Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate: Preorder for Halloween Costumes

By Jalane Farrington – 2nd August 2014
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate: Preorder for Halloween Costumes

Koei Tecmo Games will be bringing a crossover title that will feature new and returning characters in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Although these familiar faces entice fans from various series to unite for this upcoming package; this hack-and-slash title also offers an original time-traveling story about a search for strong allies in the past to defeat a hydra and other possible adversaries. Though this fascinating plot provides more experiences and desire since the last one, marketers are still attracting any potential buyers through other methods like preorder bonuses that involve new outfits.

Future purchasers who pay ahead of time at GameStop will acquire a Halloween costume set along with their game. These outfits include Dynasty Warrior Zhao Yun, Samurai Warrior Mitsunari Ishida and Kaguya as a werewolf, vampire and witch respectfully. Yet, GameStop retailers can only offer the code for downloadable content for two consoles only.

Ordering this fighting game on the Playstation 4 and XBox before September 2, 2014 will secure these Halloween attires. Yet, other console owners will have a chance to control these three individuals and more without the seasonal clothing.  On this exact day, PlayStation Vita and PS3 owners can also purchase this innovative project as a digital copy at the PlayStation Network. For more information about this game’s features or characters, please take this opportunity to visit the official website.

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