XBLAZE Code: Embryo Getting Japanese Sequel in 2015

By Morgan Hench – 5th August 2014
XBLAZE Code: Embryo Getting Japanese Sequel in 2015

As reported by anime streaming site Crunchyroll, the BlazBlue visual novel spinoff XBLAZE Code: Embryo is set to receive a sequel in 2015, according to Famitsu magazine. According to the popular Japanese gaming magazine, the sequel’s current title is XBLAZE: Lost Memories.

Thanks to Crunchyroll’s translation, we do have a bit of information from the magazine posted below. The magazine says:

In Lost Memories, Nao Toyama will voice the role of a new heroine called “Nobody,” who lost her memories. There will also be appearances by characters and other aspects of the previous game, including Embryo‘s hero Toya Kagari and the Ripper’s Brain Cat mascot doll, now featuring a voice courtesy of Sayuri Yahagi. 

XBLAZE Famitsu

While this is good news for BlazBlue fans, there is no current information on a direct sequel to BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. It’s also unknown how much of XBLAZE Code: Embryo’s storyline will play into Lost Memories, other than the aforementioned cameo by the protagonist.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and XBLAZE Code: Embryo are both available now for PS3 and PS Vita. XBLAZE: Lost Memories is set to be released in Japan for the PS3 and PS Vita. It’s currently unknown if it is coming out internationally or not. It is highly recommended that you do not pirate any of these games.

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