10 Outcomes for Cabbage in Harvest Moon 3D: the Lost Valley

By Jalane Farrington – 23rd September 2014
10 Outcomes for Cabbage in Harvest Moon 3D: the Lost Valley

In GameStop’s placeholder, the company has scheduled the release date for the upcoming Harvest Moon 3D: the Lost Valley in late October. However, Natsume Inc. has not officially announced or confirmed the launch date. Meaning, the farming simulator game might not come out next month. As fans wait for the news, the developer has tweeted the third developer diary or blog about the expanded crops system.

As previously hinted in the older articles, future players and loyal veterans will find more crops in this new project with a bag that has unlimited amount of space for each item. To further elaborate on the previous statement about having more crops, the Natsume representative uses a cabbage as an example. While farmers must still plant, water, and harvest this crop, but the basic cabbage can drastically change into ten outcomes due to the location and other unknown factors!

“Let’s start with the simple, unassuming cabbage: You plant it, water it, and when it comes time to harvest it, you’ll have a traditional, normal, green cabbage, right? Nope! Not in this game! There are 10 different ways your cabbage can grow, such as a great cabbage, a red cabbage, or other mutations, depending on the various ways you grow it!”

-Ceecee Blog

Although the representative didn’t expand on the ways or methods, players should also think about how many times the crop should be watered (once or twice) or grow the plant in complete darkness by using the shadows of the mountain. In any case, over 100 crops exists, which mean hours of finding these outcomes through the old trial and error method. At least in the end, Natsume Inc. has provided its readers some solid advice and tips.

“Players will need to experiment to discover all the different crop variations, and to do so, they’ll need to think outside the traditional field. With the capacity to plant anywhere within the Lost Valley, crops can be sowed at higher or lower elevations, closer to or further away from water, on dry land or swampy ground. Not every plant in these locations may result in a mutated plant, so farmers will need to keep trying for rare veggies and flowers!”

Remember though, this family-oriented title will hopefully arrive in late October, but only Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners can acquire this farming simulator video game. For more information about the preorder bonus, check out GameStop’s page.

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