The Kotaku / Zoe Quinn scandal: The Aftermath and Thoughts

By Samual Sales – 22nd August 2014
The Kotaku / Zoe Quinn scandal: The Aftermath and Thoughts

Three days ago, I covered a developing story in regards to accusations of a current writer of Kotaku by the name of Nathan Grayson having sexual relations with indie developer named Zoe Quinn to both mutually benefit their careers. Why? Because nobody else would. Social media outlets were removing any mention the story out of fear that personal details of the developer would spread, and other gaming news sites refused to publish the story either to avoid drawing any attention to their own involvement of the story, or out of fear of the so called ‘social justice’ lynch mobs that have quickly taken control of the conversation. As a result of what happens when you cover a popular topic that nobody else wants, myself and GamerHeadlines itself became the eye of the storm, for better or for worse.

Nathan Grayson, current writer at Kotaku who stands accused of professional misconduct

Nathan Grayson, current writer at Kotaku who stands accused of professional misconduct

Now, let me preface this by saying that as you’ve likely noticed, GamerHeadlines is no Kotaku or Polygon. We carry many similar stories and serve the same audience, but we are gamers first and foremost, writing about the stories that matter to us out of our own time. Nobody here earns anything near a full time income from writing for this site, and we’re willing to give a voice to any gamer that wants a shot at being heard. This is videogame news by regular gamers from all walks of life, and our reward is a chance at getting closer to the industry that we all love. Because of our independence, we have a have a deep respect for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the idea that such a potentially important story was being blacked out irked us.

I should stress, heavily, that all I did as a reporter, was report on the news that accusations were made, and that a number of famous names in the industry were directly or indirectly involved. Though I personally take a particularly dim view on the ‘social justice’ crusade that’s followed this story, I pick no sides in this debate.

And a very dim view I take. Since publishing the article and ‘going viral’, myself and my colleagues have been subject to threats, illegal attempts to obtain personal information, and illegal attempts to hack the editor account of the site. Nobody should have to receive a phone call from the police because somebody disagreed with an article you wrote on the internet, ever. Still in spite of this, we shall keep the article up and updated for as long as the situation remains relevant to the industry.

To borrow the words of Ms. Zoe Quinn, We do not negotiate with terrorists.

Zoe Quinn, the indie dev accused of unethical relations with various industry names

Zoe Quinn, the indie dev accused of unethical relations with various industry names

Not to dwell on negative feedback however, a special mention must be made for the vast majority of people who have sent the staff of this website nothing but praise, and skyrocketed the site into a spotlight big enough to rival mainstream sites. It has been a truly exciting and humbling experience to reach such a wide and positive audience, and all I can say is that we love you guys too.

Now it actually turns out that this story has been developing in some ways, and now the sea of anger has calmed down we can pick some pieces out of the rubble. Here is what we know now that we didn’t before:

Most importantly, it seems that the evidence that Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson had sexual relations in order to boost the promotion of her game is starting to crumble. Though Nathan Grayson DID write articles mentioning Depression Quest, it was when he was still employed by Rock Paper Shotgun and before the affair allegedly took place. Despite this, the fellow female indie dev mentioned in the leaked facebook logs has come forward after her original posts were wiped from Tumblr, and has said with a large degree of certainty that the relationship involved a breach of ethical standards. There is no hard evidence to back this up however.

Like GamerHeadlines, YouTube personality TotalBiscuit has also reported that he has become a victim of harassment from defenders of Zoe Quinn and other indie developers for his Twitter post on the subject, available here. Another YouTube star, JonTron, has also come under harassment after reblogging a crude comic involving himself, Zoe Quinn, and the so-called “Five Guys” involved in the controversy.

TotalBiscuit aka The Cynical Brit aka John Bain, who has been harassed online by Zoe's fans

TotalBiscuit aka The Cynical Brit aka John Bain, who has been harassed online by Zoe’s fans

A protest against corruption in the videogames industry is currently being organised outside the venue of PAX next week. Will this go anywhere? Who knows. The protest is being organised by an anonymous industry insider with a STEM background, who makes a point of describing themselves as a woman. More on that if and when it develops.

Like the accusations of exchanging sex for press, Zoe Quinn’s claims that 4chan hacked her personal Tumblr account to obtain nude photos has been debunked, after attempts to spread the images made it apparent that they are crude Photoshops. This is still a very terrible (and illegal) thing to do to a person, though it calls into question how truthful those accused have been during this whole ordeal. And no, no links here for obvious reasons. You’ll have to take my word for this one.

And that just about wraps things up. I’m thinking of leaving you all with another video, but this article is long in the tooth and I don’t want to leave you with another half hour rant. I need something short, snappy, and captures the tone of what’s been written.

Yes, that’ll do nicely.

  • Most of the “hacking” involved seems to be amiss too. 4chan doesn’t ever really point out which board it came from, or attempt to take credit. All the info on Zoe on her tumblr was checked and proved to have nothing to do with her in any way. Phil Fish hack seems to follow a very similar suit.

  • Most of the “hacking” involved seems to be amiss too. 4chan doesn’t ever really point out which board it came from, or attempt to take credit. All the info on Zoe on her tumblr was checked and proved to have nothing to do with her in any way. Phil Fish hack seems to follow a very similar suit.

  • Nathan Merrill

    I think a a couple other accusations were interesting, but weren’t mentioned here, yet were of public interest:

    1) The allegation that she blackmailed her boss’s wife, threatening the wife’s career if she went public about the affair. This is exactly the sort of misogynistic, unjust thing that we as a community need to stand up against; if true, this is IMO by far the most troubling allegation as far as Zoe Quinn herself is concerned.

    2) Zoe Quinn got hired to work at the company of someone she slept with. Was this because of an improper personal relationship?

    Good to see someone actually doing their best to cover this, though.

  • Jake

    Thanks for reporting on this story. There does seem to be a blackout on it at IGN and if not for a Redditt post and this I would have no idea about it. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  • R3353

    Good article, m8. I hope you continue to give coverage of this scandal as it develops.

  • Hooligantuan

    Even if all of the allegations against her are true, that doesn’t give license to anyone – especially someone under the guise of a journalist – to dignify those allegations and lend them any legitimacy in the realm of popular opinion.

    You have to understand that you could be one of rowdy mob of indignant gamers that thinks that this matters enough to rake this woman over the coals and then string her from the nearest limb, then pass out sticks and use whatever is left of her as a piñata.

    You’re not a journalism hero exposing a hilarious breech of ethics, you’re part of the raging misogyny of the Boys Against Girls problem in gaming.

    • Brit Bong

      If what you say is true, then the same defense can be applied to what happened to wizchan.

      They, a board of people that include some very depressed individuals, who use an anonymous image board as a combination mutual support network and opportunity to socialize, were maligned based on two individuals expressing a dislike of Quinn in an insulting manner.

      The claims that they orchestrated harassment were given full legitimacy without any other evidence.

      While there is no doubt you are correct in regard to a rowdy mob of gamers being out there in this issue (though, having read around I can assure you they are not all male), not everyone who has issue with the events is part of this mob.
      More to the point, not all of them give much regard to the sexual aspect of it.

      Additionally, I don’t think gaming will be all the better if we push so hard we end up turning it into girls against boys, though in fairness I see nothing in your post that indicates you would advocate such a turn of events.
      All the same.
      Justice that only applies for some is no justice at all.

    • Sweawm

      This is the exact point this article exists. The Gaming Industry has enjoyed a vibrant, colorful and entertaining coverage by dedicated reporters which I say go above and beyond even the media coverage that follows the Film Industry. However, Games Journalism has existed too long under a blanket of suppression.

      By damn right is it their business as journalists of the industry to voice these things, however unpopular. However, most don’t have a spine to do so. When we are talking about business; money changing hands, corruption is damn serious and we have a right to know.

      You can’t state a proper counterargument than screaming ‘Misogyny!’. It’s insulting, really, to those who don’t care at all the gender of those involved but rather the fact they’re acting unethically in the first place.

      I really liked Kotaku. I liked their articles and enjoyed reading on a daily basis. Their complete lack of integrity however, constantly chips away a that enjoyment. I’ve been talking about the complete corruption rampant in the industry long before this scandal, and I’ll tell you one thing: there is an absolute rule of silence. It’s great to finally found a site that actually speaks out.

      • Hooligantuan

        Crying foul isn’t misogyny.

        Crying foul, *then* crying slut, whore, adulterer, and more, stealing private information, disseminating nude photographs of her on a slut-shaming campaign, and trying to turn her into a rallying cry that Feminism Isn’t a Get Out of Shitstorm Free card because she’s a woman *on top of* maybe having unethical relationships with a journalist and others, that’s misogyny.

        Further, doing all of this *based on rumor and hearsay* is pretty much insane and unconscionable.

        Here’s how it works:

        Nobody has concrete evidence that she has done these things. This means there is a possibility that she is entirely innocent. That means this lynch mob surrounding her could be hanging an innocent person.

        Because that possibility exists, all of this super-aggressive, antagonistic behavior against her is the disgusting, misogynistic, horrible mess that has been made of it.

        This is not civilized. This is not rational. This is not justice.

    • EnoughFish

      It’s misogyny to expose a hilarious breach of ethics?


      Until every feminist understands that their ideology isn’t a get out of jail free card people will keep raking hard and fast.

      Justice must be served.

      • Hooligantuan

        It’s not justice to take someone to the gallows based on rumor.

        It’s not justice to attack a person’s sexuality, credibility, and private relationships because someone said she was promiscuous or using her body to obtain exposure.

        It’s not justice just because you call it “justice.”

    • God ov Hover Hand

      I don’t understand this equating of misogyny to everything. When’d this become such a trend? All the writer did was write a summary and give a slice of his opinion and you accuse it of hating women. Those of us who pay attention to this issue don’t do it because we hate women.
      We do it because we hate corruption. We hate nepotism. We hate hypocrisy. And most of all, we hate being scammed and being suppressed. And there is evidence to support these things transpired. And everywhere we go to discuss this issue, it always gets twisted into some crusade against women.
      We don’t go to Ubisoft to protest against Jade Raymond for producing Assassin’s Creed. We didn’t crucify Kim Swift for her part in designing Portal. And we didn’t talk crap about Jessica Curry for making tunes on Dear Esther. Because they help make respectable things in the video game world and we as gamers appreciate that. Tell us again how we hate women in the video game world.

    • SamualSales

      Please, define misogyny and how it directly relates to anything written in this article or the one before it.

      Take your time.

      • Hooligantuan

        You’re an avid internet user, you have access to a number of online dictionaries if you need to be refreshed on the definition.

        As to how it relates to this article, I have other posts on this article you’re welcome to examine. I’m not going to reiterate it all just for you, even though you’re surely a special snowflake and totally worthwhile as a person, because I have hit on this elsewhere.

        Warmest regards. The very, very warmest.

    • ClockworkZion

      The only misogyny I see, as a female, is the need to defend Quinn because she’s a woman. I’m sorry, but special minority status in an industry does not make one above reproach.

      • Fatherless

        Please say this everywhere you go. As a man, I can’t, because I’ll be accused of you-know-what. An indie meet-up I go to had a young woman telling us to go out and defend Zoe for no other reason than because she’s female.

        Without irony.

        People aren’t thinking through the consequences of their actions. If we continue to treat women like they are made of glass women are going to get the feeling that they aren’t being welcomed. And then feminists will capitalize on that feeling to pass more stringent harassment rules and more women-are-victims awareness campaigns. That makes men treat women like children, who then feel like they aren’t welcome.

        And on it goes, while people like Zoe Quinn make bank.

      • Hooligantuan

        I’m not granting her social minority status.

        It’s not misogynistic harassment to question the ethics of inappropriate relationships in advancing ones career – which, we should remember, is purely a set of allegations based on hearsay without any concrete evidence – but it does become misogynistic harassment when gamers grab their pitchforks and torches, engage on a slut-shaming crusade, disseminate nude photographs of her, and steal private information.

        If you don’t see that this is some serious Scarlet Letter business going on, you’re blind. The slander heaped upon her by virtue of being a woman is stories high; she is receiving undue critique, at a very personal level, because she is a woman, and because an entirely too vocal portion of the gaming population still thinks there’s a No Girls Allowed sign on the clubhouse.

        • ClockworkZion

          Your claim goes out the window of it being solely targeted at her with the way the males accused of it have been also targeted. This isn’t against her alone and if she’s getting the most heat it’s because she won’t step away from the fire and instead keeps dousing it with napalm.

          • Hooligantuan

            If that helps you to be comfortable with your opinions, I hope it brings you peace.

            It does not, however, bring any legitimacy to your position, and is not a cogent argument for why Zoe Quinn deserves all the tar and feathers.

          • ClockworkZion

            I don’t see why she alone should be spared the tar and feathers considering her other actions (just a couple examples that I’ve seen evidence of: the attack on Wizardchan to promote her game, the “playing victim” by faking her own doxxing, the attack on the Fine Young Capitalist Game Jam to promote her own Game Jam which has no start date, location, details and all donations go into her personal Pay Pal).

            She is not the kind of person the games industry needs to keep around, and I don’t see why -anyone- should be allowed to be exempt from being held accountable for their actions.

          • Hooligantuan

            The thing of it is, if all that she has done is true, I’d agree. I’d agree across the board, except for with the slut-shaming campaign many are waging against her.

            But there’s just no evidence of inappropriate relationships, it’s plausible that she was *mistaken* about being doxxed rather than pretending it happened, and it’s thoroughly plausible that her lack of experience is to blame for that Game Jam business. She’s new.

            None of this – especially considering the lack of concrete evidence of impropriety or malicious intent – is license to grab for the torches and burn the witch, while gently dragging her alleged consorts through the mud as she smolders.

            Even if there was a smoking camera full of snapshots of her in congress with all 5 men she is alleged to have secretly courted in her climb up a very flimsy career ladder, even if we had piles of proof against her, it wouldn’t be appropriate to say much more than just those facts; tossing in the slut-shaming, personal attacks, and circulating her nude photographs is misogynistic and harassment.

          • ClockworkZion

            I never condone slut shaming and honestly for me it’s not about the sex but about the way her personal and professional relationships are mixed so heavily.

            Her nudes that are floating around are her professionally taken images though which isn’t nearly as misogynistic (as she’s consented for the world to be able to see her naked) but a slight against the website who charges for access to the images (though I’ve heard some say it’s defunct so perhaps they got a $10 they didn’t expect for that).

  • Thanatos2k

    Phil Fish has since faked the hacking of his own website, and Polygon is being his agent to continue the smear campaign. Reprehensible.

    • ClockworkZion

      IGN ran the story and then banned anyone who pointed out inconsistencies and reasons why it had to be Phil who doxxed himself.

  • Wrathful

    This whole thing felt like french revolution. The Zoe and her cohorts were nobles who got no idea when to shut up and the gamers were peasants.

    • ClockworkZion

      As someone who can’t afford a gaming PC I’m used to being labeled “peasant”. 😛

  • The photos have been confirmed to be from a site that she actively sold them in the past. She… um… “modeled” for the purpose of everyone seeing those for the singular purpose of profiting. She is probably just upset they have surfaced.

  • Guest

    Great article, site is bookmarked.

  • Mark Lengod

    If you enter in some other gaming sites/blogs, it’s all about full defensive mode articles, ip ban and deleted comments (see Kotaku/IGN, even Dualshockers, it’s pretty sad) saying how media is NOT corrupt and this case is merely ”conspiracy theory”.

    Mods will just delete everything that doesn’t benefit themseves.

    Bookmarked forever, great article and site.

  • Sheogoroth

    I found this in Google news and have decided to register and turn off Ad-Block for it.
    Nepotism only works when the cash is flowing, so I’m going to stop visiting sites that are under selective blackout.

    • Olympion

      I did the same, it’s not enough to speak out against the bad guys, you also have to support the good guys – and so far this site fits that bill.

  • Valentino Guilot

    Thank you guys for been brave enough to speck on this issues. This is gonna e my new go to site

  • Well, this might be the site for me to go to now along with PC Gamer and Destructoid.

    I’m also no longer going to Kotaku, although I will still visit io9 for science, good television/movies and writing tips.

    • Sebastian Von Fappywank

      Detoid removed my comments for talking about this. Don’t bother.

      • Oceanicus


        • Sebastian Von Fappywank


    • the7k

      Long time Destructoid member here.

      After seeing several comments on this issue removed from that site first hand – yeah, not going there anymore.

      • l984yearsofwar

        I stopped going to destructoid when jim left. I used to be an avid reader. Then that whole crap started where dude was like “we will never have ads that play music and block your screen blah blah blah” then lo and behold, as soon as they came out with HUGE (the membership), the ads on the site became unbearable. I was actually really sad and depressed about the whole thing and have never been back.

        • And people wonder why their visitors use AdBlock. *rolls eyes*

      • Haven’t heard of that but looks like I’m not actually going there either.

      • Cosmic Spark

        Any evidence? And what were the comments? Were they rational arguments or plain insults?

    • omni

      Supposedly the ‘sleeping with the Kotaku journalist’ happened a while after he did coverage for her games, so there might not be any correlation between the two. No justification for what Zoe allegedly did with her boss, but it still helps regain a small bit of integrity Kotaku still has after this s**tstorm

      • A small bit, maybe but it doesn’t really change the fact that Kotaku and many Gawker-related websites thrive on clickbait (I do visit io9 though, because it’s actually good).

  • ClockworkZion

    This goes beyond Quinn sleeping with people, and cheating, and by her own definition serial raping her now ex boyfriend. No, she’s being called out on her lies, deceit and general BSing of the public along with everyone else in the industry.

    You can defend Quinn all day, but you do so in defiance of the actual facts and truth.

  • Pied Tiel

    It’s been said many times already but this site is going into my bookmarks. I really enjoyed your article and journalism.

  • VoxOppressi

    Her nudes are numerous and obviously not photoshops. The woman publicly defines herself with the sexuality she does not want scrutinized. It is not misogyny to call someone out on their utterly inconsistent bullshit.

    • VoxOppressi

      Some of the pictures include pointing an airsoft rifle in her mouth. Do you think that’s sexy? Do you think what Phil Spector did to a woman is sexy? Do you think Phil Spector’s behaviour in that situation is not relevant to other aspects of his life?

      • VoxOppressi

        And one more thing: Equality is not doing the same bad things stereotypically done to those on your side. I did not act as a friend to women my whole life to see the rise of female chauvinists.

        • Bodeanicus

          You’re not going to cry because you were put into the “friend” zone, and not able to get laid, are you?

    • df

      Please continue slut-shaming and proving the feminists right. MRAs can’t stand the idea of a woman being sexually autonomous and are using this non-controversy as an excuse.

  • bernard

    Thank you for publishing this, since no other sites would (de-adblocked, bookmarked and nods respectfully towards you.) and I’m sorry about what happened because of it.
    However is there any chance you can screenshot or document the threats received, as then there would be more evidence, and it can’t be dismissed like the alleged Wizardchan attacks.
    Although I understand if you don’t want to because their response to the first article.

  • Lenny

    Thank you for covering this. Those SJWs who have the industry hostage are getting exposed more and more each day.

  • rupok

    The link the protest is down. Also really thanks for this, I hope you guys get more and more traffic for your other articles too.

  • Zachary Beasley

    She was allegedly a suicide girl (a hideous one at that) so I can believe the nudes.

  • Zachary Beasley

    She was allegedly a suicide girl (a hideous one at that) so I can believe the nudes.

    • df

      So, how many times a day do you post in /r/mensrights?

      • ruleofthebrave

        Please continue posting: you are just confirming the SJW cliché.

  • Zachary Beasley

    Not saying I’ll be a regular visitor, but I’ve turned off adblock for future visits. *nods respectfully towards you*

  • Zachary Beasley

    Not saying I’ll be a regular visitor, but I’ve turned off adblock for future visits. *nods respectfully towards you*

    • Guest

      you’re cool

  • Therandus

    Thank you for covering this. You are the only place I’ve found who seems impartial. Every other place is either quiet, or attempting to call sexism on anyone who complains. Their behavior was so deplorable that I left and thought I would just go without gaming news, then I found your site.

  • df

    People who use the term “SJWs” should keep their men’s rights nonsense on Reddit where it may fester in solitary containment. It’s not being a “social justice warrior” to point out that there’s zero evidence of any wrongdoing and that a bunch of dudebro gamers on 4chan and Reddit are simply slut-shaming a woman they don’t like.

    • ruleofthebrave

      I guess we found the fanatic SJW!

    • Morso Denutink

      The term “SJW” didn’t originate from Men’s Rights or even Reddit. But of course retarded Feminazis like yourself just love to label people and things to justify your bigotry.

      Carry on you scum.

    • Lorenzo Pennypacker

      I find the fact the fact that you just called Zoe a slut very triggering.

  • df

    I think what’s hilarious is this phony assertion that there’s some sort of “suppression” or “backlash” when mentioning Zoe Quinn, as if you’re speaking some kind of forbidden truth. Give me a break. If you’re getting criticized, it’s because you’re just engaging in pointless slut-shaming when there’s zero evidence of any wrongdoing on Quinn’s part. There’s no controversy here and no breach of journalistic ethics.

    • God ov Hover Hand

      Zero evidence of:
      -“phony assertion that there’s some sort of suppression”-
      Fact: Zoe Quinn unrightfully filed a DMCA copyright claim against Mundane Matt’s Youtube video to silence him. The same video has been re-uploaded without further allegations. Mundane Matt’s video titled “Hell Hath No Fury like a Lover Scorned” shows evidence of the copyright claim by user zoe quinn.
      -zero evidence of any wrongdoing on Quinn’s part-
      Fact: Zoe Quinn proclaimed on Twitter through over 25 tweets that she had DDOS’d the website of a female game charity, The Fine Young Capitalists, and that they were a disgusting group. Matthew Rappard through a youtube video confirms this happened and there are screen shots of her twitter. When someone confronted about how disgusted they were about her actions, she responded that she had only made 4 tweets expressing she was uncomfortable with their policies.
      Fact: Wolf Wozniak confesses on Twitter he was sexually harassed by Zoe Quinn at a wedding. Phil Fish leads a shaming of Wolf Wozniak over twitter. Fish’s tweets against Wolf Wozniak are liked by Zoe Quinn.
      Now let’s talk about zero evidence again. There is a laundry list of things that can be brought up and discussed.

  • ruleofthebrave

    Kudos to you folks for not pandering to the corrupt and ethically bankrupt Internet social “justice” movement.

    By the way, don’t worry about being called “misogynist”. The term has, at this point, lost all its derogatory meaning. I would say that it is almost a compliment.

  • Cosmic Spark

    You have earned a spot in my adblock’s exceptions (and I urge everyone to do the same if you give a toss about the gaming industry). I never paid attention to gaming journalism because I never trusted it, but I will try to come here more often.


    Thank you for be honest and give us the news, thanks for be in the side of the gamers.

  • SoundMatch

    Thank you, I found my alternative to Kotaku! Thanks so much for actually covering this. Everyone else is too busy handling their tough jobs in the Cult of Zoe.

    • Daniel O’Keeffe

      exactly this. I’m no longer a kotaku reader. Thanks so much for covering it.

  • Lenny

    I have nothing to with MRA who are just as bad as SJWs.

  • elscotty

    I have not been a Kotaku reader for years. Not since all the SJW B.S articles started constantly showing up. I went to that site for gaming news, not to be lectured about social topics.

  • elwood p. dowd

    This is unfair. I’ve been following the whole l’affaire Quinnspiracy far too much for my own good, and am certainly on the “side” of those critical of her, but…meh, I just can’t get behind siccing the IRS on anybody.

    Besides, I’m not certain any of this even amounts to taxable income for US tax purposes, F’rinstance…I can’t think that Patreon qualifies as anything but a “gift.” Gifts aren’t taxable to the recipient, ever. (And what happen to the donor if they exceed the annual IRS threshold of $14,000 for 2014 per recipient is too murky to even get into here…though Patreon’s FAQ is curiously silent about all this. It shouldn’t be.)

    And is she collecting “donations” via her PayPal? As in, something somebody might actually look to deduct on a tax return? Don’t get me wrong, I think her putative “Game Jam” is a horrible mess, but I also see no evidence that she’s doing anything other than engaging in sloppy and thoughtless behavior. Now, if she were claiming to have established a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and hadn’t actually done so, well that would be a whole ‘nother story.

    But I see no evidence of this, meaning that if you send her money to her PayPal account you’re also just making her a gift, that she will apparently spend on coloring her hair to shades of blue or green not found in nature, San Francisco bars and quite possibly another nasty tat or two. Not how I plan on spending my money, but YMMV and all that. Dumb, yes. Illegal? Not that I’m seeing.

  • Interestingly, I tried putting this article on our Hotlinks subreddit where we promote stories like this one, and learned that this entire site has been banned from Reddit. WTF?

  • Oceanicus

    You’ve just won a new reader.

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    the one thing that supries me after reading this is the fact people still care about TotalBiscuit

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    Screw that mongoloid… she’s just doing all that she knows.

  • Bodeanicus

    You are not a fucking reporter. You’re some asshole with an internet connection defending shitty behavior.

    • ElyasM

      He isn’t defending the behavior of Quinn’s supporters, he’s calling them out for the despicable acts they have committed.

      • Bodeanicus

        As opposed to the death threats from 13 year old, zit faced CoD clans?