The Golf Club Releases Today on Steam and Xbox One

By Kurt Wendler – 19th August 2014
The Golf Club Releases Today on Steam and Xbox One

The highly anticipated golf game, “The Golf Club” was released today on Steam and Xbox One. HB Studios is behind this game creation, having previously worked on Madden, NBA Live, and Tiger Woods 10.

It was sad to hear that Tiger Woods 15 was no longer to be released, but after awhile, there’s not too much you can do to golf without completely revamping the controls. It’s not as popular as Madden or NBA. However, with The Golf Club, it looks like players will get more of a say into what’s being created.

The difference between this golf game and others are its creative tools. The fact that you can create your own courses now is mind-blowing. It’s not like SimGolf for the PC back in the day with minimal graphics either. They have full HD course tools. The courses look like you could drive around your town and find it in the city. It’s not Mario Golf either, with crazy hills or anything. These are full-length courses with amazing contours and appeal. There are also going to be competitive leaderboards, tournaments, and stat trackers to really bring the competitive edge out of players. This isn’t just an update of a game from EA Sports. It’s a completely new update.

Now, I’d like to play this game. But, as someone who hasn’t played it, and it’s a brand new game, there’s got to be some downsides. I’m wondering how well the multiplayer will handle itself. I’ll also wonder how glitchy the experience will be online with the servers. Another thing will be the gameplay and how smooth/difficult it is compared to other games. As with any game, it will take some time to really adjust itself. Thankfully there’s online updates if HB Studios decides they need to patch it.

The Golf Club is expected to release on PS4 towards the end of August, but there isn’t a confirmed date. For PS4 users, you’ll just have to wait. Until then, Xbox One and PC users, enjoy this game!

If you’d like to buy it on steam, look no further than here!

Are you going to buy The Golf Club? Why/Why not? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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