Richard Nixon’s After Reset: $94,892 KickStarter Success

By Jalane Farrington – 24th August 2014
Richard Nixon’s After Reset: $94,892 KickStarter Success

Unlike the previous KickStarter campaign, Richard Nixon and the Black Cloud Studio staff are thrilled about their over-whelming funding success for After Reset; this indie project inspired by the post-apocalyptic setting in the Fall-Out series and the unique gameplay in Baldur’s Gate have already establish a productive and talented team, an art novel, concept artworks, trailers, and etc. to prove how serious this development is to the public. As a result, they acquired $94,892 US dollars, exceeding passed their $35,000 targeted budget. As such, one wonders what this financial amount might mean in the future.

The Director Quits His Small Business

First and foremost, this shocking news might scare the hundreds of trusted supporters who just financially supplied the After Reset, but this executive assures his growing fans that this drastic move is meant for him to commit more time into producing resources in this innovative project.

Black Cloud Studio Creates a Schedule Agenda

In a meeting three days ago, the group has scheduled a few things, such working on the “Prologue” to be released on time. Additionally, this tight management has also set a schedule for programming, modeling, animation, and sound design. Though this is the main objective, they also planned the The Fall of Gyes (TFoG) graphic novel or an upcoming cinematic introduction.

Donators Will Receive Promised Goods

As always, Kickstarter and Amazon will proceed operations with the pledges for fourteen days. Afterwards, the awarded developer will send each Backer a survey to collect in order to start delivering rewards. Additionally, they plan to release more updates and awards to fans joining their forum.

For more information and details about this role-playing game, please visit the official website, the campaign, or steam’s greenlight.

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