Oculus Rift News: The Closest We’ll Get To Half-Life 3 This Year

By Erwin Murillo – 24th August 2014
Oculus Rift News: The Closest We’ll Get To Half-Life 3 This Year

A video by YouTube gamer, Goldfish, showcasing Half-Life 2: Episode One gameplay using an Oculus Rift has recently been uploaded to the Internet. Sounds pretty slick, right? Now, combine that with Razer Hydra motion controllers and a virtual reality mod, and you’ve got something truly spectacular.

With the aforementioned VR mod installed, the player’s hands are visible in-game, and can do everything from holding/throwing grenades, aiming your flashlight, to shooting and reloading guns, all using realistic manual gestures.

Here’s a GIF to give you an idea of how it works:

Oculus Rift Half-Life 2 VR Mod

Click to view.

Imagine games where reloading your weapons was based on skill and knowledge, rather than animation speed.

For example: You’re in an intense firefight, you’ve got 2 rounds left in the magazine, and you have to start thinking about putting in a fresh clip. But you can’t simply press X or Square to reload anymore. You have to release the magazine, fish out a new one, throw it in the gun, and chamber a round, all in a swift, smooth motion, lest you mess up and drop the clip (leading to your inevitable demise).

Following that, you would actually have to aim down the sights of the gun. There would be no more crosshairs. Also, you could shoot enemies that are either to the side or behind you without even looking. Think of how intense it would be! Obviously, not everyone would be too keen on that idea, but no one is forcing you to do anything.

Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure:

Oculus Rift Half-Life 2 VR Mod Gameplay

Unfortunately, the experience is only available to individuals with the proper equipment (the previously mentioned Oculus Rift dev kit, Razer Hydra motion controllers, et cetera). Nevertheless, it’s a very exciting idea.

Hopefully, developers will begin to integrate virtual reality support into past and future titles within the next few years. While the concept is not for everyone, there is certainly a market for this sort of experience. Also, Valve isn’t doing much of anything to sate gamer’s thirst for news related to Half-Life 3, so this is about as close as we’ll get until they do so. Unless…this whole thing was a ploy set up by the company to build up hype for a new Half-Life game. Half-Life 3 confirmed?

I kid, but you get the point. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this news? Would you like to experience it for yourself, or are you prone to motion sickness? What do you think of the Oculus Rift in general? Let us know in the comments below! As always, stay tuned to GamerHeadlines.com for the latest in gaming and technology news.

Erwin Murillo
  • Sweawm

    I can the fox news headlines now: murder simulator a reality. I’ve loved the idea of virtual reality simulators from day one, but geez, is this going to get picked apart once it goes mainstream (which is damn inevitable considering how amazing it is and how fast the technology is advancing at this stage)

    • http://desertfoxjr.wordpress.com/ Erwin Murillo

      Haha, it’s always a possibility. I hope not though. It really is amazing though. I just wish I could get my own hands on it, haha.

    • Hendrickson

      Looks awesome, this is the true future of gaming!

  • Adam Reber

    Oculus Rift = true vaporware.