Pokémon X & Y Pikachu Tournamentchu and Diamond Storm Confirmed for Japan

By Adnan Riaz – 14th August 2014
Pokémon X & Y Pikachu Tournamentchu and Diamond Storm Confirmed for Japan

Pokémon X & Y will be receiving two upcoming battle competitions exclusively for Japan.

Running from August 22nd to August 24th — make sure that you register before August 22nd to be eligible for the tournament — the first event is called Pikachu Tournamentchu and consists of a Triple Battle mode requiring the player to use Pokémon which can only be evolved in the Kalos Pokédex.

As the name suggests, Pikachu is the star of the competition, meaning that it must feature in your team. Additionally, all Pokémon will be lowered or raised to Level 30 for the tournament and, more importantly, those that are not available in the Kalos region or holding an Eviolite item aren’t eligible for entry.

All participants in Pikachu Tournamentchu will receive a Light Ball.

The second battle competition, Diamond Storm, is a Single Battle tournament that consists of Pokémon that can only be found in the Kalos Pokédex.

Just as Pikachu Tournamentchu requires a Pikachu to be in your team, Diamond Storm centres on the Pokémon Diancie, which means that you must have one to enter the tournament.

Running from September 12th to September 15th 2014 — while the registration for this tournament is set from September 4th to September 12th — all Pokémon will automatically be lowered or raised to Level 50 for the competition.

Every person who enters will receive a gift of 1000 Poké Miles to use in Pokémon X & Y.