Shuhei Yoshida: “PlayStation Move Was Ahead Of Its Time”

By Christopher Groux – 22nd August 2014
Shuhei Yoshida: “PlayStation Move Was Ahead Of Its Time”

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida spoke with Pocket-lint to discuss his thoughts on the decline (and possible rise) of motion control gaming. With Microsoft’s recent debundling of the Kinect motion sensing camera from its default Xbox One sku, the idea has become a hot topic as of late. Sony has similar memories with the sluggish adoption rate of its PlayStation Move wand controller. Is motion control gaming gone for good, or is a renaissance on the brink of explosion?

In the mind of Yoshida, he sees motion control games as a stalled venture for the time being. “like with social games, dance games, music or guitar games, I don’t think there’s a lot of appetite for another motion game at this moment,” he says. Still, you’d be foolish to count out a return to relevance in the future. In the case of PlayStation Move, this Sony exec thinks it might become a popular method of input once the Project Morpheus VR headset arrives on store shelves. After all, the wand allows you to interact with digital content by moving your hands in a 3D space.

As Shuhei explains, “we are realizing that when we do Project Morpheus the one thing you want to do immediately is interact with an object in virtual space…one way to do that is that you need a 3D positioning input device, like PS Move.” In some ways then, he sees that the misunderstood PlayStation Move peripheral may have been “ahead of its time.” That being said, if you still have a PlayStation Move lying around the house, Yoshida hopes you won’t be throwing it away any time soon.

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  • NuclearKangaroo

    sure thats why it came out AFTER the wii haha!

  • A Lee

    I see you don’t know anything…in all actuality Sony came out with this tech 1st…or don’t you remember that on PS2 there was the Playstation Eye Toy…”no controller,just your body movement”…do your homework..if Sony had continued and had support from game makers it would have went further….