‘GamerGate’ and Why We Aren’t Moving Forward From the Worst Week in Gaming

By Sarah Ryan – 30th August 2014
‘GamerGate’ and Why We Aren’t Moving Forward From the Worst Week in Gaming

The past week has been, by a long shot, the worst week in the recent history of gaming. With finger pointing, tantrums and some absolutely vile abuse aimed at so many prominent figures on both sides of the debate, nobody has come out of this situation on top. We have experienced the ugly side of every sector in gaming and it’s left a lot of us lacking enthusiasm for the industry that brought us all together to begin with. Although the original fever has passed, it looks as though nobody in the industry is truly moving on. And I believe a large portion of that is down to the narrative that has been created by the dismissive, sweeping voices that stand in opposition within gaming media.

Much of the anger surrounding the ‘GamerGate‘ climate (a tag coined to represent the injustice felt by a community of gamers at odds with its industry), has transitioned from the petty back and forth surrounding individuals and fallen firmly on the doorstep of the journalists that have in the past, and continue to, stand in the way of progress. I have talked a bit before about journalistic responsibility, as well as simple ways around potential conflicts of interests, and received an incredibly supportive and open minded response from the gaming community. So frequently now I am confronted with the accusation that gamers are overall a misogynistic group of individuals. However, I am a woman, I am openly and outright feminist, I have spoken out against the treatment of women in gaming, especially over this past week – and yet the responses I have received have been almost entirely to the tune of “whether or not I agree with your point of view, I respect you for discussing it reasonably”. So why is it that I’m seeing articles from other, far more prominent and connected figures in gaming media claiming that ‘gamers are over’, that our culture has expired, and the general sentiment that the community has outstayed it’s welcome within it’s own supporting industry?

This overarching disconnect from the reality of gaming culture speaks strongly in favour of the need for reform. Journalism has become an incredibly defensive sector due to recent ethics and conduct concerns expressed by the community, and a great deal of the response has been dramatic knee-jerk reactions such as dubbing all gamers sexist, or blocking writers from offering indie support. Unfortunately, the defensive reaction of the gaming media has closed almost all formal channels of communication between the industry and the community, and this complete refusal of discourse has only served to heighten the divide, and fan the flames of frustration felt on both ends. When the only means of communication is informally through networks like Twitter, it increases the anger, it perpetuates the feeling of ignorance and lack of understanding between both parties – all of these factors increase the likelihood of abuse and aggressive attitudes.

It still doesn’t feel as though it’s a fair fight, and it isn’t. There are many figures within the industry that carry a great deal of influence, and in picking sides either way have perpetuated the ‘Gamers v Social Justice’ narrative we are experiencing right now. But that isn’t what’s actually happening. Sexism is a real issue within gaming, but it has become a false target, the reality of which is belittled by the unfounded, misrepresented and often entirely baseless accusations being casually thrown around.  There has of course been undue and unwelcome harassment and abuse suffered by many people in gaming over the past few weeks, regardless of which standpoint they have taken. The accusation that this outward form of hatred is prevalent only in the ‘gamers’ sector is entirely dismissive of the abuse names such as TotalBiscuit and JonTron have faced. It is entirely dismissive of the utter insult, disrespect and hatred the community as a whole have faced, to the point where we have been compared to a terrorist organisation. Is this reasonable discourse?


By the same token, feminism has become a scapegoat for many gamers, with a large number of people viewing it as a movement under the umbrella of Social Justice, and therefore opposing their ideals. That’s nonsense, please do not align yourself with that closed off way of thinking. The “feminism” that you see being flaunted from high horses right now is a fraudulent use of the term – the goal of feminists is to open channels of communication, encourage discourse and understanding. That movement is unfortunately associated with several poor names in gaming, and I feel as though that reflection has encouraged many in the community to actively reject all discussion regarding the subject altogether. This movement against gamers under the guise of ‘Social Justice’ does more damage to legitimate social concerns by effecting their welcome within the community in the future. It is under attack just as much as the community itself.

The only way the industry can begin to move forward is by opening formal channels of discourse that will allow a free flow of thoughts, ideas and opinions. Conversation cannot be censored anymore, and one sided articles cannot flippantly align entire sites one way or another for good. It cannot be the case that a violent reaction from a minority defines an entire movement – we have seen this ham-fisted approach demonstrated in nearly every controversial discussion, and it only serves to halt progress with reinforced elective ignorance.

This conflict will not go away, gamers are not ‘over’ – it’s about time everybody sat down, shut the fuck up and heard each other out.

Sarah Ryan

Gaming culture and industry critic. A little sharp tongued, and a little short on patience. Follow me on Twitter at @Auseil, or [email protected] to contact me directly.

  • Totheendofsin


    I am sick of all the vitriol being thrown about, it’s unsurprising to see vitriol come from gamers (which doesn’t make it right at all) but I was astonished at the sheer amount of hate coming from so called professionals in the industry.

  • davem

    We no longer trust the journalist/bloggers, some have switched back and forth to optimise their position. Until they reearn that trust a flat ban of patreon backing is required, we simply cannot trust them to reveal connections at the moment.
    I am torn on kickstarter as it is more of a preorder system, even if KS deny that. In that case I think disclosure may be suitable.

    • It’s definitely a complicated issue, and I can completely understand why a lot of people are in favour of total ban on financial contribution. So many media figures have done far too much damage to expect the entire community to simply trust them with upholding transparent standards. I personally believe that supporting indie creators is far too important to implant such massive restrictions.

      • tetrisdork

        Definitely recuse yourself from the subject in question. That is what I find disgusting about Kuchera’s article.

      • davem

        A few dozen journalists will make no useful difference to their project funding one way or another, unless you are getting paid way more than I suspect.

        Instead, *trusted* journalists can be advocates for projects and developers that catch their attention, and then the vast multitude more readers can look at the projects and provide the funding.

  • OhGod

    “From both sides” ho

  • JoeSislack

    Thank you very much for writing this. I wish more pieces like this existed in the midst of such venom being spewed by both sides.

  • OhGod

    So, just so we are clear, in your attempt to be “neutral” you are siding with the trolls and trash human beings sending death threats , spreading nude pictures without consent and trying to destroy people’s careers just for contributing to a patreon. And your justification for this is that someone made an ironical tweet comparing these trolls – Who want to destroy lives just to keep their games to themselves – to ISIS.


    • davem

      They are journalists, or claim to be when it suits, they should have no financial connection, no matter how small, to their subjects. Just as in every other form of legitmate journalism.
      You should also go and read the rest of Faraci’s twitter stream, there is no irony there. He is as abusive as any you will find on either side of this issue.

    • Ramram

      When you do porn, you don’t own your pictures. If anyone should be upset it should be the photographer or website that host the pictures.

    • Chaz Davis

      ISIS? Congratulations on beign a Bigot, and grow up man, comparing people that play video games to terrorist, pathetic.

    • bit_crusherrr

      Imagine if I was a political journalist and I went around saying how great Party X was, while at the same time I was giving Party X a monthly donation. How can you not say that’s unethical?

      Btw did you know your side recently spewed so much shit at an employee of XSEED games over the Akiba’s Trip translation that she’s not posted on Twitter since? All that over a character using a possibly offensive word in a game. But I guess it’s ok to do that when you’re on the “good side”

    • I haven’t claimed to be neutral at all, I’ve considered both the positive and negative attributes on both sides of the conflict. That’s not neutrality, it’s just not blindly siding one way or the other.

    • tetrisdork

      Yes, I am the one who wanted Faraci fired based on his terrorist comments. I do not believe he was being ironic.

    • MaidKillua

      I was about to call this out as obvious bait, but then I remembered Hanlons Razor. 10/10 probably just stupid. Call me when you see a video of 4chan executing journalists. If gamers were as bad as ISIS then surely instead of civil discourse we would just, I dunno, kill people??? But of course we don’t because believe it or not, gamers are in fact, normal people. Shocking, I know (I can already hear the cries of “OMG THIS IS A DEATH THREAT” but anyone with even an ounce of basic reasoning skills can clearly see, that it is sarcastic and hypothetical)

    • GjestBaaardsen

      You are now lumping together the assholes who harass those who disagree with them, which exists on both sides, with people who are legitimately critical to gaming journalism. This is dishonest as hell. Having a binary vision where you’re either with us or against us isn’t how the world works.

  • Rich

    Great job calling out Devin Faraci, about time someone did. All he did and wanted to do was get people angry enough to stop civil discourse from happening.

  • Guardian

    Thank you for writing this.

    I agree, there have been extreme threats on both sides and anyone who is rational can see that these people are not the majority on either side. These vile people are not gamers and should be called out when they speak such filth.

    However, this is not the issue at hand. The main issue is that gamers want journalists to be held responsible and have integrity, be professional. If you want to shirk the duties the press has then fine, it is not a big deal. But you also lose the right to call yourselves journalists.

    • You might be interested in taking a look at this article I wrote a few days ago.


      I have been calling attention to the problem of journalistic integrity since the initial ‘Quinn’ fiasco, I apologise if I didn’t discuss that enough in this particular piece, but it’s the central focus of several other articles of mine. You can click my photo at the bottom of the article and check out other things I’ve written on the topic on my author’s page.

      • Guardian

        I will do just that, thank you.

  • oooole

    What anonymous users say between themselves is irrelevant to me, I think by 2014 we all know stupid stuff is bound to be said on the internets.

    But people with actual responsibility in this industry should not be acting like or worse than said anonymous while slapping “gamers are dead” articles out of spite.
    This is built purposely to throw mud and silence the rational criticism that is currently being made by gamers.

    A serious investigation needs to be done about the exchanges of money and personal relationships between gaming critics and gaming devs. The censorship and blackout around this issue also cannot be ignored.

    Tortilo’s “It’s all okay” statement is not enough for me or for all the gamer that have seen their media turn into TMZesque blogs.

  • Zyde

    I completely agree with your views on the situation, but I will have to disagree on the subject of games being “sexist”. There are many prominent females working in the industry and it does not bar women from entering.

    • I didn’t say games themselves are “sexist”, but there are a lot of sexist trends within gaming.

      • Zyde


        • JohnnyAppleseed

          Boobs. Need I say more. >_>

          With that said however, I will point out that it has gone way to far to point blame at things that aren’t inherently sexist. A female sex worker in Bioshock for example. People use that as an example of sexism in games and it just doesn’t make sense. It was a realistic character, not some degrading gimmick. It’s like saying it’s racist that Adewale in AC4 was at one point a slave. Nobody condoned these things, they were part of a narrative.

  • Hep C

    Thanks for seeing past the Misogyny scapeqoat. Most gamers I know have been begging women to take more of an interest in gaming since Pong came out. Gaming is one of the most inclusive hobbies I’ve ever seen, I’d even say it’s more inclusive than social activism, but let’s not go there.

    Calling the gaming community “a cesspool of misogyny” (thanks, Wil Wheaton) because some nutter threatened Anita Sarkeesian is like calling Beatles fandom a cesspool of insanity because of the Manson Family murders.

    • Belades

      You have a point but even if it’s exaggerated there is definitely a problem within the community itself too. There was a recent kerfuffle about an international competitive gaming tournament barring women from signing up (they would instead have to sign up for a separate tournament which, looking at the final listings, would have been SIGNIFIGANTLY smaller, consisting of only two games as opposed to 5) because they thought their entrants would contest any losses to women for example. They DID reverse that decision fortunately, but only after backlash great enough to prompt them to hold an “emergency meeting.” There is no reason such a thing should have happened in the first place.

      • Hep C

        Sure, that sounds like a fiasco, but why wouldn’t the blame be on the organizers of that tournament and not the gaming community as a whole?

        • Shane

          Yeah, any sociologist worth his salt will tell you that demonizing, taunting and broad-brushing an entire community while at the same time stifling dissenting opinions — even if they have been respectful–, is just about the worst possible way to get said community to be receptive toward social changes. A totalitarian however…

        • Jnky

          because that tournament was held in Azerbajan. Many modern feminists with the free time to complain about games don’t bother with issues away from the States once they realize the outside world might have real issues. Azerbajan doesn’t sound super bad either but the point is people had to target gamers because it wasn’t the United States.

    • pobilo

      A lot of people are using misogyny as a scapegoat to dismiss a lot of legitimate issues, but at the same time I’m not going to pretend gaming is by and large an inclusive community. For the longest I’ve seen both friends and acquaintances avoid online gaming, using mics, streaming and the like because they know things are easier if you just let people assume you are a white male and I myself have often done the same.

      On that level I can not blame some of these writers for feeling the way they do. Sometimes after hearing a fresh batch of slurs slung in a counter-strike match or seeing a stream chat rapidly fill with swastikas and racist propaganda I’ve thought to myself “What shitty people make up this community.” Now there are a lot of very good people in gaming, but the naked truth is that many minority gamers are scared to openly interact with this community.

      I do not believe in trying to censor the community, I do not believe in reporting only parts of a story to make a specific narrative, but since I first started gaming I’ve known there was a sickness to this community and it does need to be addressed.

  • dodoking

    I do have a question Sarah do you consider yourself a gamer do you play the games you write about do you LOVE playing them?

    • Haha, I really can’t tell if you’re being serious or mocking zealots.

      • dodoking

        hmm take it how you will I only asked because the articles I’ve read on other sites it almost seems like they don’t play the games or only play it like half an hour. I knew the steam name of one author so after reading his review of a game I went his steam page to see how long he played and he had only played it for 20 minutes which is all it takes to get used to the controls. I consider a gaming enthusiast to be just that and frankly I expect gaming critics to at least enjoy playing games they may not enjoy the game they write about but that’s their prerogative.

        • Then yes, I do love games. I grew up in a gaming family, my circle through-out my life has been consistently made up of gamers. I have been gaming for as long as I have been reading. It is beyond a hobby, and is an integral part of my life.

          • dodoking

            thank you for the reply. in all this the point I wanted to make was that I love gaming and anyone who plays and loves gaming is a gamer it does not matter what gender, what skin, what age, what culture, what sexual orientation, what political orientation being a gamer has nothing to do with “tags” that you might attach to yourself

  • Patrick Toworfe

    “However, I am a woman, I am openly and outright feminist, I have
    spoken out against the treatment of women in gaming, especially over
    this past week – and yet the responses I have received have been almost
    entirely to the tune of “whether or not I agree with your point of view,
    I respect you for discussing it reasonably”. So why is it that
    I’m seeing articles from other, far more prominent and connected
    figures in gaming media claiming that ‘gamers are over’, that our
    culture has expired, and the general sentiment that the community has
    outstayed it’s welcome within it’s own supporting industry?”

    Certainly the best part of this article. I’ve pretty much expressed what you’ve said here (albeit from my perspective) in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntiGORSZYeg

    And you’re absolutely right; the name calling, sweeping statements and ignorance on ALL sides has helped no one. To quote something Total Biscuit said in a skype conversation with Jon Tron; no one likes to get put in a box. Gamers shouldn’t be lumped together with the assholes of the community. Feminists shouldn’t have to answer for the extremists. Twitter personalities shouldn’t be mistreated. This whole thing has been a MASSIVE mess, and it’s just put a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. I think that we all need to cool down and just have some discussion. Get back to talking about games, reflect honestly on events and find solutions. It really felt like we just had a gaming civil war, however it’s not been all bad. Every entertainment industry suffers growing pains and this was our industry’s test, so to speak. When even Joss Whedon is tweeting about it (albeit taking Anita’s side) it shows that gaming is fully mainstream now. We’ve gotta figure out a way to move forward from this, together. Male and female gamers. Feminists and ‘social justice warriors’. There’s room in the industry for all of us.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    And I’ll admit: I was mad. Like so many others. Mad at the industry not acknowledging the Quinnspiracy. Mad at journalists for being so corrupt. Mad at Anita for creating another threat narrative. Mad at once again being treated as a pariah by the industry that was supposed to make me feel welcome. In the end, I don’t hate anyone. Not Polygon, not Kotaku, not Anita (maybe Phil Fish :v ), I was just sad that people had long since forgotten common sense and were up in arms. For years, I’ve wanted male and female gamers to be on the same page, interacting in online games and attending events. But lately, everyone’s just on one side, there’s no room for middle ground. Luckily, this whole mess has finally made people take notice of how bad it is for everyone. And now, we can speculate on the aftermath and figure out where to go from here. Once again, thanks for the article Sarah. It really helped me feel better about this whole thing =]

    • Junoh315

      Being in the middle means that everybody hates you. Just supporting social equality is enough to get some people to think I’m an SJW(which I was just called one with my secondary account on Reddit today so that’s interesting) and being against the gaming journalists with no integrity gets me labelled as a misogynist. You can’t win with the extremists.

  • James McGee

    I was linked to this article from another website, and I’d just like to thank you for writing this reasonable and well thought out piece. It’s sad that this level of discourse has become the exception rather than the rule.

  • Lisa Ngo

    Thank you. That’s all I have to say.

  • RobO

    i stopped reading at “I am openly and outright feminist”… all i can see after that is “I KNOW BETTER THEN YOU AND YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A STUPID MAN”

    • Rob

      Then you are part of the problem. Read on or stay ignorant.

      • Nettacki

        You just replied to yourself. dafuq

    • TheBig1

      Then you made a mistake. I have absolutely no love for the SJW crowd and I don’t consider myself a feminist, but as with any group feminism is not a monolithic bloc, but a diverse spectrum. One the one end you have the zealous misandrists who are just as sexist as their male counterparts and on the other end you have people genuinely interested in equality for men and women. The author of this piece has given no indication that she aligns anywhere near the former group (at least in this article). Dismissing her opinion because of a few loudmouthed assholes that have co-opted the same banner she uses to express her ideas about equality is not much different from the mainstream gaming press dismissing any valid criticism of their ethics and integrity because of a few misogynists that harass people.

    • SamualSales

      That was a bad decision. The article is the complete opposite of what you think it is.

    • Junoh315

      Not all feminists are man-haters. While it’s very much an issue within feminism, it’s not a core part of feminism.

  • UpperCaseT

    Your take on the subject is by-far the most balanced I’ve seen from anyone willing to write about it.

    I for one never thought this was a battle of Gamers vs Feminists, but rather of the most vocal, and vitriolic representative from either side yelling at each other from across a fence.

    It’s not fair for 90% of the population of both sides to be defined by ravings of the 10% who think it’s their right to represent their respective viewpoint, because more often than naught, the ones who are the loudest will eventually turn out to be among the most extreme.

    • Shane

      Some gamers (in this saga) are yelling for sure, but they are yelling to be heard. They are yelling for respect and rational, open discourse with the very people who are supposed to be writing for them. I don’t think I’m biased in this, but apart from a small number of stragglers, most of these people on the gamer side of #gamergate have been largely respectful (not even yelling), whether it is on Twitter, Reddit, Escapist or even 4chan; hardly the misogynistic potty-mouthed teens that I was expecting. Granted these people do exist in great numbers IRL, but their almost complete lack of presence (or maybe they are just behaving well for a change) just makes the SJWs look strikingly childish in contrast.

      The Badass Digest article is just 9000 plus comments of SJWs provoking, mocking and then dogpiling on people who weren’t even looking for conflict, just discourse. Apparently, they want them to feel what sexism feels like. That’s their logic: if someone on your side insults one of us, I can insult whoever “I think” aligns himself with yours, even if they have been polite. Fighting sexism with more sexism — where’s the justice in that? And those hashtags making rounds on Twitter mocking and dehumanizing gamers are just disgusting. Apparently, bullying isn’t an issue if you are on the other side of the “moral divide”, a divide determined by them, a divide that became “immediately necessary” because a couple of people out of millions sent death threats to Anita. These people have issues!

      An ongoing list of their hypocrisy: gamergateharrassment dot tumblr.

      P.S. A very similar comment to this was not approved by Kotaku.

      • UpperCaseT

        Admittedly I’m not all up to date with all the sources you’ve mentioned. Sadly, it’s almost guaranteed that only the most vitriolic stuff that’s said on either side is going to get the most attention.

        I never meant o say that gamers don’t have a point. A rational discussion is the only way to resolve most things if people will have them. Sadly, not all sides are open to it.

        There was actually a case in Toronto recently, where a prominent local feminist was charging an artist for harassment, mainly because he disagreed with her on her campaign to harass someone else.

        When asked if people had a right to defend their views, her reply was “not to me”

        At this point I’m not sure what the point is im trying to make anymore, hut I’m glad to be able to talk it out rationally.

        • Shane

          Your assumption is a perfectly reasonable one to make. It is certainly true for most Internet wars, so to speak. I am just genuinely shocked (and enraged) by how skewed the whole situation is with regards to #gamergate. In my opinion, regardless of what happened in the past, the gamers are the ones with the moral high-ground this time.

          If the SJWs want to discuss and address misogyny in gaming, all they have to do is “open formal channels of discourse that will allow a free flow of thoughts, ideas and opinions”. Many gamers and gaming personalities are willing to do the same. The volume and the synchronicity of the aggression from the media, I think (tinfoil hat time), has less to do with social justice and Anita, and more to do with the accusations by the gaming community towards the incestuous relationships between gaming journalists and indie devs.

  • Something

    Thank you for writing this, it is the kind of thing we need to see more of in this debacle we find ourselves in.

  • Billy the Squid

    Is misogyny in gaming a real issue? Let’s define misogyny first. An ingrained hatred of women, based simply on their gender. Are you discriminated against? Denigrated? Subject to violence In any cohesive way, or is this systemic? I don’t see that anywhere.

    Now, what I do see is that certain people are going to be for want of a better term, complete and utter morons, that’s a universal truth unfortunately. But, hypothetically, if the gaming community comprises 378 million gamers and 55% of them are male that leaves 207.9 million men who are in the community, now if only 10% of that is misogynistic that’s 20.79 million men. Enough to render the entire community utterly intolerable, which given how the numbers of women in the community has increased over the last 10 years, it’s clearly not the case.

    So, how about 1%? That’s still 2.079 million men being arseholes, enough to have rendered this entire debate a joke, which we see that it isn’t given that looking at the likes of Anita’s twitter, the number of comments which are misogynistic isn’t that high, she’d been run out immediately if it was 1%.

    So, what about 0.1% 200,790 men being aresholes, still enough to render any debate a farce, which this has proven not to be after continuing for 2 weeks.

    How about 0.01% 20,790 okay, now we’re getting to more reasonable figures.

    But, you really think that because 0.01% of the community or less are trolls and sexist bigots that means that there is a problem with misogyny in the industry? I’ve got to question how you think this is going to be addressed. These kind of people as I just showed are a tiny minority, and as much as we might wish you can’t change how these people think, at least not most of the time.

    Yet, in the same piece you say feminists are being used as scapegoats for the actions of a few. By the above reasoning, shouldn’t I say that there is a serious problem in feminism, given that even if the minority they still present a problem in the movement?

    In fact, given the recent behavior of the SJW, they have behave worse than the people who they are accusing of misogyny.

    Maybe I’m being pedantic, but by Oxford English definitions there is no problem with misogyny here, maybe by your feminist definition, but not by mine. Now, is there a problem with the portrayal of women in games, hmmmm yes, it’s fair to say that there are issues, but not the one you’re alluding to.

    These tend to revolve around using them as titillation, to an extent (but only when the game is devoid of all other content or reason for it to be there at all) or using women as a short cut to give some reason why your character should do something eg: he killed a woman, he’s bad so kill him. I don’t see that as misogynistic, it doesn’t even fit the definition, it’s a cack handed and poorly thought out way of implementing a reason for one’s actions certainly.

    But I don’t see that as any different to CoD’s narrative for people to shoot things “He’s a TERRROARIST!” and apparently that’s as much as it takes for us to murder the entire population of the Earth several times over. And yet, no one bats an eyelid.

    However, bring up the portrayal of women, then it’s all misogyny, bigotry and sexism not about the actual way game design is failing to implement things effectively and just using women as a one stop shop band aid to cover poor character stories and writing. Not to say that it doesn’t exist, but I think you’re overstating things a little.

    • Shane

      “In fact, given the recent behavior of the SJW, they have behave worse than the people who they are accusing of misogyny.”

      This is an ongoing list of their hypocricy: http://gamergateharrassment.tumblr.com/. Many of these people are supposed to be mature, educated professionals trained in communications. Yet they turned out to be more representative of the very people they are accusing — strident, uncompromising, irrational, rude, childish.

    • DaleK

      Did you see the word misogyny and not read the rest of the article? Your response sort of illustrates the author’s point really….lack of communication.

      Going by the definition of misogyny is as you stated – then I guess I can understand why you might not want to read the whole article.

      FWIW, misogyny can be, and often is, more subtle than an ingrained hatred resulting in outright abuse or discrimination. I think of it more as a socially acceptable/conditioned disregard or dehumanizing of women.

      Though I do think you bring up an excellent point – we need a better word. Most men aren’t even aware of how their treatment of women can sometimes be sexist, degrading etc. So, no, that’s not misogyny in the strictest, or any sense I guess.

      The militant tactics for clicks (a.k.a. the almighty $), used by those masquerading as feminists and/or journalists, have relegated the words “misogyny” and
      “feminism” to **** status. So, I would absolutely agree
      with you on that point – there’s a small minority of mainstream (not gamer) “feminists” (note the quotes) who publish linkbait/BS masquerading as feminist thought. The best part is they are all writing for free for male owned publications. /rollseyes /gag /wtf

      This is also probably why were not seeing much balanced discussion on the topic…..no controversy = no traffic/ad$ etc.

      That said, I’m wondering if you’ve ever played an MMO as an IRL female? Ever been grinding with a guy and out of know where have him describe what he’s doing with his free hand? Have you ever
      had to sit in guild TS channel listening to guildmates engaging is sexist/degrading locker room talk about some bimbo they banged last night and not be able
      to speak your mind without being accused of being a feminatzi or having your panties in a wad? What should I do in that situation? What are my options?

      Women gamers are regularly subject to subtle and not so subtle sexist behavior coming from those far less maladjusted than the trolls. It’s not just the minority who intentionally (or not) exhibit disregard for women. Believe it or not, there’s a definite “boys only club” vibe in every mmo I’ve ever played. I’m not even saying anything should or even can change. Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. I’m just saying it’s a reality. Things happen that you might not be cognizant of – because the behavior/attitudes are normal and acceptable in your man’s world.

      Sexism, bigotry, patriarchy, misogyny, pick your word, is deeply ingrained in our society. I was married to a man named PigPen. He denied being sexist. He would put his trash on the counter NEXT to the trash can and then ask me when I was going to clean the kitchen. And! I’d feel guilty if I didn’t clean up after him!!

      Men and women aren’t always able to see through their own BS, errr, social conditioning. His mom cleaned up after his dad. So I should clean up after him. That was “normal” in his world…not sexist.

      Most of us exhibit sexist/patriarchal behaviors without even realizing it. It’s just “normal”. I’m not making a
      judgment about moral character. It’s a fact. We are socialized this way, to differing degrees.

      You said, “…..bring up the portrayal of women, then it’s all misogyny, bigotry and
      sexism not about the actual way game design is failing to implement
      things effectively and just using women as a one stop shop band aid to
      cover poor character stories and writing……”

      So are you saying that the sexual objectification of women in games, while it exists, isn’t what women experience it as (objectification) because it’s not what the devs intended, rather the objectification was just a shortcut…and therefore we shouldn’t talk about the fact that it exists nonetheless?

      Is the effect on my keyboard not the same regardless of whether I purposely pour coffee or inadvertently spill it?

      It’s not objectification – it’s just crappy game design being overstated by feminists? Do you mean to tell me that my experience isn’t what I perceive it to be? Am I over reacting? Hysterical? Are my panties in too tight a wad?

      Objectification exits. Period. No need to quantify, justify or excuse away. It exists or it doesn’t. Is a little OK? How much is too
      much? How much is not enough?

      Should there be a discussion about crappy/lazy game design? Sure. Does
      that mean we shouldn’t bother to talk about WHY the go-to
      shortcut/bandaid is to victimize/objectify a woman? Why is THAT the
      favored shortcut?

      Why isn’t the go-to band-aid objectification of a man? Or a cat? Or a child?

      • Cherry_Changas

        “What should I do in that situation?” Remove yourself from it. That or pretend you can’t hear them. That one’s usually more fun in my experience.

      • Sean William Robertson

        More men are killed, shot, tortured, blown up, etc in every game than any woman.. is this misandry? Judging by the logic of feminism, then it very well is!!

        But in real life, no it isn’t, it is just a game, and the word Misogyny is thrown about with no logic or research… it isn’t hatred of women, or a disregard of female characters, because even in the moments where you say they are being “objectified” they still get more character development than the millions of men you have shot, lazered, and diced up on your way to that point in the game… should men revolt against the games industry because the pixels on the screen offended our reality?

        All the things that are said to women in online games is horrible, but do you really think these same men/boys speak with absolute respect to the other males in the game… I can guarantee you that they do not, it is just as absurd and vile things being thrown at me as it they would you, it isn’t an ingrained hatred or conscious sexism, it is the easy target, you find the one thing that you can say to them to be offensive and you say it, this isn’t sexism, it it stupidity and a call to arms about the sexism in game is just as stupid.

        “not be able to speak your mind without being accused of being a feminazi or having your panties in a wad? What should I do in that situation? What are my options?” what about the thousands of people (men and women) who have well reasoned responses with the research, facts, and cited sources to back them up when refuting absurd claims by feminists like Anita Sarkessian, all these people who go against a feminist are labelled misogynists, chauvinists, and oppressors purely because they disagree… I can’t count how many times I’ve been told to “shut up and stop silencing me” and “men are always trying to dehumanize us as women, urgh men are such pigs”, the irony goes right over their heads because they only have an impulse to argue without reason.

        In the case of your marriage ( I am trying my best not to make this a personal attack) but YOU married him, it wasn’t social pressure of the “patriarchy” forcing you to marry him, and NO this isn’t victim blaming, I know how people love to grasp at that one. If he was a sexist, then that was him being a sexist, not the whole of mankind, not all gamers, not anyone but him….

        How you are affected by a game has everything to do with you and nothing else, it isn’t the game developers trying to offend you, it isn’t a story that writers making sure that you as a woman are shown as a lesser human being. Sometimes it can be simple as the whole team could be men (by chance, not this “boys club” absurd claim) and they don’t know how to write a convincing female character or lead, it would be better to have no female character than to have a really badly written one that offends people and brings down the quality of the game.

        There are a lot of reason for a lot of things that happen, and misogyny is the least likely of all of them but it is the go to button to get your opinion across without any criticism, and that’s what it always has been “I am a Feminist so you will listen to me and agree or you will be branded a sexist and the media will crucify you because I have them all under the same deal”

        Any ACTUAL sexism in games I want to see gone just as much as anyone, genuine misogyny or misandry has no place in games that are built to be enjoyed, but misogyny has become so vague that it now applies to anyone with free thought and misandry is disguised as “feminism” .

      • Billy the Squid

        No, that is a twisted narrative that has been peddled in feminist circles. “It’s deeply ingrained in society” Really? We live in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria?

        So we don’t have Employment legislation dictating behavior and pay equality? We’ve had it since 1970

        No universal suffrage? As far as I know that’s been around in the US since the 1920’s

        How about Family courts.. well in that case women actually benefit considerably more.

        How about hospital treatments for cancers? Nope, you’re benefiting there too, men’s death rate is always higher (partly because we’re also dense and ignore things)

        How about higher education, well no there too, the numbers show considerable increases in women attending University?

        Maybe Rape numbers… Oh wait, they’ve dropped to the lowest numbers in recorded history.

        Not allowed to take part in politics? Nope, still there too. How about the numbers of people dying in employment? Nope, men are higher there too. How about suicide rates? Nope. men are 3.5 times more likely to kill themselves there too.

        Where exactly are you, as feminists, oppressed in a society that has been deeply ingrained with misogyny?

        What you’re saying is, It’s ingrained in society, because 0.0001% of 378 million people decided to be dicks? That’s not ingrained, nor is it pervasive, it’s people being people.

        Maybe in the home? His mum cleaned up after his father, so he’s been socially conditioned to expect that? Right? How about because his father was working all day so he could put food on the table and pay for the clothes on their backs. That social conditioning eh? God damn, our society is so socially conditioned that men are too lazy to clean up after working a 50/60 hour week.

        Are some men slobs, as in your case? Of course. Just as Some women are nagging spendthrifts with no concept of how much things cost. I don’t declare that there is a deeply ingrained hatred of men and sexism in our society, she’s just an unpleasant person. It doesn’t prove anything.

        You know why these kind of pseudo intellectual arguments that patriarchy exists fail horribly? Because none of your “evidence” has any basis in reality. You as a feminist enter a sphere and now we should all bow and shift our behavior to account for your feelings? No, not happening. My rights do not stop where your feeling begin.

        Act like everyone else, either grow a thicker skin and man up, or leave. You entered a sphere were men are comfortable saying things like it was the locker room, it offended you so now all men must think the same as you do?

        By that stance you don’t want equality, you want complete obedience. Why didn’t you try to find a grp of women, remember now women count for 45% of the community, why didn’t you find a group of other players? Or is that “victim shaming” I don’t like everyone I’ve met online, several of them are racist dicks, I don’t declare it’s ingrained in the society and try to force everyone to think the same as me because I took offence.

        As to sexual objectification, sex sells. I can point to any advertising position and it has objectification written all over it, men, women doesn’t matter. What you define as objectification, is not the same, I’ve noticed that everything you bring up isn’t overt, it’s subtle, so subtle that as soon as you examine it it falls apart.

        And you are being hysterical, or would that be sexist of me to point that out? So yes, the situation isn’t what you perceive it to be, if anything this entire reply has just gone through why your perception is warped.

        You think that the developer goes “now to cater to my sexist attitude I will apply the damsel in distress trope to portray women as useless and need to be saved by men” Really? It’s not, I have a bunch of faceless characters which need to be killed to push the mission forward, how do I invest the player in the most direct and simple way possible? Stick a woman in it, and frankly they do it with children and animals as well.

        You know why they don’t do it to men? Because we’ve just murdered a few thousand to get to that point, no one gives a crap. Not unless they’ve actually done the leg work to build these characters up, and that as we just established comes back to our point about lazy game design.

        Feminists are becoming is a laughing stock because this idea that sexism and misogyny is pervasive and subtle that it’s spread through society looks like a joke when you point out anything which is vaguely offensive to you and declare it as sexist. That’s why you’re being called nazi by gamers, it’s not the most nuanced thing to say I’ll grant you; but there’s a reason behind it, beyond they’re sexist, namely it’s irritating to be told what to think, what to feel and what to say by someone which looks like they’re doing so from their high horse.

        What happened to the feminists that fought for universal suffrage? Or got employment laws past in the 1970’s? Those were the real feminists which made strides in fixing the inequalities in society.

        Feminist arguments are now revolving around “he said something I don’t like, so society is sexist” Do you realise how ridiculous and egocentric that looks? That you’re desperately trying to remain relevant in a society which has by and large got past these issues years ago.

        Even, Christina H. Sommers, a feminist, is calling out this asinine tomfoolery, and I’ve got infinitely more respect for that woman’s writing and achievements than anything I have read coming out feminist academics and activists as of late.

        • Billy the Squid

          Oh and for everyone’s reference I’ll add the link so we can see what the lead animator on the game Divinity Original Sin had to say on the journalists, feminists, SJWs and internet white knights which impact their game.

          I see a lot of that self censorship driven bias in what Dalek said. Reading this


          Now, you should be able to see why so many of us hold or are developing a serious dislike and disdain of people who keep bringing up terms like “social conditioning” and “sexual objectification” but never actually getting to the core issue of why it’s there, that belief that it’s never okay for it to be there or that it exists at all, defining a matter as black and white, when everything exists in shades of grey.

      • Laurence Tureaud

        That said, I’m wondering if you’ve ever played an MMO as an IRL female? Ever been grinding with a guy and out of know where have him describe what he’s doing with his free hand?

        I played as a female WoW character for a very long time (100+ hrs), and I only ever had one incident that could be considered harassment (and I’ve experienced way worse harassment for different reasons). I also frequently participated in pugs (raids with a random group of people, most of the time with everyone on voice chat) and I never once witnessed a female gamer being harassed, and I played with countless female gamers who weren’t afraid to talk on mic. These kinds of baseless claims are nothing more than fearmongering, and they’re doing a great disservice to female gamers who you’re effectively scaring away from participating in games.

  • Joshua Wetuski

    Thank you Sarah for doing what you do :)
    You do your best to report the truth of both sides on these issues and without forcing your own personal moral agenda on everyone else.

    It has become clear that the journalist have no interest in debate or discourse at this point though it seems, which is very sad. I’ve seen multiple post of people literally just trying to talk to them and being amazingly calm and reasonable, and they , the journalist, just act like children mocking and ridiculing them.
    All this continues to do is make the community more and more angry, and more of us learn what’s going on about what they’re doing in the process.

  • Joshua Wetuski

    A very fun summary video of things that have gone on. In all honesty, not only should we move on from Zoe at this point, but also thank her. Without her, we wouldn’t have come this far in this whole fiasco, and that is an amazing amount of good she has done despite her ill intents. lol

  • Mitchell

    Thank you for this journal entry. I feel like every single games journalist should be writing about this. We need to protect gamer culture and start acting like respectful members of society as a larger majority. Imagine a world where a large collective can all be constructive members of gaming.

  • JohnnyAppleseed

    Wow. I am so glad all this went down simply because it lead me to this site and the fantastic job you are all doing here. Bravo Sarah, this article and the way you are representing feminism is so damn refreshing it’s like I just bit into a York peppermint patty. Seriously, I hope people are taking notes from you.

    • Sulferce

      Completely agree. Bookmarked, and am probably going to be using this site for most of my gaming news from now on.

    • grodder

      http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/260885852/gamergate-boogie-nights#p260887064 of coutse you will only listen to one side of the story

      • JohnnyAppleseed

        With all the mainstream sites only presenting the side of the story you are referring to and censoring anyone who dares have an open discussion about it, it’s almost impossible not to have heard both sides. No idea what your link is supposed to be about, it just goes to an image.

  • Matthew

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with social justice.

    • SamualSales

      I disagree. The problem with social justice is right there it it’s name, you do what you do in the name of your own sense of ‘justice’. There’s no discussion to be had. No open form of communication, just a one sided preaching of what people believe to be the ‘superior’ opinion. When you go into a debate with that kind of toxic mentality, you’re only going to make things worse.

      • st1ph1n

        Let me, or better yet, the MW dictionary, define what justice means just so you know. “The maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.” The definition includes the word impartial. ‘Social justice warrior’ is literally the worst pejorative in history.

        • overmage

          oh look, another dictionary argument.

    • Junoh315

      I’d rather see social equality.

      • Matthew

        Good, you support social justice.

        • Junoh315

          Ehhhh, I’m not sure if that’s the case. Justice usually deals with punishment.

  • ooshrooms

    The general point here is good, but I have a problem with the assertion,
    “The only way the industry can begin to move forward is by opening
    formal channels of discourse.”

    “Formal” communication requires
    some sort of power structure. Individuals would have to be empowered by
    the game playing community to speak on their behalf. That’s impossible
    with a group as nebulous as “gamers.” Communication will inherently be splintered and slow. Any quick fix through “formal channels” would be a ruse with the “gamers” in the discussion not really speaking for all gamers.

    We need open and
    transparent communication. The challenge is how to keep the trolls out
    of it without it appearing like you’re censoring legitimate points of
    view and dictating the conversation towards your predetermined end.

    • sorrykid

      http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/260885852/gamergate-boogie-nights#p260887064 read and watch everything first…

      you know we fucking gave out a shit load of money to charity and vice demonized it

      • J

        So, why is the only thread you link to the public one full of completely unrelated “softcore porn”? I have been in over 8 threads that were civil and ero free but somehow you’re linking to this like it’s how we’ve been tackling the issue? Sounds like a troll trying to demonize gamers to me.

      • ooshrooms

        No, I’m not going to read and watch everything in that crap thread. If you have something directly related to what I wrote, just say it. I’m not going to waste hours of my time to try to guess what you you’re implying.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Nice article. I definitely agree on the feminism part. The “feminists”/radfems/3rdwave that are taking part in this debacle are not the ones I see as true feminists. I separate them from people Like Christina Sommers, because these women don’t care about the plight of ALL women, they just care about themselves and inserting their agendas into a medium.

    While I agree that gaming can and should be more inclusive, I do not want games and gaming as a whole to have these agendas shoved in my face at every possible turn. I don’t care about this stuff when I’m playing games or looking for game news and discussion. I care about GAMES.

  • AnonGamer80s

    The industry is in a bit of a mess and has been for some time. Nepotism makes readers distrustful and sexism within the industry (this is doing the rounds today – http://pastebin.com/AguMFdqP) has to be wiped out.

  • Rob S.

    As a gamer, during this time, it’s been especially tough to go to certain websites because you never know when you’ll be hit with an article talking down to the people who are responsible for their clicks, readership, etc. More often than not, these articles aren’t balanced but instead inclined to declare gaming “dead” and that gamers, as a whole, are toxic.

    It sucks but what helps me is knowing that sites like this exist. The articles surrounding this whole debacle, on Gamer Headlines, have been nothing short of stellar and I’m glad to see that there are still a few websites that truly have the interests of gamers in mind. The debacle in question isn’t a battle between men and women or misogynists vs. feminists, no matter how much other sites try to spin it that way. It’s been the gaming community, hungry for balanced news, versus the gaming press that has been exposed and fought against because of their lack of integrity.

    Sarah, you – like the rest of Gamer Headlines – have been very effective at covering the matter and with a balanced mindset to boot. Wonderfully done piece.

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    Thank you so much for writing this article. It really seems like gaming sites are really trying their hardest to label gamers as evil. I sincerely wish there were more feminist like you as a mainstream voice for that movement. The biggest problem with radical feminists and social justice warriors is that they are very condescending and rude to anyone opposing them. They are very quick to label someone as a misogynist and sexist and a bigot for the small crime of disagreeing with them. This in turn has certain gamers reacting negatively. Just the same there are a lot of internet trolls who will say anything to get these people riled up (such is posting rape and death threats) just for the “fun” of getting a reaction. This in turn makes the gaming journalists lump all gamers with these vocal minority trolls in an never ending back and forth of yelling and screaming. it seems like the loud vocal minority of radical feminists and trolls and radical gamers are all fighting each other making all of us look bad. I just wish we could talk to each other in a civil tone and work this out together. When did my favorite hobby become so political?
    Anyway great read! As a gamer I’d love to have open dialogues with someone like you. You seem to represent the best of your movement! :)

  • Paul Laroquod

    “The goal of feminists is…” whatever individual feminists want it to be. It is not persuasive to simply decide for yourself what feminism means and then tell everyone else (with plenty of experience dealing with actual self-declared feminists) that it doesn’t mean what we think it means.

    Definitions are irrelevant. A movement is as a movement does, and right now the movement ‘feminism’ online does almost exclusively bad shit to people who don’t deserve it.

    • If you change the word “feminism” in this comment to the word “gamers” it is exactly the argument being used against the Gaters movement right now. And they are wrong in using it, too.

      • Paul Laroquod

        It is not exactly the argument. Feminism, whatever a person’s individual definition, is an activist political movement with a specifically chosen title under which activists assemble *by choice* (and this is key) that asks its members to go out and proselytise, whereas ‘gamers’ are an involuntary group. I cannot say, ‘I play games, but I disagree with the way most gamers behave, so I am not a ‘gamer’.’

        I do not really have the semantic freedom to do this. You, however, do have the freedom not to associate with a movement that has become, in almost all of its public dealings online, poisonous.

        Therefore I feel it is entirely fair to judge a person by whether they identify as ‘feminist’, while remaining entirely unfair to judge a person by whether they play some games thus making them automatically a ‘gamer’.

        Political labels are for arguments, and debate. The word ‘feminism’ was practically invented to be opposed. The word ‘gamer’ is just a name for a hobby, the practitioners of which, should simply be left alone, as a group. See misogyny? Fight the misogyny. Not ‘gamers’. But it’s perfectly legimitate the pin the behaviour of most feminists on ‘feminism’. The two labels are not analogous in the least. What you have done in your reply to me is the equivalent of comparing the words ‘communists’ and ‘housewives’ as labels equally worth of protection from being used as shorthand in political debates.

        It just doesn’t fly. Feminism isn’t a demographic. It isn’t a sex or a race. It isn’t involuntary. It isn’t a pastime. It is a voluntary ideology, and should be treated as such.

  • Suzaku

    I came across this article by accident while reading about LizardSquad getting caught, and just wanted to thank you for your measured and understanding view.

  • Junoh315

    I wouldn’t say that it’s misogyny. There’s no actual hatred of women or if there is it’s so small to be unnoticeable. There’s sexism, sure, but that’s not misogyny. Without the added hate towards all females, I see no reason to label it misogyny.

    EDIT: I’m only focusing on this part because I have no real comments about the rest. I feel that it’s pretty spot-on. Replace the word misogyny with sexism and the article becomes better.

    • Perhaps this is a fair criticism in regards to this specific piece. Misogyny is definitely a problem in gaming as well, although the term ‘sexism’ is more relevant in this instance. I’ll change that per your suggestion.
      Thank you!

  • J

    Dear Sarah, I hope you will not be harassed by trolls and the followers of the fake feminists who have been insulting gamers and dismissing all of their points with “you misogynistic pigs deserve to die” etc. I just wish people stopped using “feminism” to push their own selfish agendas or to try to make themselves look good. Nowadays, whenever I hear someone calling themselves a feminist, I can’t take them seriously until I hear their opinion and confirm they are actually for equality and reconciliation.

    P.S.: I would also like to point out that men related to the video games industry also receive death threats and even rape threats, probably in a volume far greater than anita and zoe combined, and don’t blow it out of prportion like these two did.

    • I don’t believe that men in the industry receive them on the scale that Anita or Zoe have at all, although of course men suffer abuse and harassment as well.

      Please try not to write people off when as soon as you hear that they are feminists, most women in games feel the same way that I do about progression. My point of view is a majority, not a minority, of feminist ideas.

      • JR

        That’s because it’s just trolling when men receive it. When women whose goal is to impose a social/political agenda on a once fringe hobby receive it, it’s harassment.

        And when SJWs do it, it’s somehow neither.

  • This was brilliant, why can’t everyone be as fair and measured as you when they are presenting an argument? Thank you Sarah it certainly has brighten my day.

  • Mike

    Much of the male-oriented skew in the games industry as a whole comes from the fact that it is predominantly males who were even interested in the medium in the first place. Men tried to make girl-friendly games in the early days but we just didn’t know how to go about it short of licensing barbie for a shopping simulator.

    There has never been an attempt to keep women out of video games, merely to keep the bigoted politics that radical feminists and SJWs carry with them away from creative vision.

    Some of the best writers and artists in the industry have been women. A woman wrote Legacy of Kain (why couldn’t Kain have become the standard for vampire literature?), a woman wrote Guile’s Theme (still goes with everything), a woman is even responsible for Direct X (a universally valuable library for rendering 3D games on PC). Women are more than capable of kicking ass in this industry; maybe all the whining would stop if they’d act like it.

    • Trigger

      Finally, someone who gets it. We can clamor for a greater female presence in the industry all we want, but the applications simply aren’t stacking up. Far more men want to get in than women do. We’re not actively turning them away. There is no massive line of women at the front door of every game studio, being routinely rejected on the basis of gender — and there never was and likely never will be. If a boatload of female developers showed up tomorrow, they’d be evaluated just as any man would, and we’d probably have ourselves a bigger female voice in various studios when it was all over, but frankly, I don’t see that happening now or any time in the near future.

      Yes, gaming (specifically game development and “hardcore” gaming enthusiasm) is largely the domain of males, but that’s not sexist any more than construction work being largely male is sexist or nursing being largely female is sexist. Would it be good to have more diversity? Almost certainly. Is that diversity going to happen naturally? Probably not, because it’s pretty clear that men are currently far more interested in gaming careers than women are.

  • Chapien

    I wasn’t aware that “GamerGate” was worse than the Video Game Market Crash of 1983, which almost made video games a dead medium.

    Oh wait.

    Because it fucking isn’t.

  • st1ph1n

    Sexism is prevalent in games, especially the high-budget, high-publicity games. Just because it’s been that way for a long time doesn’t mean it MUST /ALWAYS/ be that way. Women represent more than half of purchasers of games. This is true even when Candy Crush is not included (see how I anticipated that stupid argument? it’s because we’ve all heard that same old s*** before). I’ve heard all your tired excuses, the same tunes over and over again. To offer a ‘critique’ of your straw-woman feminism (see what I did there?) is just to AVOID the topic of changing standards in the gaming industry. Women are under-represented and poorly represented when it does happen. In addition the self-proclaimed sole-owners of the term ‘gamers’ create what is literally a hostile environment for any woman willing to truthfully challenge the industry norms. The author Sarah avoids this because she acquiesces to the broken record challenges of hostile male gamers.

    I say her critiques of the feminist critique of the gaming industry is both weak and does nothing but avoid the topic of necessary change in the industry. Unfortunately those who speak their mind, like a certain well-known feminist, are faced not with respectful rebuttals but with vitriol and threats to her person. By the way, I am a male feminist BUT that does not make my opinion more valid than a woman on this topic.

    • I am not in any way discrediting the application of feminist ideals to gaming, and I feel as though you’ve likely misunderstood my approach. I am an advocate of PROGRESSION in games, I have discussed this at length in the past, not standing in the way change. I didn’t cover the matter in depth here, but here is my problem with the ‘straw-man’ feminism I believe is being used in this situation,

      Women in gaming are not a ‘concept’, and the term is being used to justify avoiding dealing with legitimate criticism of journalistic standards in the industry. I would be over the moon that it were getting so much acknowledgement and screen time, except that in this situation the treatment of the subject is actually doing more damage than good. It’s creating even more of a hostile environment for discussion because of it’s blatant misuse.

      There was without a doubt a hostile environment for discussing the treatment of women in gaming even before this, and that is something I have of course been on the receiving end of. I have been subbed to Fem Freq since the project began. My problem is not that I disagree with the necessity of discussion, or that I disagree with the points she raises. But I believe these points have been illustrated using misrepresentation, or single sided approaches that actually makes a lot of people far less receptive. Feminism in gaming needs to be discussed on a transparent and equal ground, and I don’t believe at this point, that Sarkeesian is the person to do that.

      I hope this has addressed your concerns about my ‘weak criticism’, as I haven’t really had the chance to write a full examination of my views on the feminist issue. Although I think I will do within the next few days to make my standpoint perfectly clear. I have to thank you for being the first non-Gater to give me feedback on my work, and I appreciate your views. Thanks!

      • st1ph1n

        The implication which so fervently bothers me is that just because some feminist arguments are off the point that all feminist argument should be stopped. No this is indeed the moment to press the issue. The fact that the discussion is disruptive is evidence that it must happen now. Indeed, hiring more women to work in the gaming industry is a risk from a business perspective. It may be the case that businesses must take a loss to move the industry towards actual equality. But it may also be a risk that pays off handsomely.

        It is unacceptable to physical threaten people for speaking their mind. It is disturbed and dangerous to claim equality has been reached. Sarah, my response was much more directed towards other comments than to your article. I believe you are accepting the straw-men arguments of the most vocal minority. A.S. may not be’that’ person, but she was the first. She has taken reams of unduly harsh criticism, or rather threats, for voicing her perspective. No one, ever, should be threatened with death for speaking their mind. I agree with maybe 95% of what she says, I’d grant that the other 5% is being overly sensitive or is not in full-contect. But even if I didn’t agree with her, I would still defend her from the vicious hate she receives. That very hate proves that equality has not been reached in the industry and must be addressed.

        • I have received a lot of bite back from an article I wrote about a week ago discussing harassment and abuse. It is inexcusable, it is horrendous, there is no justification, no defence, no nothing.

          I don’t agree with the notion of “debunking Anita” and I would never trivialise the threats she has received. Although I do not believe that the exploitation of feminism is a vocal minority, it is rife in this situation. I am against that for the damage it does to the open discussion of the subject with gamers. It makes feminism the enemy. And that is wrong, dangerous and in opposition of progression.

          • st1ph1n

            Thank you. Maybe you can clear up what you mean by progression. What is progression, from what state to what other state? If you mean what I think you mean, then I’d say progression does not happen smoothly, but in leaps. Thanks again.

          • By progression I mean the integration of a wider understanding of feminist values and improved treatment of women in games and the gaming industry. I agree that it definitely takes leaps to push this form of progression – but it’s always possible to take leaps backwards, which we cannot afford at this tentative point.

  • Amazing stuff. Glad I found this website! I do agree that it is hard to find reasonable discussion anywhere. The internet aided fauxrage just cranks up the hyperbole to unmanageable levels.

  • Gabriel Afonso Barberio

    Miss Sarah, I believe it was The Fine Young Capitalists that said the best way to decrease, or erasing it altogether, the sexism in the gaming industry is by convincing more women to join the development teams, rather than scaring them away like how Anita Sarkeesian is doing, ultimately bringing their own narrative to the table when creating female characters or situations for them to go through.

    That was the general idea, though I highly recommend you talk with them regarding it, since I am sure I oversimplified what they said. I am confident that it will be worth your time, even if you end up not agreeing with their thought process.

  • Isaac59

    I am glad to see someone like you talking about this. It has been frustrating to say the least to see what has become of several arms of the 3rd wave. I wish it hadn’t taken an incident like this to find a person like you. keep up the good fight.

  • Alixenus

    Yo. It seems to me that you oldguard second wave feminists are already basically on our side, you just don’t want to say so because we keep bashing feminism. You’re for gender equality, right? Absolutely none of us are against that. So can we FINALLY talk about ditching the feminist label for something more progressive?

    You’re egalitarian yet you’re ideology is named exclusively for women? It’s exactly that kind of contradiction that allowed for this 3rd wave doublethink to become so pervasive in the first place. Feminism has a proud history and when it was first incepted, the name made a lot of sense but it’s the 21st century now. With all the changes that men have had to make in their attitudes in that time and continue to have to make, isn’t it possible that women need to make some too?

    • I think I’ve addressed your comment in my response just above yours, since I read it first scrolling down. You might be interested in reading there!

      • Trigger

        I believe the point is that we aren’t asking you to shirk your movement, although frankly, calling out the “patriarchy” is infinitely polarizing thanks to Tumblr and the poisonous third-generation rhetoric I’m sure you’re familiar with. We’re asking you to give your section of the movement a better name, one that cannot be so easily co-opted by those who are really only after establishing their own moral superiority.

        Please don’t use the label “feminist”. It implies a gender emphasis that the third generation has misunderstood and taken way too far, and just like gamers, the vocal “feminist” minority is souring the reputation of the far larger numbers of more reasonable individuals. It makes infinitely more sense to refer to a movement that seeks equality using an equality-based term, rather than a gendered term.

        • Hannah Desyn

          Maybe I would agree if the movement had had wider success, but it hasn’t. It’s confined largely to the West, and so very much work needs to be done for women worldwide that changing the movement’s name now before it can be more widely exported would not be good at all for more worldwide change. We need to keep the name, as it still has meaning.

  • Brian Mardiney

    I would suggest that feminists who still think that the word means “equal rights for all and a shared, cooperative human experience” should abandon the name. Just call yourself a humanist, or something similar.

    Even just from a prima facie point of view, it’s quite hard to argue that the word “FEMinism” isn’t about promoting one gender over another. Why not adopt a word that truly is universal and leave the dying, rotting remains of feminism behind for good?

    • Feminism is concerned the negative connotations and damaging effects that patriarchal systems around the globe have on people of every gender, binary and non-binary. Patriarchy is centred around a presupposed inherent superiority of men within our society. This ideology has massively damaging consequences for men (something I have discussed at length in the past), however those consequences come as a result of the belief they are beyond women and all non-binary genders. The pressure and internalised abuse men suffer from is a direct result of the expectation of some notion masculinity that just does not align with the reality and variation of human experience.

      It is named feminism, because the primary goal of patriarchy is to target and suppress anything outside of masculine norms, ie. femininity. You don’t have to be a woman to be feminine, you don’t even have to be a feminine individual to have feminine qualities. These damaging effects that men suffer does not remove focus from the more severe impact patriarchy has on women and transgender, or gender-fluid individuals.

      Feminism is without a doubt a branch of humanism, except that it focuses specifically on gender roles and oppression. I would argue that anybody that takes serious offence and upset from the title of the movement being related to women, may in fact be a part of the problem feminism is fighting against.

      • Brian Mardiney

        Yeah and I’m arguing that your argument isn’t convincing to anyone who isn’t interested in words like “patriarchy”. We could debate the semantics endlessly and arrive right back where we started: with victimhood peddlers quickly poisoning anything resembling reason and positive individualism.

        The ship is sinking and there’s no stopping it. I’m simply saying it would be good to get off the boat while the getting’s good.

        • Oh, alright then. Well that’s entirely your perogative to believe that.

          From my perspective as a woman in the industry AND as a woman in the community, I have physically felt and experienced a level of progression brought through feminism in gaming, and although I still believe there is a long way to go, there has definitely been changes made. I won’t be getting of the boat, I wont be abandoning a movement I know has done and will do a lot of good within this industry, just because I feel it’s been adopted for the wrong purposes by one group of individuals.

          • Guest

            How can you say it’s been adopted for the wrong purposes by one group of individuals? Many of the feminists at the forefront of the movement, the ones that mattered and got things done, pushed legislation, etc., were misandrist bigots, there is so much evidence I could post quotes, etc. all day. In my opinion this isn’t a problem of a few bad apples, the issue here is that what could be construed as the ‘leadership’ of feminism has gotten away for far too long with pushing misandrist policies in the name of ‘equality’ and all the ‘silent majority’ good feminists don’t speak up and take their movement back from the crazies. I appreciate your article and that you are open to discussion but I do honestly think you do yourself a great disservice by clinging to a hijacked movement.

          • Stormrider

            “How can you say it’s been adopted for the wrong purposes by one group of individuals? Many of the gamers at the forefront of the movement, the ones that mattered and got things done, pushed legislation, etc., were misogynist bigots, there is so much evidence I could post quotes, etc. all day. In my opinion this isn’t a problem of a few bad apples, the issue here is that what could be construed as the ‘leadership’ of gamers has gotten away for far too long with pushing misogynist policies in the name of ‘equality’ and all the ‘silent majority’ good gamers don’t speak up and take their movement back from the crazies. I appreciate your article and that you are open to discussion but I do honestly think you do yourself a great disservice by clinging to a hijacked movement.”

            Not trying to be flippant but I changed a few words to make a point.

          • DeathBattleFan123

            “Many of the gamers at the forefront of the movement, the ones that mattered and got things done, pushed legislation, etc., were misogynist bigots, there is so much evidence I could post quotes, etc. all day.”

            OK. Challenge Accepted. Please post two or three examples of openly misogynist bigot gamers that have pushed legislation. Please make sure that these examples you cite are commonly considered “leaders” at the forefront of the “gamer” movement.

            “…the ‘leadership’ of gamers has gotten away for far too long with pushing misogynist policies in the name of ‘equality’ and all the ‘silent majority’ good gamers don’t speak up and take their movement back from the crazies.”

            What movement is that exactly? Gamers just want to play games… and as this current GamerGate thing proves, we’re pretty vocal about that.

            Your point is completely invalid here. OP’s point was spot on.

  • Rex Odenthal

    I’d like to mention that when you see many of us talking down at feminism, we aren’t attacking female equality or inclusion. We’re specifically attacking the part of feminism that is this strange new wave that seems to exist to be offended, and pissed. I’ve noticed it’s largely a social/political sort of clique which also worked it’s way in to other things (look up Atheism+ some time) and that those involves are rarely actually interested in the subject matter at hand but rather verifying that their view is right and everything else is wrong and must conform. It has many qualities that I’ve seen pop up with extreme right wing religious parties. We love women. Every Samus Aran, Lara Croft, Ellie, Jinx, Princess Peach and Chun-Li we welcome and we welcome the girls who want to play as them. We’re just tired of these SJW’s calling us evil. We’re annoyed because to support their views they must dismiss every incident of strong women and magnify every occasion that some 12 year old on CoD told a woman to go back in the kitchen.

    • Trigger

      I was a participant in the Atheism+ debacle. Guess what? Regular atheism is still going strong, and Atheism+ is dead or so deep into the irrelevancy hole that it might as well be. To those actively trying to foist the same morally-superior nonsense onto gamers, let me remind you that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      Sarah, while I don’t agree that sexism is a problem in gaming (except from the vocal trolls and legitimately poorly-raised kids, a demographic that is present in literally all online groups, not just gamers), I appreciate the reasonable discussion of the real concern.

      • Rex Odenthal

        I think you’re wrong that sexism isn’t a problem in gaming. It’s just a very minor one. The problem isn’t that games and gaming cause sexism, as I see being proposed from the likes of Anita and her white knights, but that whatever sexism that exists in a culture at large is likely to make its way in. Saving Princess Peach isn’t sexism. Butchering Samus’ personality in Other M probably was.

        • Trigger

          Samus’s personality was only butchered in the American release of Other M, and likely that was due to failure of voice talent. The Japanese version is much better at depicting Samus as the hard-ass bounty hunter who knows no fear.

  • T

    You are right. It’s very hard to interact with the arrogant, authoritarian, perpetually offended morals police that censor all debate and spend their days comparing us to ISIS. Maybe, after 5 years or so of constantly being told how awful we are for being white males, how every opinion we have can immediately be dismissed as “mansplaining,” how any expression of heterosexual male sexuality is evil, and how all these outside social inequalities that have nothing to do with video games must control the content we see in this medium, we’re finally tired of listening to whatever legitimate points you’ve thrown in between all the bile.

    Our side may have our scumbags in it, but our scumbags don’t have the power or the acceptance that your side does. So just as your side treats ours as if we all posted those threats on Anita’s twitter, we have no reason not to act like you are all the same as the people you screen capped.

    That being said, thank you for being one of the few feminists in involved in gaming that doesn’t immediate treat us like some sort of vile sludge to be scraped off your shoes.

  • Kyle Sullivan

    Another Great article Sarah!

    Its very heartening to see a woman try to turn this into a civil discussion instead of crying “misogyny”. You do much more for this industry then any male “Gamer” or “SJW” ever could.

    On every forum of discussion Ive seen the “Gamer” side posts a reminder to be polite or keep things civil, because we all know resorting to threats and anger won’t get our voices heard.
    Really the only vitriol that I’ve seen spouted has been from the “SJW” crowd.
    Just today, I saw an Anita Sarkeesian supporter doxx, then threaten a child. When another was called out for their bullshit in supporting this behaviour, his rhetoric was “Anita is important, that child is not”… Hes like 10 years old!
    Its really rustled my jimmies.
    Ive uploaded the shots below, I hope it shows well enough.

    Anyway, keep doing what your doing, you have many people that have your back, no matter your opinion is :)

    • RandomCommenter

      I am feeling physically ill reading this stuff
      Poor kid, I’m sure it all freaked his parents out a whole lot

    • This is sickening.

    • Jorge Cervera

      Ho Men this SJW had no end.

    • dodoking

      just wanna correct you that 10 year old kid post is a bit old like 3 months however that devincf (the guy saying gamers are worse than isis) or what ever doxxed a few people

  • TheSpaceCatNinja .

    Good article.

  • Amir

    nice article. i may agree with some of their points, some of them are valid but in the same time i can’t understand those articles about Gamers are dying etc. nice too see other articles with different point of view instead of those copy pasting organised articles.

  • Zeyami

    Ur a nice lady and I approve this article. 12/10 by IGN standards.

  • atheistconservative

    I fundamentally disagree with your assessment of ‘feminism’, which I believe to be inherently bigoted (any group-specific ideology is bigoted by definition).

    I am an egalitarian: someone who believes social divisions are meaningless and people should be evaluated by their ability to contribute to whatever realm they are attempting to enter.

    That said, I do appreciate that you can see how your ideology has been hijacked by con artists. And I appreciate the rational, level-headed tone with which you approach the subject.

    • atheistconservative

      Or at least I appreciated it until you deleted my reply asking you if what you describe as ‘misogyny’ might actually be behavior avoidance. You just can’t reason with a social justice warrior.

      • Your comment wasn’t deleted, it was lost in moderation. I’ve cleared the pending list now and it’s up. I don’t delete, Disqus moderates.

    • JohnnyAppleseed

      Feminism is almost synonymous with egalitarian.

      Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights.

      Egalitarian is of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

  • Jorge Cervera

    Great article Sarah you are a rational feminist, from now on Gamer Headlines is my site.

  • sanic

    Clearly the author of this has internalized mayonnaise which causes her to hate her own sex, It’s mayonnaise that does that right? I’m a game “journalist” at kotaku so I don’t do research or fact checking.

    • I actually did suffer from internalised misogyny for a really long time! I used to be one of those girls that “didn’t like hanging out with other girls, too much drama” you know because “women are all bitches, men are just so chilled out”.

      It took me a really long time to overcome that, and I genuinely got a laugh out of your mockery here! I find it utterly disgusting to use that accusation to invalidate the views of women within the community, because yeah, it is a thing. And it’s dangerous and disgusting, and NOT a weapon. All I can do is laugh at how low those using that have stooped.

      • sanic

        Whew disquis cut this off at “your mockery” and I was worried I had offended, I think it’s pretty crummy to tell someone they can’t have an opinion on any sort of basis, just be willing to listen to others if you aren’t well informed.

      • atheistconservative

        You deleted my reply? You just lost every bit of the tiny amount of credibility I was willing to grant you.

        • JohnnyAppleseed

          What makes you think it was deleted, and it isn’t simply pending due to disqus?

        • Your response got lost in moderation, just posted it for you. I don’t delete any responses to my work, no worries!

  • CTF

    This whole thing reminds me of EA/Bioware a while back – trying to deflect criticism by attaching themselves to the gay community and calling their critics homophobes. Since that, a couple communities I’ve had a part in have turned the wrong way, and suddenly including gay characters or themes is an inherently bad thing. Meanwhile, despite all this, many actual gay gamers want nothing to do with companies like EA, me included.

    These ideas and movements are not tools, and these social justice parasites have the ability to do some real damage. You can already see that here, with many gamers since the Anita mess, etc. deciding that feminism is a terrible, hateful thing, when these scumbags are just throwing the word around for credibility.

    Great article, anyway. Tired of the hysterical articles crying that gamers are smelly 15-year-old misogynists and/or dead. A little professionalism and reason are always welcome.

  • Ben (Broken)

    With that level head you’ll go far,Sarah! I appreciate the objectivity. It’s a breath of fresh air, it truly is! (High 5?)

    I’ve begun meeting some more nice and rational feminists and the only thing that bothers me is the word itself. (As in when you put “fem” in front of anything it is distinctly pro-female but seems to exclude everyone else.) This is why I prefer the term egalitarian. I care about both men’s rights and women’s rights equally so I needed to find a word that was not slanted too much in either direction. But that’s neither here nor there. The path I’m on is my own and I do not expect other people to walk it. There are many routes to the truth so to speak.

    Despite definitions words can mean different things to all of us. So long as you remain a decent human being you can call yourself whatever you want in my book! Please keep up the good work,aye?

    • High five!

      Thank you for the lovely feedback Ben, I’m glad you like my work.

  • Tired Gamer

    Please share this article with those interested in this current controversy. It does a tremendous job of summing up what this is all about it.

    Kudos to the author!

  • Adam G. Yoksas

    I’m in the middle of one of Judith Butler’s books right now where she makes the case that the persecuted /does/ bear responsibility…even when persecuted. I know that sounds odd, but what is that responsibility?

    It isn’t a responsibility to figure out what /action/ one did to deserve the persecution…that would be self-loathing and wrong. Instead, “my capacity to be /acted upon/ implicates me in a relation of responsibility.”
    When the persecuted is acted upon, their actions are–often times–not their own, and they act from some subconscious narrative (often patriarchal, ideological or class-based) that reaffirms their oppressed state to their oppressors. This is the kind of contemporary feminist understanding that I think Sarah is coming from (correct me if I’m mistaken), and I think we need to think that way–more than ever–if we are ever going to move forward in making gender moot in gaming.

    I have no problem with Feminist Frequency or feminist criticism in computer entertainment. But I do not think that airing out the threats over Twitter for all to see is an effective way to advance feminism–the kind of feminism I think Sarah wants to advance–in gaming. The authorities should be notified in confidence, for safety’s sake, but the airing of the threats on Twitter undermine the feminist claim that Ms. Sarkeesian is trying to make far more effectively than the critiques by thunderf00t and others.

    It is, actually, rather tragic to see the woman who argued so passionately against the stereotypical notion of a “damsel in distress” subconsciously (or consciously) act like a damsel herself by shouting on Twitter that she was in trouble…simply so that a band of heroes could save her from thugs by waging war on her behalf…whether she liked it or not.

    Doesn’t that show, right there, that women in gaming are damsels that need saving all the time? And doesn’t that show, right there, that the very games Ms. Sarkeesian criticizes have narratives that aren’t “tropes”, but a reality that even a feminist like Ms. Sarkeesian cannot subconsciously escape from?

    That’s the greatest tragedy I saw from all of this. It wasn’t a victory for feminism when the gaming press and the FF fans waged war to slay the evil trolls. It was, in the end, a victory for patriarchy that such forces were deployed on behalf of a “damsel who was in distress.”

    Just because we rush to protect women and fight wars on their behalf doesn’t mean we liberate them. Instead, we just reaffirm that they are things that need protecting, and things that need to be fought for (and fought over).

  • Dennis Carter

    Thank you for writing a balanced article on this. So many have fallen into the Us vs. Them camps. This is about the media’s cronyism. I will be following your work.

  • NextGame

    Interesting article. I agree with most of the sentiment.

    Ultimately as a gamer, I want to play fun and engaging games, and don’t really care about the gender balance of the team making the game.

    That said, I don’t think there can be a reasonable dialogue, as quite frankly the “Social Justice Warriors”, for lack of a better term, seem to want to blame, guilt trip, abuse and vilify gamers for what they perceive as being a lack of female developers that, guess what, gamers actually have absolutely no control over.

    A gamer doesn’t decide how many women get into programming & game development. Women do that themselves. It is their own decision to build up skills relevant to that industry, or to pursue different career paths entirely. Therefore why are gamers getting the blame? It’s terribly misguided, and quite frankly shows a massive disconnect between “game journalists” and gamers, itself a symptom of the cronyism going on in this particular industry.

    So no, there really cannot be any reasonable dialogue while the blame game is going on. Ultimately the finger pointers in game journalism should be doing the decent thing and resigning as they obviously have nothing but disdain for those who ultimately feed the company that pays their salaries.

    In the meantime, people should continue to buy games that they enjoy, as that is the best measure that the industry can obtain to determine what sells and therefore what a good game looks like.

  • Dieter Schaumer

    I’d like to add in my comment that when I call out those who talk of gaming as a boys club, I’m not accusing the author of saying such statements; just venting some of my frustration. I thank the author for her reasonably written article.

  • marek szapinszki

    i am glad to see these series of articles written as my local gaming site doesn’t cover the facts. But now and then it releases a biased writing and the comments are horrible with it, showing that noone really knows what the issue is. Keep up the good work so i can keep linking to these writings

  • L337COD4 .

    Thank god for this, we need more actual feminists to stand up and against these people who use it as a “get out of jail free card” to spread toxicity. Spreading misandry while accusing everyone else of misogyny just makes your cause seem weaker.

    Thanks for writing a level-headed article instead of just jumping on one side of the sensationalist bandwagon.

  • Vermont

    Bravo. An actual, reasonable feminist at the mike and not some feminazi nutjob with extremist, stupid ideologies spewing nothing but bullshit.
    Glad I found out about this site, seems there are very reasonable people running the show, and for that I’m grateful.

  • It was without a doubt internalised misogyny. I learnt very quickly that being a girl in gaming culture was an uphill battle, and that was eased by being “one of the guys”. I grew up surrounded by dudes that shared my interest, family, friends, and they all made sexist remarks, picked on me, excluded me because I was a girl, etc. Of course I loved them and they loved me, they never INTENDED to do any harm or make me feel devalued but it did, and in turn I learnt to be treated equally by them I had to behave like them. So I began to separate myself from other women.

    This is not isolated, god I don’t remember the last time I discussed this with a woman and they didn’t say “I used to do that too!”. Internalised misogyny is not necessarily intentionally hateful, sometimes you do it without thinking, sometimes you do it to people you love and care about. But that doesn’t make it okay to not grow from that. The men in my life that I care deeply for are not sexist, they’re not generally horrible people, but they do at times enforce the undercurrent of sexism we all suffer from. It’s okay, nobody is perfect. But you have to realise that it is a thing, and not exclude yourself from that.

    The fact I have experienced this myself makes me even more frustrated by the fact it’s being used flippantly to degrade and invalidate women in gaming. It is something I have overcome, and something A LOT of women have. It is degrading to the injustices that we have genuinely experienced for other women to accuse us of that.

  • xy

    you guys are becoming the number one place for gaming news.

  • Robert Ashmore

    I can’t really add more than whats been said, but I really enjoyed this and you have a new follower

  • DK

    Thank you. Bookmarked. Ad Block turned off.

    Full Disclosure: I am a married straight white male in my 30’s.

  • Tim

    I haven’t weighed in on anything on this mess so far, but I just wanted to say props to a cogent, balanced article. It’s nice to see someone cut through all the crap and actually comment thoughtfully, critically, and responsibly on what’s been happening. I think a good number of heads need to roll the set the groundwork for change within the industry (both to set a precedent that collusion and corruption have consequences, and to get fresh blood on the scene), but hopefully pieces like yours will lead the charge both in quality and content. Excellent work: thanks for both the good piece and a taste of human decency amidst all this carnage.

  • Pablo Hernández

    Fair enough, I respect your opinions even tough I disagree that women are underrepresented.
    The WiiU is not handheld though. And the numbers you quote include facebook and mobile games which a lot of people consider casual by their pick and play nature.

    I just clarified I’m not offended by women because I’ve seen this thrown around all the time.

    • st1ph1n

      lol well i am offended by men so good job

      • Pablo Hernández

        Good job at what?

  • David Gray

    I’m an antifeminist precisely because of what you term fraudulent feminism (which I believe dominates the feminist movement as a whole, unfortunately)
    I however agree with your ENTIRE article. (and absolutely support equality as an egalitarian, and definitely support a fight against all sexism, whoever is targets)

    Well stated, fair and humanising for all.
    It has taken THIS long for me to come across this from a more “respectable” source, and that is the problem.

    If more feminists spoke out like you, feminism might have some hope.
    Even if we cant agree on what equality or feminism means, or any other thing, you’ve made a fan.

    • I’m really glad you liked it.

      Feminism, like any other movement, can be criticised in a number of different ways, I choose to identify as such understanding and recognising those criticisms. You absolutely do not have to identify as a feminist to agree with, believe in or stand for equal rights and tolerance. It doesn’t matter if I call myself a feminist, and yourself an egalitarian, so long as we are both fundamentally against the harassment of prominent figures in the industry, and against a wide scale slip in standards.

  • Timothy Marco

    If only more feminists were like you, would this world be a much better place.

  • Lawton

    “This conflict will not go away, gamers are not ‘over’ – it’s about time everybody sat down, shut the fuck up and heard each other out.”
    lol. I’m not sure what there will be left to hear if everybody shuts up. Otherwise, great article! You’ve somehow managed to cut through most of the ugly elements without misrepresenting this. Every other nice thing I have to say has already been said. This might end up being one of the few gaming websites I feel comfortable reading when this is over.