Pokémon X & Y North America Events Revealed

By Adnan Riaz – 1st August 2014
Pokémon X & Y North America Events Revealed

North America is scheduled to receive two special events for Pokémon X & Y, which are both centred on Mega Evolutions.

Running from August 13th to September 17th, the first event will allow players to receive either a Heracross or Pinsir via internet download. The second event requires Pokémon X & Y users to head to a GameStop store between August 18th to August 31st, which will let you receive a special serial code that is required to download Heracronite or Pinsirite Mega Stones.

Serebii confirmed that further details are expected regarding both of these events, including whether or not they will feature in other regions.

In other Pokémon-related news, it was confirmed that an upcoming Pokémon event, Super Speed Double Battle, is scheduled to take place from August 8th to August 10th. More details on that event can be found here at Gamer Headlines.

Head back to Gamer Headlines for more information on these events when it’s released.

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