’t need people like them in the gaming industry.

    • I’ll probably update the article with the proper information, eager to see what the FOIA request turns up.

      If all I reported on turned out to be fake, I’ll post an update saying so, and apologize for the unreliability of my sources…and my personal ignorance.

      In my defense (because some sense of pride isn’t too unhealthy), the sources seem to be solid.

      • LFox

        That’s good to hear and I agree the information seems solid. Just remember to be careful when speaking about this stuff the idiot bloggers at places like Kotaku have ruined careers because of their incompetence and failure to rectify/clarify mistakes. Presenting the information like you did as is instead of in a biased fashion is the proper way to handle this stuff, good job.

        • Very true. Thank you very much.

          Yeah, as I’ve said before. It’s paramount that integrity and quality of information is a staple of any form of reporting/journalism.

  • ChatWraithPsi

    Someone did this on my college campus. They faked a bunch of homophobic harassment/vandalism in order to get our university to pay them to do a presentation.

    People who have a cause will generate bullshit to develop an excuse to play the victim, and to garner the support of angry, uninformed listeners.

    • Gotta say, that’s pretty low of those people.

      Yeah, pretty much anything goes these days, sad to say.

  • Mr0303

    If this is proved to be true (which in my mind already is since it was confirmed by the PD) all those harassment cards the SJW crowd are playing begin to feel kind of mute.
    There is also the issue of Quin not donating to iFred as promised, which is a crime.

    These are the sort of people we are dealing with here – con artists, chronic liars, and parasites hiding behind a shield of non-existing people that we are apparently offending. And they dare use gamer as an insult!

    As many others I’d like to personally thank you for reporting this. Ironically gamers need allies in the gaming media.

    • I was actually thinking of writing a piece on the whole ZQ situation, but I got pretty tied up with this one, haha.

      As always, your words bring joy to my heart. I’ll keep doing my best. Gamers unite. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s very true.

  • Rosalina

    If this is true than its fraud. On a related note if Zoe QUinns donation charity was proven a fraud it is a serious crime as the United States government do take fraud charges very seriously.

    • Just gonna say that I would hate to be either of them right now.

  • Chris

    If you start reading with a desire to hate and find reasons to hate Anita, then I can see how this might be persuasive. Otherwise it’s just a grubby dumpster diving operation.

    Maybe she spoke to a policeman in person, at a station. Maybe she wrote “I’m gonna call the cops” but then thought “nah, fuck it, they didn’t do much last time”. Maybe they typo’d her name, so their search doesn’t turn her up.

    All these things are pretty likely and benign. This is just another conspiracy theory that leans in favour of whatever confirms the authors’ pre-existing loathing of the subject. Note that the “documentary” talks about “social justice warriors,” which no actual social justice person would call themselves — it’s a hit piece, and you’ve been fooled by it.

    • Thor Alexander Michelsen

      She has already confirmed in her tweets that she contacted the police by phone. And that they told her to stop doing her work if she got harrased. Her own words. So even if your right shes lying out of her arse.

      • ZackRoyer

        And if she contacted by phone, well at least here in Brazil (3rd world country) all calls made to the police/firefighters are recorded. And IF, someone deleted this (I think it is almost impossible), they would open an inside investigation to find who was.
        She could have called the police investigation, well ,if she go that far and they prove that she is lying I think she will have BIG complications

    • RX

      If you’re on twitter, I can link you to a few people who use the label SJW’s and are in Anita’s social circles online. She’s also tweeted at length about her frustration with the local PD, and that after filing her report that they didn’t do enough. So it’s not a case of her saying it once and then not again after changing her mind. She repeatedly brings it up, and very pointedly takes digs at the local police.

    • kai2

      Chris, Anita has tweeted about what she claims happened with the SFPD. SFPD claims they have no record of her police report and say that what she claimed they (SFPD) told her is contrary to SFPD policy. SFPD claims that they’ve tried to get in touch with Anita for her to give them the number of her police report. So far she has not come forward. That’s where things stand.

  • Thebiglloydtree

    Honestly I must admit I have no idea exactly what this #gamergate and #notyourshield stuff is about. 90% of the articles I find are either one of two things:

    1) oh my god straight white male gamers hate women! get out of the basement pond scum!

    or 2) omg hyper feminism, men can’t do anything!

    And of course #notyourshield is only SLIGHTLY more clear.

    So as far as I can tell from these few neutral articles… some woman’s ex was a dick, exposed her for also being a dick, and people pointing out she was a dick got labelled as sexism? Or something?

    Anyway, personal confusion aside, thanks for the actual neutrality on the issue. A lot of the discussion seems quite embarassing from both sides.

    • There’s a lot to digest in regards to the current state of the games industry. You read a bunch of articles here on GH that explain them though.

      You may be confusing Sarkeesian for Zoe Quinn though. Not sure.

      And you’re welcome, it’s important to stay grounded.

      • Thebiglloydtree

        Ah, true enough. My bad 😛

    • Mark Neil

      Internet Aristocrat on youtube also has a lot on these events. Though heavily lined with snark (I find it entertaining though).

  • BashTheMediocre

    I’m so glad I read this article. Frankly, between all the different ‘big’ sites (which I once trusted) saying so many contradictory things, I got a little lost as to who to believe. This is a refreshing and very necessary view of things.

    I have no problem believing Anita is capable of this sort of thing, because (for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on) even her videos felt a little… ‘not-right’ to me.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article, and are enjoying the site : )

      Yeah, it’s a bit odd really. Eager to hear some more news in regards to the situation.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    We are now witnessing the rabbit black hole my friends. Initially, I had thought the tweets might be fake, and whether or not they still are, this new story is more concerning. If this is true, did Anita REALLY think lying to the entire world about police involvement wouldn’t come back to get her? If the threats were real, why would she need to lie about the police? If I’m an internet personality who has skeletons in my closet, the last thing I’d do is lie about the police. If the threats were fake, that’s one thing. But never contacting the police and making up some story that they said is much more serious. Anita Sarkeesian may have avid supporters but even they have to wonder how she acts so suspiciously.

    • RX

      Since this has come to light her supports wallets are just as open, and they are just as mean and rabid towards anyone asking honest, respectful questions of her.

      It makes no sense to me.

      • Patrick Toworfe

        I think for years, those who came before us have warned humanity of the irrationality of certain things. It makes no sense and it probably never will make sense. Anita could have probably assaulted someone and people will say it was self defense.

  • ZackRoyer

    Isn’t any of what she did (if this is true) a crime or something?

    • I’m not sure. Maybe fraud or falsifying information in regards to a law enforcement investigation. But that’s just an assumption. I’m sure we’ll here more in time.

  • If this information result real, ho men, the internet will be in flames.

    • Good thing I’ve had my flame armor on the past 3 weeks : )

  • Leebo Gear

    Addblock OFF, ladies and gentlemen! We’re in the logical part of the internet!

  • EdgyDude

    To be honest, what hasn’t this woman faked? she faked being a gamer, being an unbiased writer, being harassed and not contacting authorities.This is not new, this just the logical continuation in her long career of lies.

    • ZackRoyer

      Sometimes I wonder if she is really a person, maybe she is just ultra realistic CGI or a robot.

  • Mark Neil

    I’m curious if the police can sue her for slander/libel after that “what the authorities said” comment, if, she in fact, has lied about reporting… and ESPECIALLY if they can prove she herself had sent the threats (imagine that. Manufacturing death threats, falsely claiming to report those threats to authorities, and then falsely claiming the authorities negative response I’m very curious how many laws that breaks)

    • I’m sure, if what I wrote about is true, there are some fairly severe consequences for that type of stuff. As for what they are specifically. I have no idea. Might do some research, see for myself.

      • Mark Neil

        I also wonder if the authorities will be willing to do anything if she is found to have doe something illegal, or if they will back down from the standard social justice media preasure

        • Not sure about that. I think law enforcement/investigative authorities would be pretty adamant about doling out punishment.

          • kai2

            Currently she hasn’t broken any laws. She’s possibly lied, but that’s not against the law.

      • kai2

        No, there is no law against lying about filing a police report and SFPD doesn’t care about her twitter comments regarding them saying something they didn’t. The only thing SFPD cares about is if Anita did in fact file a police report and SFPD doesn’t have a record of it.

  • Mike Jones

    anita lying is still considered news? whats next an article detailing how water is wet? :)

    • Haha. Well, it’s more for readers interested in the juicy details, friend.

      • Mike Jones

        wasn’t actually criticizing,just having a laugh at the never ending joke that is feminist frequency :)

  • ValkyrieJen

    Thank you, Erwin, for a factual, unbiased piece that simply relays information. Too many gaming sites have bashed any one who doesn’t immediately believe the stories.

    • Thank you for your kind words. As a fellow gamer, I want to write what I’d want to read. Hope to see you around the site : )

      • ValkyrieJen

        She tweeted , “The police asked me why I didn’t stop if people were coming after me” (paraphrased) Well, the police say that they’ve never spoken to her so…..pretty big hole in the story.

        • Gonna post an update soon. Some new information from my sources just surfaced.

  • RiseOfDivergents

    Anita Sarkesian: A professional victim

    Yeah, that is the dictionary definition of that person.

  • Felix Ray

    Also, many were suspicious of when the screencap of the threats was
    taken, which was taken less than 20 seconds after the last tweet.

    What if she took several screencaps while the tweets appeared and only posted the last one, duh?

    • It’s possible. There are a few other images attempting to debunk that part of the story. May post a link to them.

  • tucoblondie

    In Bruges is my favorite movie. Thanks for reporting this.

    • It’s definitely one of mine. No problem, thanks : )

  • TheLoneFondler

    Keep up the awesome work. So happy and fortunate to have found this site. Thank You

    • I will do my very best. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site :) And no, thank you *thumbs up*.

  • NuclearKangaroo

    i knew it, legitimate or not (and let me add that if legitimate we ALL should condemn these death threats)

    she used these threats to promote herself, she may even have risked herself further, does she even thing before acting? or does she not consider these threats a risk?

    • Agreed, as I said in a comment above:

      As for death threats, anonymity can turn anyone into a sociopath. I hope more people realize that violence or hostility on the internet, of all things, is not a path anyone should take.

  • While I can believe she would fabricate the call to the police to demand more attention to her crusade, I have no doubt the threats are real and happen more often than they should.

    • In my opinion, in this day and age of the gaming industry, anything is possible. I’ll save my judgment for the day more information surfaces (hoping that FOIA request goes through).

      As for death threats, anonymity can turn anyone into a sociopath. I hope more people realize that violence or hostility on the internet, of all things, is not a path anyone should take.

  • Chris Banks

    Gamerheadlines is the only source of news in the gaming industry that hasn’t been tainted by insidious corruption.

    Sarkeesian is a proffesional victim who holds not a single shred of interest in gaming.

    The Sarkeesian guide to taking over any industry

    1. Claim an industry is misogynistic.
    2. Request funding from the community to expose this misogyny.
    3. Create fake death threats or purposelessly agitate mentally unbalanced young men and then claim they represent an entire generation of men in that industry.
    4. Call the media and share your victim story.
    5. Industry forced to help fund your projects to show they understand the issues facing their industry.
    6. Dive into a large swimming pool filled with dollar bills from your evil scheme.

    • Interestingly we share the exact same name, and the same view. I’m pleased that a site like Gamer headlines exists to provide an alternative view, and since the ZQ scandal and Gamer Gate happened I’ve completely changed where I get my gaming news from. Even before all this happened when people were saying she was amazing, but I never understood why.

  • Walter Poe

    She doesn’t respond. She hasn’t responded. She will not specifically address it. So she’s manufacturing evidence or (most likely) just ignoring it. Most sites that favorably post her content clearly have no interest in touching this.

    • Hoping that some relevant information surfaces in the next couple of days. Article will be updated once that/if that happens.

  • john doe

    I’m glad real journalism like this is done right because no one should be shunned for bringing the truth.

    If Anita is caught lying, then she deserves to go to jail or to owe up a big fine for scamming the gaming community because for taking advantage of their sympathies. If the latter is taken, then she should start finding a real job like everyone else.

    I don’t believe this woman because I started to know about her when the moment she was caught lying about playing video games for her feminism critique from an old footage that shows her presentation in college. Then, I’ve look into the trailer for her kickstarter project and she stutters a lot when she’s trying to talk about how much she likes to play games. Finally, tumblr posts called out plagiarism on Anita, from stealing several let’s players’ (non-popular ones) gameplay footage for her presentation to stealing a fan-art of Princess Daphne for the presentation’s banner.

    (sigh) Unfortunately, like previously mentioned paragraph about why I think she lied playing video games, video game journalists will completely ignore these as they sought to make more money out of this and make the gaming audience look bad. Also, Anita would most likely ignore this like every other discussion videos that ultimately proved that she lied about playing video games and being harassed so she can keep abusing people’s sympathy as of means to access their wallets.

    I hope your piece and everyone else’s can be recognized so that the entire gaming community can shove this truth towards to Anita’s and/or gaming journalists’ face and will have to learn to face the truth.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the piece. Like i said, honesty and integrity gets will benefit all sides of the gaming industry/community, and I hope more and more people will begin to realize/implement that into their everyday lives.

      • john doe

        Thank you. I yearn the time in the gaming culture that everyone should just play games for fun and be together. Also, game designers should have no shame in what they want to create as long they remember what video games are about: fun. Freedom of Expression is a precious virtue.

  • pablocr7

    Thanks for such a good article, Erwin, it’s rare this days 😀

    • I don’t give these often, but here’s a virtual cyber bro-hug. You’re not going to get much more than that though, gotta buy me a drink first :)

      Totally messing with you. I thank you, and take your generous words to heart.

      Also, I just posted an additional update. Might want to check that out.

      • pablocr7

        Yeah I just saw it over at twitter. Oh and virtual cyber bro-hug back at you, but I aint buying you drinks 😀

        • Damn, I could use a nice stout right now, haha :p

          • pablocr7

            Well I don’t know about you, but I’m getting drunk tonight 😀

          • As a matter of fact, I’m having a welcoming back party for a friend whose been out of town for the summer. So I guess, we’ll be imbibing delicious drinks and celebrating at the same time.

            Cheers, mate. Have a good one.

          • pablocr7

            Well you to mate, don’t drink too much 😀

  • B.J.D

    As had been said, thank you for exposing this charlatan.

    • Don’t thank me just yet, friend :) I just posted another update in regards to Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent tweets. An interesting development to say the least. Let me know what you think.

      I appreciate your sentiment though.

      • B.J.D

        Whatever comes of it (and if this comes up as bunk, I’d be more than happy to apologize for calling her a charlatan) its good to see someone ask if the emperor is wearing clothes instead of the fawning I read from the press.

        • Once again, I sincerely thank you my friend.

          I’ll be sure to keep readers up to date on developments regarding this matter.

  • The article has been updated a second time due to additional information coming to light. It can be found after the first update, and before the “Author’s Take” section.

    Just letting you know. Let me know what you think of the new details.

    • dodoking

      I appreciate you staying on the sideline and being objective here PS: you look awesome :) keep up the good work

      • Thanks, as I’ve said before, gotta be transparent. Stick to my guns : )

        Haha, thank you. I will most definitely do my best to keep it up.

  • jimmy

    Good article. Sarkeesian has been shown on multiple occasions to be a fraud and a liar. However with this matter I am trying to keep an open mind. I believe following @nero’s feed that it does seem the FBI are involved in some capacity, hopefully we’ll find out what is happening soon.

    There are of course questions: who sent those messages? Did she send them herself? Or perhaps another feminist agitator sent them knowing it would help her? Maybe a perverse form of white knighting. Did she really feel threatened by anonymous trolling on twitter and if so did she file a police report?

    As I said, let’s try to keep open minds though and go off the evidence if the police ever reveal it – there are some odd people online, it’s possible someone really sent her some nasty messages. In England a woman was convicted of sending rape threats to a particularly obnoxious feminist troll called Caroline Criado Perez who started an absurd campaign to get the Bank of England to drop their plan to put Churchill on a bank note because she demanded it should be a woman. She was as you might imagine not very popular and many people criticised her but a few people sent her threatening messages and she has managed to blow it out of all proportion and launch her “career” as a professional feminist troll/activist off the back of it.

    I have little doubt some feminists are engaging in false flag type operations and getting a friend perhaps to send threatening messages. I know if this one turns out to be real with Sarkeesian we’ll never hear the end of it as she claims to be oppressed etc. But let’s not forget that she has *already* been caught out lying on other matters, whatever the outcome here nothing changes that.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the article.

      I’m just gonna say until concrete evidence emerges related to the FBI investigation, it’s not my place to make judgment towards any of the parties involved.

      By the way, I did not know that about Caroline Perez, thanks for enlightening me :)

      • jimmy

        Indeed, waiting for the evidence is always the best policy – it’s something that twitter activists often forget themselves.

        Caroline Perez is essentially a professional troll who never ran for office or bothered being elected but used twitter to whip up a storm about the decision to put Churchill on a banknote and the Bank of England, symptomatic of the decline of the west, caved in to her ludicrous demands. She would tour the TV studies insisting that Churchill was only being chosen because the Bank of England didn’t want a woman on the note – she had no evidence for any of it but that didn’t stop her.

        Now every time we have an article about the internet in England the journalist will mention Perez as a “victim” to reinforce the idea that the internet is awash with abuse whereas it was two odd individuals – one rape threat even coming from a woman. Fascinating though how the mainstream press work together to push a narrative.

        Another in England was a professor called Mary Beard. She went on a popular TV show and made a fool of herself in a debate and was roundly criticed online. She found a couple of offensive and threatening messages on an obscure chat room online though, threw a big tantrum and used them to smear all the valid criticism she faced. And it has worked, people talk about her as a poor innocent victim of a campaign of hate etc.

        That’s why I do think that some extreme feminists are using the occasional genuine rude/threatening message to push an agenda. Soon I think we will start seeing more and more articles in major newspapers arguing we need to “regulate” the internet, maybe assign everyone a pass number to use it and perhaps levy a small tax to pay for its policing etc. So who knows with Sarkeesian. She is a proven liar in other things but she might be telling the truth here. But she has already used this case to get attention and if she is found to have really received genuine threats then expect her to politicise it and milk it for all it’s worth.

        • Truly interesting stuff. Thanks again mate.

          I would really hate for any of that to be true. I just want the gaming community/industry to realize that gamers should band together, not tear each other to shreds over relevant events.

          A large request that will most likely go unfulfilled, but I shall wish it nonetheless.

  • Walt

    She still iied about contacting “local” authorities and chances are that Q&A where they “insulted her” was fake. That’s just me guessing, but I could imagine the SFPD are annoyed with her putting words in their mouth.

    It really doesn’t matter if she’s working with the FBI or not, she told people one thing to gain sympathy. Why doesn’t she just shoot straight with us?

    • I think prominent media critics are afraid of backlash (hmm), which may account for the lack of transparency in relations to this matter.

      As I’ve said, I want to wait for more concrete evidence. But I totally understand your points, and on some level, do agree.

      • pablocr7

        Erwin question. If she did in fact contacted the fbi, and they are investigating, doesn’t they advice not to divulge that to the public.

        • I’m not sure. An SFPD officer that Milo spoke to said the FBI is investigating it. As for confidentiality, I have no idea. I’m assuming if say they’re working on it, it’s fair game. Especially if there’s an FOIA request.

          • pablocr7

            Ok, thanks men for responding 😀

    • michaelbarrett92

      I know that a few members of GamerGate claimed to have filed FBI reports over the CP thing because they saw her retweet of it and rallied to get the account shut down. So I assume the FBI are involved in that particular incident and if she hasn’t contacted them they will probably have contacted her. It seems unlikely that she did it soon after the incident though because she apparently went of to do some live stream thing. I would be interested to know if she actually has contacted them about any of this or not. I suspect not tbh.

      • Walt

        Yeah, some clarification on exactly what they’re investigating would be nice. Of course, if it’s the FBI, that might never surface for legal reasons.

    • Number1AnitaSfanGurl

      Because she’s a lying, con artist, scumbag, and a thief.

    • Ray

      The fuck are you talking about? Most civilians don’t know the fucking difference between mall cops, local police, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrol, state police, and the FBI. To them, they’re all “police”.

  • xy

    whatever this lady wants to accomplish has been completely destroyed. she has good points to make but resorts to the same types of bullshit she wants everyone else to stop.

    she should probably just make her videos and shut down all her other social media accounts. maybe then her point can be made.

  • Jack Kinnerly

    So you find out you’re wrong, but it doesn’t change your conclusions? Just makes you spin increasingly tortured ways that you still might be right despite the facts?


    • Not doing that at all. Just laying out the facts as I get them. As I’ve said this is not a smear piece. Some interesting stuff came up, decided to write about it.

      I’m trying to as transparent as possible here. I never said this was concrete fact, even then, it was not debunked. Information surfaced.

      Simply waiting for more to emerge. Not trying to put a spin on it

      • VajraBolt

        On what basis was this investigation carried out in the first place? Just to find a way to get back at her i.e bullying? Not to mention the hypocrites at #GamerGate working together with a really untrustworthy news source. Lying about journalism? Doesn’t matter if your agenda matches with #GamerGate!

        • You interpret it as you want. Just laying out the facts as I previously mentioned. If you genuinely want to know, feel free to get in touch with my sources.

          Just here with open arms and an open mind, guys.

          • Felix Ray

            So how it going on the search for Obama’s birth certificate? Any luck there?

          • SJWloser

            Felix Ray = worst troll ever

          • Felix Ray

            You’re just being modest.

      • Jack Kinnerly

        So you’ll change the headline, since it has now been shown by Milo to be false?

        Or will you continue to use it as clickbait?

        • I will update the article with the proper information, yes. Not at a computer right now to properly edit.

  • WOW! I knew she was a drama queen who didn’t know anything about video games but this takes the cake! I hope she gets treated the same way as Roger Goodell. A proven liar needs a public shaming. Especially when their lies are effecting an entire industry.

    • Ray

      Might help to read that second update, bud.

      • KiraKrumpet

        The one where it states that the police had no knowledge of the case and that the FBI may be handling it?

        Because the article points out that this would be the tweet with child porn that was sent ages ago.

        So far she has been repeatedly proven to be a liar. Now we shall confirm it with the FBI. Let’s hope she was stupid enough to actually file a false police report with the FBI, since she’ll face jail time.

      • Adam Gulledge

        Does that second update also excuse her libelous statements that the police victim-blamed her after bringing this up to them? Keep in mind, she posted that right after she said the authorities had been contacted.

        Furthermore, police always keep case numbers, even when said case is handed over to higher courts/investigative bodies. If they found no case number, as Albie Esparza said to Aurini, and Milo, and Bill, then what’s going on?

      • What in 2nd update says she was telling the truth?

  • Ray

    Hey, you. Yeah, the guy/girl about to type a reply without reading the article. She reported this to the local authorities who directed the complaint to the FBI. Sarkeesian wasn’t lying. OK?

    • Chris Banks

      Except it could of been a case of her lying about the police contact and then the FBI contacting her directly after the child porn was posted at her.

      • Ray

        Alternatively, we accept the San Francisco Police Department’s statement that the call was handled and then passed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation!

        • Walt

          Then please explain Anita’s two or three tweets about having the police at her house and them “insulting” her profession by telling her to stop making videos.

          Anita has been caught lying several times (whether it be on the basis that she actually likes video games, or stealing people’s artwork, or saying she’s a non-profit before actually registering as a non profit, etc.). So, understand that critics of her can be skeptical when it comes to her talking about her interactions with police on her Twitter.

          And just so you know, I found a videos of Jordan Owen and Davis (the guy who made the call), celebrating over this revelation and gave them a firm criticism for acting like juvenile fucks.

          Personally, I just want to see Anita be more honest when it comes to her professional life.

  • Nephanor of Fraal

    This whole situation bring a smile to my face. Finally, the vicious attacks on a culture that isn’t hurting anyone is getting exposed as a fraudulent activity. It’s too bad some people can’t just let people have their video games in peace and have to inject their personal politics into everything. Glad to see you, and the site, are willing to take on this subject with objectivity.

  • Kamelguru

    Now I understand why the SJWs react like jihadists do when someone mocks/criticizes/draws the prophet Muhammed(pbuh). You’re chipping at the pedestal of fallacies upon which they have placed their martyr saint.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    The message I get from everything AS does is:

    “I don’t want people doing things on their own that I don’t approve of and I’ll do what I can to make it impossible for them to continue.”

    She’s simply the newest version of Mrs Grundy* and needs to learn to mind her own business instead of trying to micro-manage other people’s recreational activities.

    *look it up on wiki.

  • I just edited the article (and title) to reflect the latest information from my sources. Sarkeesian is indeed working with the FBI in regards to threats, however the specifics are unknown. The article will be updated further if, or when more information emerges.

    • Ray

      Thanks, Erwin. I found the original article interesting because of the possible ramifications. However, when it was quite plainly stated that her complaint had been forwarded to the FBI and we still had strange comments positing conspiracy theories, it was off-putting. You could also tell in some comments that the poster likely didn’t even read your article before jumping to make a comment.

      • No problem. I apologize for the slow update.

        I understand your route of thought, and agree. Readers are free to do or say whatever they want, and interpret the article in the same way (that is, if they read it.)

  • Thanks for continuing to follow up on this. I still find it strange that she made several posts about dealing with local police, and how bad they were, when those police had no record of it themselves.

    Perhaps the federal intervention could have been from the other thing that happened, where someone linked child porn to her twitter. That seems like something that feds would look into more, although it’s not uncommon for them to get involved in harassment, as another youtuber thunderf00t has talked about in his experience.

    • No problem, it is my job after all. Gotta lay the facts down as they come. You’ll find no agenda from me.

      While the federal intervention may possibly be from an earlier incident, I won’t personally say so because of the lack of official word and information. Hopefully, some clarifying info surfaces sometime soon.

  • Lawton

    It seems to me that the big story is that the police didn’t have some kind of prepared statement. I’m not being critical of the police or Sarkeesian here. I just find it baffling that so few of the people who reported this tried to get a statement from the police. While “victim blaming” is deplorable, believing the victim unconditionally could be even worse.

  • MayBeJoKing

    I really hope the FBI catches this person, mostly for my twisted thought that this person is actually an Anita supporter (or even herself). Even if it isn’t, at least we can put it behind us when this person is caught.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Biggest problem with this story so far: If Anita’s report had been directly filed with the FBI, then why did she tweet about the police? (And include a completely unlikely response from the police department? Police officers are generally not dumb enough to say words that could be used in a lawsuit)

  • William Raymer

    Hey thanks for covering this. But just for the record, the intended point of my original blog post was to illustrate that the press failed to do there jobs, What Sarkeesian did or did not do is not important, the fact that members of the press could not be bothered to make a bloody phone call or to in order to provide information to the audience is extremely important and one of the many examples of what is wrong with gaming journalism. I admit that I may have done a poor job communicating that point, but all I can do is learn from it and move on. Thank you again for remaining fair and balanced during this chaos.

  • Dave Het

    Holy fuck, this is scaring me. So far the evidence that these threats are real is falling apart fast and there’s some pretty big bloody gaping holes that she has to address. It smells more and more like the biggest stinking fish in the press right now, and the more I read about GamerGate, the more I feel like I’m peeling the layers back of a secret society bent on manipulating the public and fabricating a narrative.

  • Dave Het

    Looks like the guy was some Brazilian game journalist who’s been infatuated for a while with her. Guess who discovered that? GamerGate. The guy eventually made a YouTube video about it admitting everything, further trashing her (with some justified criticisms), and said the Brazilian police don’t care if he doxxed some American.

  • Ken

    Well, if the FBI is on the case, I’m sure the truth will eventually come out. Now, I don’t doubt for one second that Anita actually received some death threats at some point, but if she fabricated even one threat, the FBI will probably find out, and when it becomes public, it will tank any credibility she has.

    • Robert Nabors

      not that her credibility is that high to begin with