Top 15 Amiga 500 Games renowned for their music

By Chris – 2nd August 2014
Top 15 Amiga 500 Games renowned for their music

If you were an 80s or 90s kid and old enough to be gaming at the time, you should remember the Commodore Amiga. The iconic Amiga 500, It was a personal computer way ahead of its time. And when I say a PC, well it was used mostly as a gaming machine due to its advanced graphics and sound. It was a true multimedia machine and maybe even the first.

What really made the Amiga 500 and its successors like the Amiga 500+ stand out was the music this computer could produce. Arguably, it had one of the best, if not the best sound outputs of the time, whereas other machines and game consoles still had bleep and beeps. While most game systems utilize mono sounds at this time, the Amiga 500 could create stereo sound, handle four channels, and later on synthesize music instruments like drums, flutes, and the piano at the composer’s disposal. Even a synthesized voice could function as a sample voice. Hey, remember I’m talking about 1987 when the Amiga 500 was launched before many of our readers were even born. It was truly an advanced piece of hardware.

But what really set the sound apart from the others was the quality of the game sound tracks this system had. Tunes left behind that will always be remembered from such great composers like David Whittaker, Chris Hülsbeck and Allister Brimble. Some of which came from the C64 to work on the new Amiga 500 hardware.

So here it is, my top 15 list, it was incredibly hard to select as there are just so many amazing game soundtracks from this system. It made it hard to squeeze them down to a top ten fifteen list. It was so difficult in the end I had to extend my top ten, a top fifteen list.

#15 Gods - 1991 - Nation 12

Perhaps one of the first games to truly make use of voice samples and singing. Into the wonderful by group Nation 12. At the time of its release this blew most people away because never before had anyone heard actual singing in a game soundtrack. So I couldn’t leave it off this list for this very reason, this track made history.

#14 Full Contact - 1991 - Allister Brimble & Jimmy Fredriksson

Full Contact from Team17, had one of the best intros for a game at the time. With a perfect matching sound track to accompany it from Allister Brimble & Jimmy Fredriksson.

#13 Lotus II - 1991 - Barry Leitch

Many great games were released in 1991. These catchy tunes from Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 aka Lotus 2 by Barry Leitch, made you really want to jump into the game and start racing.

#12 Super Cars II - 1991 - Barry Leitch

Another classic from 1991, Barry Leitch again with his Super Cars II intro tune. Definitely deserves its place in the list here. It helped make the game one of the best top down racers for years to come.

#11 R-Type - 1989 - Chris Hülsbeck

R-Type set the standard for sidescrolling arcade games and so did its soundtrack from Chris Hülsbeck. The Amiga sound track bettered even the original arcade game and all ports of it. This is definitely one of Chris Hülsbeck’s best tunes. The alien sounding first part of this tune scared many a child back in the day!

Now onto numbers 5-10 of our top Amiga game soundtracks:

  • Jason Mounce

    I gotta say….the one with the BEST Amiga Soundtrack that is a CRIME not to have is BATTLE ISLE. Even for the intro alone. Many great songs on this classic.

    After that, Eye of the Beholder Intro

    • Hendrickson

      Battle Isle, yes its not bad, there are just too many too list! I couldn’t fit them all in this planned top 10. Dune, Ghost n Ghouls, Leatherneck, IK+, F/A 18 Interceptor intro, Wings – That music really suited the game too WWI era tunes.

      • Hendrickson

        Another things too, notice how many of the top tunes I listed are from 1991? It was the Amigas best year no doubt. Many great tunes from that year.

        • Jason Mounce

          Overwhelming amount of games, mostly in my mind since also Eye of the Beholder came out then and it was the game that hits me with the most nostalgia, second being Shadow of the Beast, which is why I got excited to hear that Sony strangely is remaking the series, something so old to be redone, crazy idea.

          • Hendrickson

            Shadow of the Beast remake, looks ok. At least it looks like the world and the beast you play as is similar to the Amiga one. Powermonger is another good intro and tune:

  • Nintenjoe82

    The SNES versions of Barry Leitch’s tunes that were in the Top Gear series were much better

  • Alex Smith

    I really enjoyed the music of Pinball Fantasies, composed by Olof Gustafsson.

  • A Man

    The Agony music is by a bunch of people. none of whom is Richard Joseph or Jon Hare. The piano intro is by Tim Wright and most of the in-game stuff by Jeron Tel.

  • Martin Miler

    how can you pace SWIV before Turrican 2? Turrican 2 has unique music for each level. The best intro I heard BTW. But SWIV has only intro and ending credits. It has no music for any level?! How can you put this before Turrican 2? WTF? DOes no compute!!! :)