Project Morpheus Compatible Games as of 8/13/2014

By Sarah Ryan – 13th August 2014
Project Morpheus Compatible Games as of 8/13/2014

Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset, known as Project Morpheus, has been faced with a good deal of scepticism through recent months. As the PS4 has well and truly pulled ahead as the leading next gen console, Sony appear to have developed a dire case of tunnel vision – almost entirely shutting the Vita out of focus. A lack of support for their own hardware has prompted many gamers to question whether or not Project Morpheus will serve as a truly valuable addition to the Playstation arsenal, or if it will simply be left to flounder alongside the Vita.

Project Morpheus took to the stage at Gamescom this week, as Sony discussed the potential line-up for the HMD in Cologne, Germany. The virtual reality peripheral has been confirmed as fully functional with the PS4 as well as boasting Vita compatibility. The current prototype model offers 6DOF head tracking, point-of-view TV output as well as stereoscopic 3D. Second screen applications have been discussed, although we have few details on smart phone and tablet use with the headset.

Currently in production, the VR will support the following Playstation titles:

Eve Valkyrie – CCP Games
Among The Sleep – Krillbite Studio
Cult County – Renegade Kid
Project CARS – Slightly Mad Studios
War Thunder – Gaijin Entertainment
The Deep – London Studios
The Assembly – nDreams
Surgeon Simulator – Bossa Studios
The Castle – SCE
Street Luge – London Studios
Thief – Eidos Montreal
Jurassic Encounter – Supermassive Games

The line-up is definitely giving us hope for the project, although only time will tell how well Sony will support the feature and how it will stand up against its main competitor, Oculus Rift. With no specific release date, we can guesstimate Project Morpheus will hit shelves some time after 2014.

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  • TheCanadian0495

    I’m pretty skeptical about virtual reality still, but I think Thief would be a lot of fun, if virtual reality is as fun as people say it is.

  • Firefox1095

    This will be nothing more than a gimmick; a marketing scheme, nothing more, nothing less. It’ll be cool at first and there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy it. But after the first week of excitement has passed, you will return to the controller and the TV set.

    • Martin Brentnall

      It’s funny to see how people still have absolutely no understanding of the VR experience.